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This is the FightCPS guestbook… Please Read… and respond to people who leave messages here… your feedback is treasured by those in need.

Support for families with CPS cases.

Networking support for families falsely accused of child abuse or neglect.

For those whose children are in county custody, my heart goes out to you.

As always, I read your stories, your pleas for help, your questions about what’s allowed and what’s not. I FEEL the pain you carry with you and your needs and desires for any ray of hope, any tiny bit of information that might lead you closer to having your children returned.

Many people have asked me for direct help, but I am not an attorney and therefore not allowed to help work on cases on an individual basis. I put everything I know into this site, for everyone to read, and I’ve set up a message board and Facebook group where parents can support one another and share ideas and information.

Years ago when I had a child in foster care there was no internet. There were no online message boards, and no Facebook of course… and I felt very much alone in my situation. Even my family seemed to desert me emotionally. They didn’t know what to think about what was happening! The only people on my side were Joseph Sarandos, an insightful activist against CPS, and his wife, Marie.

Every Friday night after I got off work I would go to their home, a very tiny place that at one time was used by Joseph as an electrician’s repair storefront. This was in Central California.

Joseph Sarandos trained me as an activist. He was born and raised on the island of Patmos, the same island where John wrote the book of Revelation. He’s gone now; you might know him as the author of A Call For Change, an epic poem about CPS.

Well, let’s get on with the guestbook!

1. Guard Your Privacy. PLEASE don’t use your last name on this site if you have an open CPS case or are in danger of having one. (Hint: if you have children under age 18, you’re in danger of having one.)

There’s a reason for this. In the past social workers have scanned the internet looking for anything they could use against their clients, and they’ve taken comment postings from this site to court to use against parents! I was aghast to hear this, as you can imagine. I’ve been removing last names ever since… but it would help me a lot and save me time, if you would just not use them.

There’s absolutely no anonymity for those using our Facebook group (or any other Facebook group) yet some people still prefer that because they like Facebook. For those of you needing some privacy to talk about your case with other parents, you’re welcome at our message board where you can use a made-up name as your handle.

2. Will You Write for FightCPS? I’m still looking for new articles to post here at FightCPS. Please let me know in a comment if you’ll write one for the site. I read all comments before posting them. All comments are read first because that’s the only way I can keep spam off the site. (Crazy spammers!!)

3. Keep It Short. Please don’t write a l-o-n-g comment… it takes me so much t-i-m-e to read through them. Shorter is better!

4. Don’t Name Names Here. Don’t name your social worker, judge, kids, reporting parties, lawyers, etc. etc. . . . I can’t post the names here without people getting upset and angry.

Anyone whose name appears on this site, or anyone needing something else removed, such as a comment, is welcome to let me know. Read: How To Have Information Removed From This Site. I’m easy to negotiate with; if you don’t want your stuff here, I don’t want it here either.

5. Please Answer the Comments of Other People. I often don’t have time or energy to answer every comment. People will appreciate it if you share your ideas with them. We all need support and feedback when going through the trauma and terrors of being involved in a CPS case.

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  1. someone says

    Hi. I have been reading these comments and I can feel everyone’s pain. I do not have a cps case right now. But a couple of years, I did. I made a huge mistake. I came to this state on vacation. One night, I decided to go out. Long story short, I got a dwi with my 3 yr old in the car. I was guilty, and I messed up. They took my son (rightfully so). After that, I became a complete alcoholic, failing every single alcohol test they gave me. Finally, one day, I had enough. I stopped drinking. I was tired of supervised visitations with my son. I cleaned up, went to rehab, passed drug tests, and I got my son out of Foster care after 13 long months. I do not like cps, they had a right to take my son, but they did lie. They did try to slow me down and make things harder for me. I was 6 months pregnant when my case was closed and my boy finally came home. So now I have 2 children. Even though I am clean and so is my husband, I have a panic attack when an unexpected knock on the door happens. There’s so many more details to this story. But the reason I’m sharing is bc I was in a foreign state, no job, no money, and homeless and I got my son back. If I could do it, all hope is not lost. And if anyone has any questions about the process, I’d love to help. I know I’m not safe. They could come back any day, even though It’s been over a year. Although my case was warranted, so many people are innocent. Cps needs to be monitored and controlled. They are like dangerous animals, let loose in society.

    • Missing my girls says

      I have a case of a dad using his kids to say things on his mom and the kids are trying to tell someone but dad don’t want them too he has them scared to death so he could get custody of kids and his only interest and girl friend is child support. After ten thousand dollars in attorney fees where do you go to get truth heard. CPS lies and they do need to be stopped. The dad is allowed to slap girls drag by ears jerk up by neck and call trail or park trash and be sexually inappropriate with step daughter and not abuse and CPS thinks ok.

    • Eric Watson says

      Im Eric, suffering from a CPS case that started July 14, 2015 when I took my daughter to the hospital. What got the issue going is forbidding the nurse to stuff a thermometer up my 4 month old daughters bottom. When CPS investigator came in she lied about me and the wife and caused the hospital we entered to become bias and prejudice. That allowed CPS to take both kids. My son had not one mark on him and my daughter suffered from dehydration and constipation poisoning. I am out here to gather victims of CPS in the Washington State so we can group up. I can not stand alone. I will lead these people in a political stand off against CPS when I gather enough. If I can get 25 people, we can stand and protest outside the CPS building. I will make the signs or others can do the same. We, my wife and I want to STOP THE LIES and their fantasy writings to the court. Such as IF, MAY, CAN as well as hypothetical allegations or accusations or theoretical issues. I want the State laws to change as well as the court proceedings so that the children, parents have lawyers and a jury trial if wanted. I have been a victim from CPS’s wrong doings since 1985 when a false complaint of abandonment came from the babysitter 4 hours after we dropped him off. I WANT TO HELP EVERYONE OF YOU. I have to start out in Washington State and from here I will bloom to nation wide. This will not stop CPS, but it will slow them down. Please, anyone in Washington State, email me at Smokinjo29[at]

