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DO – Create your own “FightCPS Strategy” for working on your CPS case.

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DO – Write your own legal documents such as a Declaration of Facts and/or a statement of Objections and Corrections to the Report of the Social Worker.

DON’T – Ever miss a visitation opportunity with your kids. Missed visitations or drug tests will probably be held against you in court.

DO – Watch this video: collect documentary evidence

DON’T – Give up. This year is your ONE CHANCE to get your kids back from CPS. Give it your all.

DO – Maintain a notebook to keep a record of everything that happens in your case.

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  1. Bonnie says

    I lost my legal rights after a cps caseworker came and testified for my ex who has had an open cps case before this one. She stated she believed me and my ex could. not raise children together even though she talked to me once. My ex has had 4 investigations. I have had none. In one of the past cps report s states I was a pill popper, alcoholic and crack addict. I do not pop pills . I have old narcotics from root canals and I have never did crack or cocaine in my life. I am in my 40 s. She also was found to have lied on the stand and cps never requested a drug test from myself. I am willing to give hair or urine. I was abused for years by my ex even while pregnant. Cps says it was the past so kids are safe. Can i sue cps in michigan

    • says

      Bonnie, please look for an attorney to see if you can sue them. Look for a “Michigan Civil Rights Attorney” on I would go to the District Attorney with proof that the CPS worker lied in court. That’s perjury, and it is a crime. I’d try to press charges.

  2. Jessica says

    Hi. I was referred to an Obgyn by the ER in my second trimester after finding out I was pregnant. Three days prior to discovering I was pregnant I used cocaine and marijuana, I tested positive for them both and was told I needed to stop or cps would get involved, I did; and haven’t touched cocaine since. It has now been over two months since I have used cocaine but on my last visit they said I tested positive again which is definitely not true. They have reporteded me to cps(who works in the same building, might I mention) and I have been required to speak with her after every visit to my OB. She informed me today that I have an open case since its my second positive for cocaine. I told here is no way I could be positive if I haven’t used it. I feel like they are trying to set me up. I have two boys who are 4 &1 years old and I am in the state of NC. Can you please give me some advise as to what I should do. I am so scared they will take my baby when its born! Please help!

    • says

      Jessica, you should get an attorney NOW rather than wait until your children are taken by CPS. It might be a good idea to leave that state, but definitely talk to an attorney about it first. Yes, they are probably trying to set you up. Your other children are also at risk of being taken. And . . . in the future please stay away from drugs.

    • Justice74 says

      They will take all your children not just the baby. I would definitely move out of State now. I’m surprised that they didn’t report you the first time, them being mandated reporters. CPS takes children for frivolous reasons, like seeking second medical opinion, using PERSCRIBED pain killers…your children are still young and highly adoptable. Leave while you can!

  3. Vanessa Harvey says

    I believe I got sucked into an investigation which was in another state and i just received a letter in that state saying the allegations were unsbstantiated. I really need help because like an idiot I was scared and signed their papers.

    • Sara says

      I have an open cps case in texas. My two 4 month old twins were removed from me & my ex. He assaulted me & ran off with the kids in his vehicle while intoxicated. He forcibly put them in this situation. They were removed because I took the situation upon myself even though local authorities could not do anything. They refused to give my mother temporary custody & have placed them in foster care. I’m a low income parent & am looking for a lawyer to help me fight this. This is not the only place I am looking. You can contact me at nine4zero7for5eight2eight1

  4. corey says

    I live in kern county ca and have a legal proposition 215 grow op and wanted to know if having a legal 215 grow op can affect my cps case

    • says

      Corey, it is up to the whim of the social worker and her supervisor… if they want to allege that your marijuana use affects your child, and that you’re not able to use your medicine and take care of your child effectively, they can.

  5. Ms. Lee says

    My, 14 year old daughter, went to school all mad at me for telling her, she could not go to her sisters after school, (19 yr sis just got new apt.) smoke pot, stay a her friends that are boys house.. She had school call dhs, She got to go to her sisters they removed her from my home. Said i am neglectful, I had no food, water service, power I had drug people living in our home, I was using drugs, (I do have a past history) and we are living in a Squatters house. You just pictured our home really gross and not livable. Yes we do live in a borrowed home, Bank owned, Home was going to ruin, I have made home beautiful. This offends many people, you have no idea. and most of them are at DHS judge really doesn’t like this idea. My court appointed attorney dosent like it. We did borrow this house with plans for 3 months, so i could afford my daughters braces. My daughter (bless her) is at my sisters in foster care. She now realizes what she has done, and that mom cant just fix it. She is now so cold and bitter and hateful. It breaks your heart. of course all this anger is directed at me. She no longer speaks with respect to anyone, Dhs is ruining our family by taking my ability to parent her away. She is lieing, sneaking out, doing drugs drinking, and being hurtful and disrespectful to her aunt. They have me in so many classes i dont have time to find new job. (16 years working with special needs kids) lost that job. I am now on this list where i cant work with kids again. (This was our future, This type of work is what im meant to do). I have no problem taking any of there surprise drug testing, anytime, the rest of it no. Before this happened, our saying always was” It would always be her and I against the world.” Now Im the only one shes against. We need help before its to late, for me to get my sweet daughter back.