  2. Amy Gravelle says

    I gave my oldest child up for adoption at the age of 6 months VOLUNTARILY to a wonderful home who insisted on an Open Adoption. Three years later, I gave birth to Baby Robert. Everything was wonderful, he was a happy healthy baby, I lived for his care, and he was greatly loved by both his birthfather and I. When he was three months old, the day after Thanksgiving, I came home from Black Friday shopping to a screaming baby, and his father totally freaking out. I asked what was going on and he said that the baby wasn’t moving his right arm. Terrified there was something wrong with my baby, I brought him in good faith to my local ER. I asked his father if anything happened, and he admitted to me that he dropped the baby while giving him a bath. Once we get to the hospital we are immediately scrutinized, the baby is given head to toe X Rays and DCF is called. I was forced to hold down my three month old son while he had X Rays of his entire body, it was horrifying. We were questioned extensively by DCF where I told them what was told to me by the child’s father, when they asked me if I witnessed it, I was honest and said I wasn’t home. The orthopedic doctor comes in and tells me that the child’s injuries are consistent with the description of the fall, and that he will put in his report that this was not a case of abuse. About a half an hour later the DCF worker comes in and informs us that she is taking our baby pending an investigation and a hearing. I am devastated and begin sobbing heavily. She then informs us that we must immediately leave the hospital and I am escorted out of the ER by hospital security while I am totally shattered. Three days later and we are in court, we are given seperate public defenders ( who we later realized were trying to pit us against one another.), and we went into court. The baby had a hairline fracture of the humurous, and the Drs word was kept that it was not abuse. However they dug into both our pasts and discovered my history of depression, the adoption of my eldest child, and that his father was taken from his mother and given to his father as a child. These were all used against us in court. There were also an incident between his father and I before he was born where our neighbors called the police while we were arguing and he was arrested for pulling my hair, that was dug up as well. We were painted to be the worst parents ever by the state. Our public defenders did little to defend us, and the state was granted guardianship of the child pending a service plan. We were only allowed one hour long visit with our son weekly, supervised by a sitter. It was heartwrenching. We did everything they asked, drug tests, psych evals, parenting classes, anger management, they sent me to rehab because I had a trace of marijuana in my hair, counseling, you name it we did it. They told us we needed a 2 bedroom apartment, so we moved. Two months became six, which became a year. Every time we’d complete our service plan, there would be more hoops for us to jump through. I wasn’t even able to spend my baby’s first Christmas with him. The court visits were heartbreaking as once again our lawyers didn’t defend us, and the state wouldn’t give him back. His father turned to cocaine as means to cope with the heartbreak he felt, this was his first born son, given a family name that had been handed down to every first son since the family was in Ireland, the man was devastated. My depression came back and I started experiencing symptoms of PTSD from the trauma of losing my baby. All of these things were of course used against us in court even though what the state was doing to us was causing it. Eventually after almost two years a termination hearing was scheduled. I was beginning to have serious anxiety attacks when we went to court, and my psychiatrist felt that the last thing I needed was a termination hearing when I knew the outcome, so I didn’t go. Our parental rights were terminated at that hearing and I haven’t seen my son since. My older son’s adopted mother tried like hell to get him, but was denied because she wasn’t a blood relative. I was told that he was adopted by a lady named Linda who had adopted other children in the system, and she wanted no part of an open adoption. I am told that she has since moved out of state. Me and his father eventually split up because the situation just took too much out of us. I have never had any more children because I am too afraid of having to give up another child. Baby Robert is going to be 17 this August and I hope that one day he looks for me. In my head he is still that 2 year old that I saw last, with the mischeivious grin and the spitting image of his father. I have since moved on, and have recently started a Facebook support group called Birthmothers Support and Love to help those who suffer in silence and solitude. By sheer gumption I got myself emotionally healthy as well, and haven’t had to be on psychiatric medications since 2003. My eldest son is now 20, and his adopted mother and I boast a 20 year friendship.

    • Josie says

      That is by far the worst thing I’ve ever heard and hits so close to home. Our baby broke his arm while in his father’s care and I wasn’t home and we went through the same thing. Thankfully they didn’t take our child permanently, only 45 days, but the thought that my worst nightmare actually happened to someone is horrific.

  3. Katherine says

    I live with my mother and the father of my three children. After the twins were born I asked for some help from the Sacramento Native American Health Center. During a military deployment, my mother and I had gotten into an argument and she called the Native American Center in Sacramento to tell them that I was drinking and that I was neglecting my kids. After inspecting my kids to find NO bruises and pulling my 11 year old son out of school to ask him without my knowledge if I every neglected him, and an interview at my home where my home was inspected without a warrant, I was told to go through treatment against my will where I was taken from my children for SIX MONTHS. Did it work? No. Because for me it does not work.

      • lucie says


        I’m not good on FB and such, and don’t really know where to post things, sorry. But I had to send this along to you, if you haven’t heard of it already. I think it would help if we can get all the women and families on your site to sign even just their name.

        There is still hope and I still do believe. Now is the Time.

        United Nations Call to Action
        Posted on July 27, 2015 by News


        Quick action needed by August 1, 2015

        California Protective Parents Association is working with Cindy Dumas and her new organization, The Women’s Coalition, on making a claim (petition) to the United Nations regarding women’s rights that are being routinely violated, causing them to lose and/or not be able to protect their children.

        Just fill out a brief, user-friendly form which takes about 15 minutes.

        1. Go to
        2. You will see the UN Petition.
        3. Click on the middle top arrow “Download”, located just above the document.
        4. You will see the Word document titled UN Petition at the bottom of the page.
        5. Click on the UN Petition Word document.
        6. Enter your information into the text boxes. (The first 2 pages are required.)
        7. Save the completed Word document to your computer.
        8. Attach and email the form to

        If you don’t want to fill out the form, you can just submit your name to The Women’s Coalition to be on a master list of women who’ve not been allowed to keep or protect their children

        The claim will be made on August 1st, so please try to get it in before then. We will continue to collect cases after that date and send them in a later submission.

        If you are on Facebook, there is an event with more info:

        Thank you for your activism!

      • Katherine says

        I don’t do the whole AA thing. It does not work for me. I find it easier to stay sober without a program. I’ve been through all the hoops for a year and my kids were always at home with my husband. I was the one who had to put my college education on hold to go through all that bs. A family member got very mad at me and her revenge was to contact CPS saying I “relapsed”. The worker called us each and asked my husband to leave me and take full custody or I leave or they adopt out our kids. My husband thought it intrusive that they ask that we separate our family and flat out refused. At one point they tried to convince him that I was a danger to our children and that he should end our 14 year relationship. I served this country for seven years in the Navy, but I would gladly leave it for good to keep my children from getting placed with some child molester or having our family split up again over a groundless accusation.

        • says

          Katherine, do you still have your children at home now? If you do, the caseworkers must not believe your children are in any immediate danger. Is there an ongoing investigation? I hope this works out well for your family.

          • Katherine says

            Yes, my children are with me. My case closed in April. The threatening phone call came two months after my case closed and am really unsure if there is still an investigation. They just called to threaten us.
            While in a program, I became acquainted with many other women who had similar stories on this site. Some have lost the battle or are still fighting it. I am informing myself and friends how CPS needs some sort of control, reform, regulations…..something is just not right and it needs to change. For now, parents have to bend the knee and kiss the ring to have someone else decide the fate of their own children and it’s not always a guarentee. Thank you for establishing this site. I want to stay informed.

  4. Josie says

    i am new to this website and just had to get onvolved and hopefully help on maybe what i can do . My daughters got removed from me 6 mths ago and through depression and not having my kids i failed a drug they wont let me see my kids until a clean hair follicle.My ex recently got out of prison and he has ready been given the right to have supervised visits with my daughter.He abused and neglected me for 4yrs and he allways had someone call cps on me .a dna test hadnt been done my caseworker told me she would let me know first before she granted him the right to see her well she gave it to him daughters have not been well tooken care of they have had lies in there hair for months they have scars from them having all these inciddents ..the foster mom has not took measures to take care of this situation plus my daughter went from being an A honor roll to almost failing and not passing .My caseworker has done nothing but lie to me all along .my mom past background and homecheck and they never gave my girls to mom. I know i messed up and im staying clean and almos. Done with classes but alot of unjustice has happened she tore me and my girls there a way i can sew them or her ex almost killed me twice i had a protective order wich know im trying to reinstate..he is trying to find me and hes trying to get my daughter..what should i do ..

    • Elizabeth says

      I am so sorry about what has happened to you. This happens everywhere and no one with the power to stop it wants to do anything about CPS. A lot of people get financial gain from siding with and working with CPS. I wish someone would listen to our side of things but CPS gets believed instead of us even though there are countless reports about how CPS lies to get what they want.

  5. Denise says

    I have a 12 year old son that’s been fighting at school, being defiant and he’s even ran away. He’s told my 9 year oyearld that he wants to live with his dad because he doesn’t get punished and doesnt have chores. Thursday he was trespassing on neighbors property and they came to knock on our door because they were tired of it. They stated that is has been going on for quite sometime. We are firm believerbelievers of discipline, so my husband spanked him. While spanking him my son moved when my husband was trying to hit him on the but, hitting his arm and the bottom part of his back and it left some marks. My son is very fair skinned and he bruises easily. My son got upset and texted his dad and his dad called the cops all the way from another state. They cops took my husband to jail and took both of my kids. We are not child abusers. We discipline our kids and we both hate spanking them but we do when we need to. We are out of options on how to discipline now and we are only trying to keep our boys from going to jail or getting killed in the streets because of their actions. I really want to get my kids back. I understand their concerns, but we are not bad people who hurt our kids. I need advice.

    • josie says

      If he hit him hard enough to leave marks in multiple places then there probably is not much you can do at this point.

    • says

      Profane Justice: A Comprehensive Guide to Asserting Your Parental Rights” by Suzanne Shell
      The author of this book describes her experience with CPS and gives a in depth look in to the corrupt system. It is a book that everyone should read.
      Her personal experience was just like yours were her current husband spanked her oldest son. She gives a detailed description of everything from the beginning till the end were the jury found her husband innocent.
      The Kindle version on is only $5!
      Get it read it!

      • janet says

        this is sooo true, the system is totally corrupt, I wish to inform anyone I can about these people, just pray you never get caught up with cps, from the caseworker , to the CASA, lies and more lies.
        and our government allows these people to represent them.
        how can we stop them,,??

  6. ladawn says

    As I read over so many accounts my heart just sinks, the horror stories I am watching and the pain I feel for you all and I’m so sorry, Our entire system is corrupt, I am a Grandmother My daughter went through this also 6 children taken lies as to sign this one and you can keep your new born, the state wants to take your rights away so they can gather up any new ones yes they get bonuses for placement and then move up the ladder in the chain, our children are nothing but payment for them, Cps, DC F children s network they are not your friends always remember that they may sympathize with you and prey on your emotional state to get you to do what they want they manipulate you and they are trained to do this, do not yell at them or express anger, they will label you as a trouble maker be nice and polite and smile a lot don’t let them see your pain keep silent with your emotions with them,they are looking for weaknesses be strong and keep your head up, and when you are in court you open your mouth and you speak up even if you are shaking in your boots, I have fought them hard to get my grand babies back but they work with the attorneys and the judge and public defenders are the worst remember public defenders work with them daily over and over so they must keep peace with them to survive to , if you can find an attorney who dislikes them. get a payment plan. Judges sometimes work with foster care they go to dinners raise money etc… I am going to do what I can to help those in the system now, don’t be afraid they use fear tactics, they get right in your face and try and push you into it if you do sign over make sure you write it in the papers that they promised this or that, and you felt pushed into making the decision, first know your parental rights for one until TPR is done you still have rights, you have a right to go through a private adoption agency, and your family has a right to adopt them, they will fight you but you must appeal and not give up you do what ever you have to, you complete the case plan, you go to classes don’t miss any of them and never be late, watch everything you say don’t sit and confide in them even on the phone you be silent. don’t give them weapons against you watch your words always, They will twist everything you say, you must have clean urine tests sometimes they wont call you back and schedule things you need to do for your case plan and never leave a message for them they will just say they never got a message, go and do the classes on your own find out if they are approved by them and do it never wait on them they will drag it out and bring the papers to court and give them copies and make sure they sign your copy that they received them they will make you look bad and a monster, if you have domestic violence problems get away from who ever it is, go into a domestic shelter if you have to go talk and make appointments for follow up in them and get proof you were there, go get your own drug tests done the drug tests they have are no good they leave them in the hot trunks of the cars and they are not good they are not really certified as a lab tech, get blood tests done and copies of the tests make sure they get them, they stand up in court.anything they promise you get in writing first.I have been through this system for over 7 years, it is heart braking and you feel like you are just going to die, we went through a private adoption agency and because the judge was the same on the case before she sided with dcf or cps and we did not have the money to appeal she said the family member was not stable financially even though she owned her car had a job and had 2 kids of her own and was doing fine, what we have to realize is this is a business and they are making money for your children, children s network gets funds for having children in foster care and then when they are adopted out, we must continue to call on God to help and expose them, I had to deal with my anger for a while about them but I had to forgive them and keep up the fight, I will help any of you if I can, you have to have all drugs out of your system even methadone clinics, even so boxen even prescription drugs any narcotic, it doesn’t matter who gave it if they find it in your system or the babies they will take it and will make it impossible to complete the case plan, once you complete it they will have a review and ad more on to it, In the hospital they will ask for the babies first poop and the babies first urine, that is how they find the drugs get clean thats the first step, go into a rehab program and complete it, this is a great place to talk and find out help options its a battle we are all in and we need each other we need to save the children and do whatever we have to to beat this evil system I have some plans I’m working on and I am going to be an advocate for parents like you, I am so sick at what they are doing to the family unit and also to parents there is no after care for the parents who have lost the kids no support system so guess what they go back into drugs to numb there pain I’m working on some things to help I will let you know when I have it together in the mean time I am also here to talk I am not a lawyer but I have been through this and can relate, Thank God we found dear friends to take the kids and we have visitation and pictures and videos its when you are cut off completely that’s the real pain, I’m here if you need to talk. and I feel your pain. and one more thing never let them in your house without a warrant ever and never submit to drug tests or urine tests if there is no court order for it if they come to your house slam the door ask do you have a warrant talk outside the door once they walk in they are scoping out your home and move quickly or take your kids to family s home , your first priority is protect your kids its a lot to have to move but find a way, Police cannot come in your home without a warrant do not let them in, even your car must have a warrant signed by a judge or have probable cause don’t give the the cause you tell them I do not give my consent to search and you be silent everyone here must read the bill of rights and read parental rights in the US we parish without knowledge, If you are on drugs you need to make a decision is your children more important than getting high Please put them first before your self. My daughter is having a baby again she has left the US, we will not loose another family member to them.

    • says

      Ladawn, good news about your grandchildren, that you can see them and your new grandbaby will be safe – thanks for the message, and welcome to the site. I hope you can help others who are going through this attack on their families.

    • grizel says

      unfortunately I am just now reading comments that may/may not have made the latest (3 cases) and worst case me and my Twins have had to face. Tomorrow the court will grant Temporary Placement to their father. They love their father and I know that he will not hurt them. But his choices, last 5 yrs, lack of good judgement when it comes to protecting and keeping, not only our Twins but his family, safe. He has been arrested in 2007 -poss over 100lbs marijuana, 2009-poss 7oz cocaine, and was/is a person of interest in a 2013 murder that involved drugs and a notoriously known in/out of U.S. He has current legal charges pending. Now a drug cartel from Mexico is looking for him. I know because they came to OUR home and his Mom’s (used gun/threats) looking for him. A week 1/2 earlier he moved w/ex wife. They had no info/know about her because we have been together and married last 10yrs. He orchestrated a lge amount money payment/drop in GA and w/o orders from cartel he snuck a load of meth in the truck. The truck and men were stopped, arrested, and money/drugs were seized. He’s been hiding/run since last year. His brother was sent to prison for sexual molestation of his daughter. He was not only welcomed w/celebration but invited into their homes to stay. Brothers are ‘Friends’ and communicating via Facebook. Father has not filed taxes in 10yrs. Has 4 child support cases open. Last payment he made 2 cases was Dec 2014. None on other 2. Since 2010 me and my Twins, have suffered from -emotional/physical- domestic abuse and violence. i have called and asked for help from local Deputies, CPS, CHCS and Family Violence but me and girls were pushed aside when their Father either made/denied accusations against me. Solely on his word. My girls were taken from me based on a false charge of domestic violence against family in Mar 2014. I have not been convicted and am presently taking it to trial.
      Me and my daughters have together since the day they came home from hospital. I miss and love them so much. Their Father has been in and out of their lives and his support w/bills, electricity, house, clothes/school and food been minimal to none. It seems, to me and family, that their Father has been given way too much credit and support from CPS Caseworker to give and adamantly recommend he be given full custody. Thank you for time and space to vent.

      • says

        Grizel, I’m shocked by what you wrote here. If drug cartels are coming to your door with guns to find your ex, you should be in hiding. Your children should be in hiding. You must tell your court appointed lawyer that this has been happening and that your children need protection. This may mean that your children will be in foster care but that is better than them being exposed to gun-carrying drug cartel assassins. Please, get out of that situation and the domestic violence situation. If you turn your life around, get a good job, and a good place to live where your children will be safe, the judge might be willing to let them return to you. Please do not trust men who want to live with you, to be around your children. I constantly read news articles about step-parents who harmed children. Be strong and create a new and better life for yourself, and hopefully you’ll seek God’s help with this.

  7. Shannon says

    Hi, my real name is not the one appearing on the email listed, so please don’t delete! I am lost I need help on what step I should take next!
    My situation:
    —This is in Duval County Florida—

    I was arrested for child neglect on 5/6/15. Bonded out 5/8/15 with a pretrial intervention. I have passed drug tests, been to all appointments, etc. The judge on my 5/7/15 court date (the day after my arrest) put a no victim contact so I couldn’t see my children.
    My children are will there father. My daughter just turned five and this is the first time she’s seen him in 4 years. Hence, her and my 4 year old son had no idea who this man even was.
    I met for the first time my child services caseworker on 5/26/15 just to sign papers (still hasn’t given me my “plan” or “to do” list).
    I just filed not guilty to my child neglect charge on 5/28/15. This was when I finally met my court appointed attorney. We spoke for maybe 5mins before he rushed me off. I had already been calling him daily prior to seeing him with no response. I asked the judge to please drop the no victim contact. He looked over to the state prosecutor and asked if they would appose to that. The response was that Child Services protested and recommend “supervised visitation” making the supervisors there absent there whole lives Father, and there Aunt (fathers side of course, I have no family).
    I have never been convicted with a crime until this month. CPS has treated me unfairly, released confidential information, and been very rude and unhelpful. I have no money for an attorney. Used every penny to get out on bail. I just want my children back. I am desperately in need of help.
    I feel helpless and lost, I loved my children and I have never/would never hurt my children. I was the only constant and stable thing in there lives and I’m not guilty of the neglect. The best interest of the children are not with there convicted felon baker acted father! It’s clearly back with me.
    I don’t know what Motions, forms, anything apply to the DUVAL county Florida systems. I don’t know how to get legal assistance or a Pro Bono.

    PLEASE HELP ME! I’m desperate!

    Thank you for reading this

    • says

      Shannon, were you already convicted of neglect? If you’re innocent … wouldn’t you plead not guilty and get a court appointed attorney to help you with the case? I’m so sorry you’re going through this and suffering so much. I don’t know anything about family law in Florida and what forms to use there – but I do know that if you have a child neglect conviction it will be hard to get your children back. Though your children didn’t know your ex until this happened … well, they know him now, and judges don’t like to move children from a parent unless there’s a proven reason why they should… some kind of current evidence of abuse, for example. I know the heartache of not being able to see your kids and totally sympathize with the problem of having your ex be the supervisor. If you look around you may be able to find some family law attorneys willing to give you a short free consultation to see if they want to take on your case. Check out the internet sites of family law attorneys in your area.

      • Shannon says

        I pled not guilty on the 28th of last month.

        I’ll go to trial, no questions asked.

        I just want my kids back, how can they possibly think that it’s in there best interest to leave them with a father they just met?

        Am I not supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?

        • says

          Shannon, they probably won’t give your children back unless the criminal court case is settled, especially if it has anything to do with your children. I hope you will be able to develop a plan of co-parenting with your children’s father since he’s now part of their lives. If you have a court ordered service plan or a safety plan… be sure to do everything asked of you and never ever miss an appointment or visitation.

        • janet says

          in this system, you are guilty until proven innocent, that is how they work it , CPS makes you a criminal, and everyone that is involved, caseworkers, casa, and the counselors they send you to get a parenting evaluation, I am ready to expose these people, we all need to stick together and fight, Most are woman who are power happy, and don’t even have children of their own!!!!

          • janet says

            can we write someone higher in position to expose these people, how do they get so much power,, They are destroying the lives of our family unit. Heartless , cheating, liars. I have no experienced such deceit. It amazes me we have this system in America!

  8. Lost says

    Unfortunately I came to this site too late and have had my parental rights terminated. It really sucks because I don’t know where they are and have panic attacks daily because I worry about them. They trampled all over us. We were the deer and they were the pack of wolves. It also didn’t help that I had no money to pay a lawyer.

    The question I have is, case workers would not straight come out and tell me and I’ve only heard it through the grape vine. Is it true after two years, your case can be reexamined after 2 years? And if you can prove your stability in all areas of your life that they may give your kids back?

    Also, if so, how can this be? The caseworker called me like two months after they terminated me telling me the foster parents were there asking about me when they were signing the adoption papers. How can they adopt them out and then give them back to you? Wouldn’t they get sued for that?

    Lastly, does anyone know how to go about doing this if it is true? I am in Colorado.

    • Megan's says

      So sorry :(
      I believe if a child is in foster care for 15 out of 24 mos they can legally be adopted without biological parental consent. It’s like that in New York.

    • Justice74 says

      Read a book by Suzanne Shell called “Profane Justice” it’s available on Amazon Kindle for $5. I strongly suggest for anyone to read it. I believe it should be given to every new mother at her baby shower.

  9. Kathleen says

    Is there anyway to request a new cps worker?? due to going to eat with the other party and knowing them on a personal level? Because they seem to be on a more personal level she is going against my niece and gave he baby back to her abuser??

    • says

      Kathleen, you could ask, but the answer will probably be no. CPS workers are often assigned according to the last name of the mother… so if you’re in her alpha-range you’ll stay on her caseload. What you describe might go beyond professional conduct and could be something you’d want to report to your lawyer, your county commissioner, etc. . . . by the way, if you got a new worker, the supervisor of that unit might be the same supervisor so things wouldn’t change significantly. It is the unit supervisor that is really pulling the strings and the caseworkers must answer to that person for everything they do.

      • Tracy says

        I really am astonished that conflict of interest charges aren’t deemed an appropriate avenue for these situations. My niece lives in a very small town and the department is extremely unprofessional and biased. The judges wife was her Dr. who my niece had previously filed a complaint on. They should have to reassign in those cases where a conflict of interest exists. These are children and families we are talking about, not parking tickets! It is not a game to tear a family apart or disrupt someones life out of spite or revenge or a power struggle. We give them too much power how has this been allowed to happen?????? What can we do? When did our government become our keepers instead of our representatives? I wish I could do something to help but I feel like there is nothing and I don’t even have to deal with them .

  10. Elizabeth says

    CPS in NC: school soc. work. called CPS when g-son embellished story on how he got scabs on face and arms (his mom cleaned sweat bumps). CPS didn’t call parents, called g-parents. CPS went to parents house, had mom and dad take kids to g-parents house to “talk”. Caseworker filled out safety assessment – all checked “no” for imminent danger/threat. Mom/dad signed assessment (I know – BIG mistake) they would provide drug test results and mom would provide copy of med records. Mom can only have supervised visitation. The g-parents won’t let me (mat g-parent) see the kids unless supervised (I found out everything after the fact). My ques to parents/g-parents: what is the follow-up? When is a follow-up scheduled? Is CPS supposed to give copies of paperwork (“service plan”, family assessment results before safety assessment was done?) to the people they accuse? There isn’t a court order/warrant, the g-parents are early retired teachers apparently without knowledge of anyone’s rights. Suggestions?

  11. Sabrina says

    I need a lawyer to get my two boys back. There are no abuse charges and I am fighting tooth and nail. Please I have not seen or spoken to them in six months I live in Salina, KS

  12. Josie says

    I am a school counselor and my husband is a high school teacher. We have 3 beautiful, active little boys. My 10 month old sustained a fall off of our couch (more like he LEAPT off of the couch like a frog) and broke his arm (not a spiral fracture). The ER Dr. filed a report….you know the rest. They put our baby through TWO skeletal surveys, a sedated brain MRI, a dilated eye exam, physical exam, blood work, physical exams for our two oldest boys, and a skelatal survey for our 2 year old. NOT A THING HAS BEEN FOUND, obviously because there is no abuse. Not a bruise or mark on any of the children. We don’t even spank our kids….but here we are, accused of child abuse. The child abuse specialist at the hospital and the hospital social worker have been out for blood since day 1….yelling at us, berating us, accusing us, trying to turn us against each other. She is refusing to tell CPS that this could have been an accident. Thankfully we have obtained a second and third opinion from pediatric orthopedic specialists, who have verbally said that they don’t suspect abuse in this case…and our pediatrician is outraged that this is even happening to us. The kicker? The orthopedist that works in the same hospital system as the child abuse doctor is refusing to provide a written statement to support us because he cannot disagree in writing with the child abuse pediatrician. The system is set up to fail parents….what more can we do to prove our innocence?

    • says

      Josie, now would be a good time to get an attorney involved. Look for someone who specializes in juvenile dependency cases. It used to be that mainly only poverty stricken parents were abused in this way… but they need a wider client base these days so the middle class is also targeted . . . but you will hopefully get an attorney who can discourage them from taking this to court.

    • says

      I suspect It has been happening already for a while, where the Hospitals conspire with CPS to kidnap children. The reality is that real abuse is rare, very rare. Like you said, parents don’t even spank kids. Threaten to take away electronics and see how quickly the room gets cleaned up.
      The CPS is this evil, corrupt entity, a cancer, a parasite that lives on the taxpayers dollars. I believe that I read this in “Profane Justice” by Suzanne Shell that each time a child enters foster care 26 different people get paid…social workers, judges, therapists, doctors…etc. This monster the CPS has been created and the parasite has to sustain itself somehow, all these people has to get paid, they are on a payroll…so that’s were Hospitals come in. I do believe that Hospitals get major kickbacks for all reports. I believe they have minimum quotas, bonuses for extra “good performance”. What happened to you is NOT an exception, it has nothing to do with YOU or your FAMILY. Your baby went through six very expensive diagnostic procedures, the Hospital is making a fortune from your misfortune!!! The DOCTORS are NOT your friends!!! Let’s repeat, they are NOT your friends!!! The younger they are the more problems they will cause you. Fresh from school, most of the time childless, brainwashed, naive, need to keep that JOB, to pay off that quarter million of student loans…
      The Children’s Hospitals are the WORST. The Boston Childrens Hospital even has a “code pink” where regular average employees block all exits to make sure that a parent who doesn’t agree with Hospitals agenda is not able to leave with their child.
      Your only remedy is to get a lawyer who hates CPS and will work hand in hand with you through this. Judges show some respect towards you if you have a private lawyer, I read a post from a social worker regards to this.
      Secondly, record each and every interaction with the CPS and the Hospital staff. You have to. Do it secretly if your State Law allows. It’s your words aginst theirs and it is so convenient for them to twist each and every word that you said. Which they will!
      There is hope. Through sites like this people are getting educated and CPS is scared, there will be a tipping point where people will not stand for this type of abuse from the government any longer. CPS knows it and is desperate, that’s why family like yours gets sucked in to the system, because they need leads, the parasite needs to “feed”….
      I know what you are going through. Please, as mandated reporters share your experience with others and expose the “system” for what it really is, the REAL abusers of American Families!

      • says

        I don’t believe doctors (and nurses) get kickbacks for CPS referrals, but they do get extensive training from CPS sources about child abuse reporting, and they are threatened with job loss if they fail to report anything. I think it is getting so bad these days they report just about everything if a child is involved. Their jobs really are on the line because they could lose their licenses for failure to report. Same goes for school teachers. CPS has everyone scared.

        • says

          I forgot to mention. Medical staff will also report you if they have caused harm to your child and a malpractice lawsuit is imminent . Once the child is kidnapped they just terminate your parental rights to hide the evidence…

          • Mom says

            My daughter is four months she was seven days when she was taken . The first thing did was lie about the doctors advice. The put some much diaper rash cream on her she got a uti. They foster parents told me they were going to try adopt my daughter because she can’t have kids. The foster parents are the enemy in my case. My case worker is literly blind to what they do.

        • linda says

          Nurses here in Texas do not get kick backs. However, we are threatened with our licenses by the State of Texas and CPS. No license – no work. We are trained at seminars and conventions by CPS personnel that even if we suspect abuse, we better report it as we are mandated. I have learned my lesson the hard way. CPS has lost all my respect because their investigators are taught routinely to falsify their documentation in order to make the case on the parents and grandparents look so bad that the judge will rule in CPS favor. CPS falsifies their documentation with a goal to terminate parental rights and then the grand parent has no rights to the children as well. CPS social workers falsify documentation and they are not supervised. Before children are removed from a home, the supervisor should be required to perform a home visit with the social workers and the family. CPS social workers are not trained very well. I recently had to complete a case management course on the State of Texas website and let me tell you…. the test was a joke. 6 questions and you pass the test!!
          I have lost all hope of getting my grand daughters back from the adoptive parents in Houston. We don’t even have the right to appeal. I am so disheartened. My heart cries out in pain daily because of what CPS has done to my grand children.

          • Elizabeth says

            I have found a law firm that investigates corruption in cps and anyone associated with helping them to destroy families. They do in depth investigations and bring charges to those found guilty of fraud and corruption. And here is the best part, they do a lot of their work PRO BONO. Here is the site you really need to read. It is .

            • says

              That doesn’t look like a law firm. They say they will investigate anywhere in the USA and are “state licensed” … FYI – all the states have different licensing laws for private investigators. I’d be surprised if they are legally licensed in all states that require licenses for PI’s.

              This may be offered as a free service but buyer-beware anyhow. They would have to have a HUGE workforce to help all the people who are looking for help. Be careful who you trust with your case. I still believe that the best person to work on your case (beside your lawyer) is you… yourself. You know what’s happening better than anyone else. Learn legal self-help.

  13. Elizabeth says

    Who makes the rules for CPS? Why do they have such high immunity to destroy families? They took my kids roughly a week before Christmas and I have been getting two hour supervised visits once a week. During my last visit, I told my kids that I love them and miss them and then my visit got interrupted and I was told that I crossed a line by telling my kids that I miss them. I was told that I can tell them that I love them, but I can’t tell them that I miss them. Everyone asks like these people are gods and everyone is afraid of them. Who is at the top of CPS’s ladder? All of CPS do their investigations on their personal feelings instead of hard facts and evidence. Why do they continue to get away with this?

    • says

      Elizabeth, good question. They get away with it because this is what our legislators want for us. They’ve been told about the pain they’re causing families. They don’t care apparently – because they’re probably getting kickbacks from organizations or institutions that want to have families destroyed.

      If you read the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx you’ll see he had no respect for working class families, and wrote:

      “Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty.”

      His plan was to replace natural family homes with social institutions.

      Marx may be dead, but there are still people in the world that follow his way of thinking.

      In 1963 a set of communist goals from the Cold War era was presented to Congress.

      Look at #40 and #41 on the list:

      40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

      41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

      If you look at the entire list you’ll see that most of what was created as a goal has now come to pass in the USA. A good way of destroying a country, quietly from within.

      Add to that, all the people who are eugenicists – who want all people they consider “inferior” to be killed off. They are probably happy that children of the poor are being placed in foster homes and given dangerous psychotropic drugs to control and possibly even destroy them mentally.

      We are up against a very evil and persistent, wealthy group of people that we cannot even see or know because they live in hiding and work by controlling governments. They probably told Senator Walter Mondale what to include in CAPTA and other legislators what to write. These people are controlled in nefarious ways.

      Ephesians 6 describes this… “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph. 6:12)

      We can’t fight powers like that in worldly ways. That’s part of why I’ve “taken up the whole armor of God” and became a Christian a few years ago. We need the help of God who is capable of creating the change we want to see in the world.

      • Justice74 says

        I couldn’t have said it better. You are so right about this.
        While doing my research during my unjustified involvement with CPS I kept thinking….where is the head of this monster…who is behind this?
        Reality is that it’s not your Juvenile Courts or your States CPS they are just there for their J..O..B s and now and then they get some kick backs…we are talking about few million here and there…They are all just “pupets”, nothing more, very evil and greedy pupets…power hungry pupets…
        What we can do right this moment is NOT to engage. Don’t snitch on your neighbours, don’t turn against your own family because you disagree with something, DO NOT report for every single minor thing, if you are a mandated reporter…if you see someone struggling or in need reach out. Calling CPS should be only as the last resort.
        I don’t even call CPS on my drug dealing neighbour. Why? Think who supplies the drugs? Some Mexican drug cartel? Think again, no drugs could be trafficked through this country without a direct protection of government agencies. The local cops know this guy is dealing, yet have done nothing about it. Secondly, I see the kids every day. They are fed, clean clothed and well adjusted, unlike their father. I also have seen what a foster homes look like in my area. I also know from my personal experience how local CPS “helps” families.
        They falsify medical records, everyone’s testimony that includes totally fabricating testimony of any mandated reporter, what ever it takes to support the occusations….the list goes on and on.
        Don’t be naive, don’t engage.

      • YarpWar says

        Yes, Linda Jo,
        I agree with you. It is so heartening to find another who is willing to submit all this horror to our Father in Heaven. Praying, seeking, trusting and going to spiritual warfare and intercession without fear is often seems the very least, but becomes the very best that I can do for others and myself.
        Let me say how much I admire your perseverance and faithfulness. It has meant so much to me to find you, your site, all the other people who suffer as I have and do.
        In appreciation will I pray for you also from now on and especially as He prompts me.
        Love never fails. Faith, hope, and love.

    • says

      Yes why do they? Cant somebody do something? They are treated like prisoners . How can this be happening It is happening everywhere , im still in shock from my experience of being denied custody of my grandchildren .

  14. linda says

    As a nurse here in Texas, I always thought that CPS was supposed to help children and families. Now from personal experience as a grandmother of 2 beautiful girls with CPS, I have nothing good to say about them or the crooked justice system here in Texas! I have many many regrets now because I believed in CPS until December 22, 2014. How is it that all this negative information has not reached the professional realms and nurses have not been informed of how CPS treats the families. What an evil system to have in place. One which trains their employees that they have rights up and above the Constitution of these United States. It makes me ill and sick to my stomach. When does a child needing a bath and needing treated for head lice that she got from school constitute a life threatening event for emergency removal from the parent’s home? Absent days are counted against this child when sent home for treatment. Since when is a CPS worker allowed to go to the school and interview a person’s child without that parent being present? We as grandparents don’t have rights even though they state this on the CPS website. There is no guarantee for grandparent rights here in Texas. I have read the statutes and they are so loosely written that they don/t mean anything. If CPS wants to adopt your grandchildren out, they know the language to use to sway the judges so that this is “in the best interest of the children”. They use deceptive practices and lies to take the children and then adopt them out so they can all get their bonuses and bring adoption fees into the department. Makes me sick!

    • says

      Linda, I know there is a lot more work to do . . . we must give this information to mandated reporters so they’ll be able to make better judgements about when to call CPS – and when not to.

    • Rebecca says

      I agreed we dnt hve no rights whn comes to the grand parents ilost six grand babies two went in foster care dnt knw where thy ar at my four other ar out of system thank goodness but thy ar fall away from us. boyfriend family got thm but thy wnt lets us talk or see thm thy tld my daughter thy adopt thm and thy want moneyand mayb she can talk to thm she had twins thy just turn five her oldest is 8 the next one 7 thn w one she raisin hes one very smart cute and happy i wish he cld see his siblin thy force thm give thm up so she cld hve her last one but she didn’t relinquish her rights to cps she gave it to other family members case close but thy won’t send her paper. showin it close it’s been over a year she been .requesting several times hve of the time thy dnt knw what she talkin abt or thy just keep givin run around u have the right to those papers we dnt knw what to to do thy dnt like her because she ask too many ask questions she very strong will she didn’t bac dwn thy tld her if she went to trial she wld lose thm including the one she was carry we can’t find lawyer here thy act like thy ar all scared of cps but if the case close all she doin goin after the two family members who as her kids so she can her kids bac thy nt related to my daughter she nt married she doesn’t want to marry him but all her kids hve the same father we been through hell and bac but we ar still I love grandbaby he is bundle joy but it’s hard nt think of the others thy in my heart we ar close familly even her grandfather crys about his great grandbabies because he never got to be w the twins cps wldnt let him see thm thy him he didn’t knw thm but he did get to see the two oldest for one time that was it he he at cps office but thy wldnt let us hve thm my mom raised five of us and none us has a record we succeed in life some of us make more thn others but that’s ok we hve of life’s hve children of their own I’m niece and nephews thy miss their cousin too so please if u hve any ideas hw archer our grand babies let hve a bless night

  15. Megan says

    Last week, we had a well company come in to replace a tank in our in ground well outside. We have very high windows that if a normal person or even tall person (up to 6’5″)can’t see in our windows. ANYWAY. That morning, they had delivered a backhoe to our house to dig up the well. Later that afternoon, purportedly CPS was called regarding something someone saw in our house (which was torn up linoleum and glue stains) from peeking into our windows.
    I was not home, but my daughter was and so was her grandmother. My mum was badgered 4 times to let them into her house, which, she invoked the 4th amendment right (thankfully). The caseworker stated that she just needed to ‘”see” into the house but we’ve still refused. She’s showed up 3 times so far, leaving notes on our door stating “I will be contacting family court if I do not hear from you by x date”.
    We are entirely not sure what to do because a) finding a decent lawyer in our area that’s affordable is nearly impossible on such short notice b) this person who reported us was ILLEGALLY peeking into our house and c) when the agent spoke to my daughter (outside) she stated that she could smell a litter pan (it’s right by the door to empty) but could not smell anything malodorous on my daughter.
    I’ve already gotten written up at work because of this issue and being pulled out of work. I’m at my wits end and my daughter isn’t able to sleep at night anymore because she’s been having severe panic attacks because the woman told her if we didn’t let her in she would never see us again.

    • says

      Megan, now would be a good time to get the advice of an attorney. It helps to have one at the beginning of an investigation; sometimes they can get the social worker to back off. I’m glad your mom knew about the 4th amendment. No warrant = no entry for government employees. She’s already seen your child. She probably also needs to talk to you so she can close the case. If she’s done that and the case hasn’t closed, talk to an attorney. Maybe he can warn the social worker about her illegal threatening behavior.

      • Megan says

        I Found a lawyer on here that I’m just waiting for him to ring my mum. The CPS woman came back, banging on the door and yelling. Left a note on a Family Court Paper stating “I need to see you both and your home or i will file neglect and you do NOT want that.” I am considering fleeing with my daughter now I’m such a wreck.

        • says

          If nothing has been filed so far that means that the worker doesn’t have enough evidence. Video record her yelling and such through a window. Don’t open the door. Purchase signs Property Under Surveilance, for $10 you can get a dummy camera and put right at the front door. Big sign of Beware of Dog might come in handy. Don’t let them in under no circumstances, that would be my advise. I regret that I let them in, don’t do it!
          Google the following : No Tresspasing sign that includes a specific warning to all government agents 18 U.S.C. 241, 242. Print it post it. There is a fine of $5000 a day for each day someone working for the government tresspass.
          If this worker didn’t show up with the cops and keeps coming back tells me that she really has nothing to charge you with. It’s seems that this particular office is not getting enough leads and that’s why she is so persistent.
          This is also a good time to study your States Child Abuse Laws and also make copies for yourself to have on hands.
          The less interaction you have with the worker the better. Everything you say WILL be twisted, believe me!
          Don’t answer any questions, every time you see the CPS worker ask her why she is here, video and audio record each and every conversation and keep a detailed journal of the date and time when things took place. Your attorney will probably ask for that.
          The fallowing website has tons of valuable information It’s tough but don’t give in to their unreasonable demands.
          Good luck!

            • Megan says

              Thank you for the sign link.
              No, every time she’s shown up so far she’s parked across the road hidden just enough so we couldn’t see the vehicle from the front door.
              She has never once shown up with any “official” paperwork and her threat went from ‘family court’ to now ‘filing child neglect and you do NOT want that.’ As a courtesy, though, she did date and time stamp the paper she left the threat on, which I’m sure the lawyer I’ve contacted will be thrilled to see.
              She’s also never shown up with the police and I’ve advised my mother to not answer the door under any circumstance at all this week while I’m at work. My daughter has been instructed to get inside after school and lock doors until after ‘hours’ for CPS. Basically, we’re just biding our time until we can discuss with the lawyer the course. He stated it was overstepping boundaries?
              I was told (Not sure if it’s factual) by someone that if they have no evidence within 30 days it’s filed under some level one where family could not be contacted? I’m not sure if that’s wholly applicable to NYS though.
              I did review the paper she left the ‘nastygram’ on and it’s a photocopied letter head not from child protection, but generic social services.
              We’ll keep acquiring evidence, but from what I’ve shown my family, they have agreed that her threats are illegal without any evidence. Well, their evidence from a damn peeping tom,but she won’t admit that because ‘they requested to be anonymous’. Too bad we found out who it is and we’re going to discuss with the lawyer suing HIM for prowling.
              Any other advise?

              • says

                Megan, if your daughter is in school they can get access to her there without notifying you in advance. You could try telling the school not to let them near her (or give them a Hatch Letter) but most schools don’t know what a Hatch Letter is and they might just ignore that. Your daughter can refuse to talk to the woman without her mother and/or lawyer there.

                • Megan says

                  Already have paperwork that nobody can remove my daughter from school except me or my mother nor can they speak to her. (I had issues with my ex a few years ago threatening to kidnap her). Nell said if they speak to her she’s pleading the 5th.

                    • Megan says

                      My daughter also told me this morning that “should a caseworker come to the school and manage to get through to speaking to me, I’m going to tell the teacher, or whomever, that CPS is harassing my mom and grandma with false allegations and I refuse to speak to anyone unless their lawyer is present.” I told her she’s a very smart cookie. But she still says when she gets home she’s locking doors and hiding out until after hours. I told her they won’t take her in school (esp during a testing week) because they need proof first and they have none.

                    • Megan says

                      Update: Found a lawyer via this website (yay) who in turn contacted the caseworker, who immediately contacted a public defender. We had a mystery person show up at 8:30 tonight, I emailed him and by 9:30 he called to find out all details. Will keep you updated.

          • kery says

            I have a question of dcf was called on me and i not knowing my laws righy away I admitted to previously using marijuna could that be enough evidence to use against me to get a court order for a drug test if i refused one already?

            • says

              Kery, sorry, but the answer to that is yes. I don’t know why you thought it was okay to tell a cps caseworker that. Did you think marijuana is an unimportant (albeit illegal) drug? It seems a lot of people think that these days… and we could say it is good medicine… but the average government agent won’t think that way. Anyhow, so sorry… my heart goes out to you… but do stay away from drugs in the future. Get a lawyer now if you can. It really helps during a cps investigation.

    • sherry says

      document everything……;take them son of a gons to cozrt for harassment………send me an email……… shrrymedellin[at]

  16. Bre says

    I will probably receive flack for my “little story” but I felt compelled to write it.

    All I keep reading is horrible things about CPS, and even though I am by no means discrediting anybody I have my own story to tell. First I would like say that if it wasn’t for CPS stepping in and taking me away from my mother when I was 13 I wouldn’t be here today. From the time I was born until they stepped in I had been abused and abandoned by every person in my life who was suppose to be caring for me. I was placed in foster care at the age of 13 where I remained until I “graduated” out of it and I will tell each and every one of you that it was the best thing for me. CPS isn’t all that bad. Yes there are times they should take children and they don’t and there are times they do take children when they shouldn’t and there are good foster homes and there are bad foster homes. My foster parents were the best as were my case worker, my therapist and my guardian ad litem. I have read some pretty horrible stories today, some I understand why CPS would step in and take the child/children and others I don’t understand. However trying to get rid of CPS completely wouldn’t be in the best interest of the children who are neglected, abandoned and abused. Where would those children go? Who would be the voice of those children? Even if the child isn’t abused but are neglected who will be their voice (i.e; not fed, bathed etc.)? I do feel CPS should be reformed and workers as well as foster parents should go through extensive training, but to just get rid of it would be ridiculous. Does the average Joe want to take care his neighbors kids because the father is molesting them or abusing them and the mother is in complete denial? More than likely not, family members won’t help so what will happen to the children? Does anybody think about that?

    Yes I am sorry horrible things are happening to innocent families, do I blame you for wanting to fight? NO absolutely not.

    There are workers out there who fight really hard to keep innocent children out of abuser hands and yet they get NO credit. I am not a CPS worker but am in school to be one because of my experience with the state and CPS workers.

    In my years as a foster child I have seen many children come and stay for awhile only to be returned to their parents, and I have seen many get returned to their parents only to end up back in the system because their parents weren’t equipped to care for them again abuse, neglect and so on. In many of those cases as with my own if CPS hadn’t stepped in, those children wouldn’t have made it.

    How ever like I had stated before, I am sorry for those who are having issues with CPS but one shouldn’t discredit every single CPS worker out there because allot of them are just trying to do their job and actually protect the children.

    • says

      Bre, I agree that there are some good foster homes and I’m glad you were in one. However many other children report having been beaten and even molested by foster parents. You are one of the lucky ones. I also agree that we can’t do away with all foster homes. There are some children who will need them, if they have no other family members able to help them when their parents can’t.

      However . . . I advocate for social workers that lie and misrepresent parents in court documents to be brought up on perjury charges. I hope that will never be an issue for you.

      • Justice74 says

        In my State they have become so sophisticated in making sure they never run out of “clients” (read here find their next easy victim) that they have included a question in their application for Health Insurance: Have you ever been in a foster care?
        This is the first year I see this. Has anyone else seen this? Seems like profiling to me.

  17. says

    Families and victims. CPS has tormented you, defaced your image, kidnapped your children, and much more. June 5, 2015 is your day to fight. Anonymous is holding an international protest that makes them the target. Where? All capitals where their corrupt leaders work. Join us and fight back! We are Anonymous. We are legion. United as one, divided by zero. They should have expected us.

    • rubi says

      This is going to be THE BEST comeback of all time , I was so happy when I saw Anonymous on here , I actually had to reread this to be sure it was real , I love the idea , CPS dose not know what’s coming to them ! I’ve had 2 CPS cases which led to my youngest daughter ( 4 months ) passing away & they are still on my ass . I will be a participant in this fight on June 5th , even if I’m the only one there ! CPS are nothing but MONSTERS!!

  18. Aprille says

    I really need some advice. I allowed my 6 year old daughter to spend the week with my sister and her husband, when she came back home I was getting her ready for bed and noticed that she had ugly bruises all over her entire body, when I asked her what had happened to her she was very reluctant but eventually told me that it was her uncle so I acted fast and immediately took her to the police department where pictures were taken and they asked my daughter what had happened and again she repeated the exact same story she told me.

    after we had finished with the csi investigators I decided to go ahead and have her checked out at the hospital, again my daughter relayed her story to several different hospital officials. afterwords we were sitting in my daughters room when in walks a social worker he talks to my daughter also afterwords he asked the doctor to come into the hallway to speak with him, after he left the doctor came back into the room and said they would be keeping her over the weekend for observation and pending a tdm, meeting with social services the following monday.

    the doc informed me that I was allowed to stay at the hospital with her but I was not allowed to sign her out of the building without clearance from the case worker. that Monday me and my other sister walked into the conference room at the hospital we both had a funny feeling that ss had already made up their minds to take my children. and of course they soon confirmed our fears, the mediator did tell us that they would allow us five ,minutes to try and come up with a suitable and willing kinship placement.

    well in that five minutes we had come up with 5 diff placement options. but when we reentered the room with our back up plan I guess cps had expected us to fail because they acted as if they were mad and didn’t even hear one of the choices. as a matter of fact it was only a few minutes later that they had ripped my son from my arms as my daughter reached for me and screamed.

    I still haven’t figured out what i have done yet except try to protect my children; and Since the day they took my kids away social services are constantly lying under oath and otherwise and doing everything they can to provoke me. they even went as far as to place my children with a lesbian foster couple when just a couple weeks before i had made it perfectly how against that I was and then suddenly that is the only foster home in our county that would accept both of my children.

    and yes i was told I could refuse the situation but if I did I was pretty much guaranteed they would separate my babies and after the pain they went through of losing I could not do that to them i have done and passed numerous drug tests and jumped through so many hoops it is crazy I have always been a good mother and i will do whatever it takes to get them back. but do yall think it is a lost cost or do the reunifications really happen or is that just another lie they tell u so they can make you jump through hoops for them

    please email me with your opinions.and advice

    • says

      Aprille, yes, reunifications do happen. You have to do everything the judge orders (you should have a service plan) and you should gather evidence that you’re doing those things and that you are not the one who hurt your child. Also, never miss a visit or any other appointment. You will have to have a stable home situation and plenty of income to support them.

  19. jj says

    so can race be an issue with cps? i am black wife white and of course kids biracial. they were placed with her sis who is living a polygamy life style. is this real or what? kids dont even go to church any more since been with her. what can i do?

  20. says

    I pray for everyone who has posted or is reading this page. I have had a case closed and my daughter is with her biological father. Cps did not take me to court and the case is closed. I am still legally married to him but we have been seperated for years..he allows me to see her as much as possible..I cannot afford a lawyer but Cps informed him that she cannot come with me home or be alone with me or they will take action against him… If a case is closed then why are they telling him this and they did not take me to court my perntal rights weren’t terminated at all please I need advice I’m in texas

  21. concernedsisinlaw says

    God Bless you for this site, such an amazing thing that you do. My sis in law just called cps into her home and told them that her daughter (age 10) dad was smoking pot and that her daughter was terrified of her father and didn’t want to go with him so 2 wks ago on his wknd to get her she stayed away from her home so that he couldn’t get her so he drove back home (6.5 hr drive) then cps comes into her home and interviews all of them 2 weeks later it’s her dad’s time to pick her up for spring break and again she stays away from the home so he couldn’t get her mind you both the sheriff and cps said there was nothing they could do to keep her from going with her dad bc it is court ordered but she still didn’t let her go to her dad’s so then my husband and I knew something was fishy bc we are very close to our niece and she has always talked so highly of her dad and so my husband talks to our niece and come to find out none of these things are True so basically they just invited cps into their home based on false allegations and made a police report as well claiming that she was scared of her dad but none of it is true she loves her dad very much poor girl she just wanted her mom & step dad’s approval so badly and she said what she thought they wanted her to say but now I’m just wondering what in the world they should do & what will happen when cps finds out that this is all based on lies, they have 2 little girls as well so I’m just trying to help them figure out what their next move should be, do they retract their statements? I’ve never dealt with any of this before but I am worried for them after everything that I have read about cps. And I’m worried my sis in law is going to be charged with purgery and possibly more. And so worried about my sweet niece she has already gone through so much and she’s only 10 and I would just be devastated if she ended up being taken from her mom, step dad & sisters and moved 6.5 hrs away to live with her dad. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much in advance! God Bless!

    • Elizabeth says

      I am so sorry for what CPS is doing to your sister. I would like to help her if she will be willing to talk with me. CPS has already taken my kids, and I would like to help her if she will let me. Please give her my email address and ask her to send me an email. Please ask her to write in her subject line CPS knowledge so I know to open her email. I have some extensive information that can help her to know what to do. Thank you.

  22. A.Narchy says

    I will write for you. I have already begun the arduous process of creating change. I’m scared shitless. NO ONE. Wants to anger this entity. But I can’t be one of the oh well that’s how it is complacent abused parent. He uses an agency meant to help kids to hurt them irreparably. I will not stand for it. This pain is undeserved. 10 hours after I delivered a worker was screaming in my face. I had not needed an epidural. I was so proud of my perfect sons natural delivery. Thank you for post partem depression cps.

    • Elizabeth says

      I can help you. I have some very useful information you can use. I started diligently researching the organization of CPS and you will be shocked on what I found. Please email me at [deleted] and type in your subject line CPS knowledge so I know you are from this site. Please, you cannot afford to waste precious time.

      • Justice74 says

        You keep posting over and over about this valuable information you have about CPS. Why don’t you just post it here in open for everyone to see. That’s what this site is for.

        • YarpWar says

          Ditto! After all, any “troll” could enter these type sites just fishing for member’s email addresses to use for other purposes than what’s stated. Thanks, Justice74. Stay strong.

    • YarpWar says

      Greetings and much love, hope and faith I pray goes right away to you! If you want to rally others to “join” as a voice/support, then can you email me? I don’t know, been really praying and agree we have to unite in a way, make a stand. Me, I’m not saying do away with something like CPS, but this system is too corrupt, it self confesses needs and problems but fed-gov simply gives them more authority and sends more $$, so nothing has changes with protocols. There is often no common sense exercised, I noticed. We have no recourse, no justice, when courts, judges, attorneys, contracted businesses all in it together. It’s like our children are looked upon as a national resource to be mined and when they’ve served their purpose and turn 18, none of them care if everybody is broken for life, not their concern anymore. I’m a grandmother, btw. I did have a bout with cps when youngest son was child. They admitted investigation revealed nothing amiss as the initial report by cruel caller said, yet they refused to close up and move on to others with real need of rescue. Taking up too much room here, just want to make myself available to you. E mail patra at gmx us
      Hugs, stay strong make ready, care for yourself.

  23. jody says

    Im so thankful for this website. I was accused of educational neglect cause my kids missed two weeks of school because I moved in with my boyfriend of five years who is a loving man. I had to cut through some red tape cause the school has strict residency requirements. I finally got my kids in school and two days after a cps worker shows up and claims I was under investigation for educational neglect. He wanted to come in and check the house and told him it was my boyfriend s house and I needed his permission. The next week he shows up again and I had done my research. He asked my bf if he can look in the house and my bf said no its his house and the kids are very well looked after.the fase worker tried to get me to plead quilty six times was bobbing his head back forth. I called his supervisor to complain and she tried to get me to plea quilty and except their plan. I told her I was not pleading quilty to something that wasn’t true and she told me it wasn’t criminal bla blah. I said set me a court date and I will get my attorney to fight in court. Two days my case was closed. My kids have 3.5 grade averages and according to the case worker who was like 19 years oldv with no kids cause yes I asked. My advice don’t let them and never sign anything or admit anything.

    • justice74 says

      I couldn’t agree more. Even if the worker seems reasonable. Everything you say will be twisted. Also I would strongly advise people to video or at least audio tape the interaction. If your State Laws allow do it secretly. I suspect they audio record each interaction without your knowledge anyway. If you have no device handy pretend that you are recording, simple disclosure such us …this conversation is being recorded…is sufficient. Don’t be intimidated if they object to the recording, you have a right to record and it is YOUR HOUSE! Don’t budge. Even if the case gets Closed request the records. Be prepared to be shocked. The records will be invaluable to you if the CPS ever shows up at your door again.

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