    • says

      Ms. Lee, I hope your daughter will quit being angry at you soon. She needs to take responsibility for her part in the problem. I am not a lawyer so I can’t have clients – but I offer this site with suggestions and ideas you can use to create a strategy for fighting your CPS case in court. I’m sorry you won’t be able to work with children right now since that’s your normal way to make money, but hope that you’ll find new opportunities for work that don’t involve being around children. I have never heard of someone borrowing a house from a bank before. It sounds like your daughter is out of control. If she doesn’t start treating her aunt better, she might end up in a group home.

  6. jes says

    I have a question……
    Our family has an open CPS case. Nothing at all has been put in with the courts and we still have our children. Due to personal family reasons we are having to move and have found a place that is one state over. My question is can we move out of state and do we have to notify CPS that we are doing so?
    We live and are moving from Virginia if that helps

    Thank you

    • says

      Jes, even if you haven’t been to court, if you have an open CPS case you should get a lawyer… and he should be able to tell you what would happen if you moved without telling CPS. Rules for CPS are different in all the states so I can’t tell you what might happen. They might take your children if they think you’re going to move, or they might drop the case or send it to the other state. Could you just call and ask them?

      • says

        Better yet cold call. Pretend to be calling on the behalf of the friend, and give a fake name and don’t call from your phone. It’s better to test the waters first. There is a possibility they will overreact.
        I would say a lot depends at what stage current involvement is. If you are past Assesment and there is no court ordered plan I would just write a letter stating ( mail it registered on the day you are moving not before) something like : thank you for your hard work but we no longer wish to receive your Services. Social Worker coming to your house to snoop and ask stupid questions is called a service…
        I would NEVER tell them if I was moving to another county or State.
        The way CPS operates is illogical. It is better always to pretend like you are cooperating while in reality give them nothing! The less information provided the better because they will twist every word you say and if there is not enough to twist they just come up with lies.
        I have been there and done that. When people tell that CPS is corrupt to the core they are! All the way to the Governors Office of your State! The Federal money coming in from illegal child kidnappings is used to balance State budget! The only remedy people have is to sue them in Federal Court but at that point the damage is already done.

  7. Summer says

    I have been involved in a dcs case with my 3 year old since December 3, 2014. I had an overdose on prescription meds at a pain management clinic where they called the police, and remanded my baby to my Mothers custody. Since then I have followed the case plan, but have been hospitilized frequently due to ostomylitis, a surgery for the infection, and twice for bowel issues from a previous surgery. My case managers were changed three times in the first 4 months, and I have one now who had been trying to remove my daughter from my Mom first because she said she didn’t understand my addiction, then for a missed phone cal, and she finally succeeded in removing her because I was released from the hospital, and took a cab to my Mom’s to see my baby, and she said I was discharged to my Moms. I have been in a relationship with her psychological Father since I was 5 months pregnant. he cut her cord. She calls him Daddy. He has no criminal history, is a double major graduating in December with an Anthropology and a Geology degree, got his citizenship, works 2 jobs, and wants to adopt my daughter. They refuse to acknowledge his role as Father. She told me if he had adopted her my daughter would be in the home with him as a safety monitor, then contridicted herself by saying he can’t be because he doesn’t know enough about substance abuse, because he has never been an addict, and she believes he isn’t involved enough in my treatment. He has repeadedly asked what he needs to do to have our child, and as far as a “case plan” she has no set one for us. The plan is reunification with severance and adoption running concurrant, as per the norm, but I believe she wants to take my rights. I need help before this case gets so far gone there will be nothing legally we can do to stop them from stealing my little girl and destroying our family.

    • says

      Summer, the case plan would be given by the judge… he would have signed a court order with a reunification plan… also called a service plan. Things you have to do – like visitation, counseling, psychological evaluation, drug testing, and parenting classes. You are not married to this “psychological father” so why would the caseworker take the relationship seriously as a placement for your child? Have you been through rehab yet? Is rehab on your service plan?

      • Summer says

        Yes I have an intake appointment on Wednesday. I was in an outpatient program for 3 months but when I relapsed I had to withdraw myself from the program in order to have my insurance pay for an in house rehab. The case worker said if he had adopted her it would have been different, but we have been together almost 4 years and he is Shai’s Father, that is why I would believe she would consider him for placement. I don’t have a service plan. I had things the investigator had originally told me to do, that I have been complying with from day one, but she told me there WAS no case plan. So I need to ask my lawyer to ask the judge the specific steps I need to take to have my daughter back then? And how do I go about having her back in my Mom’s care? She was removed for assumptions, not fact. I am drug testing, and completed a psychological eval today as well.

  8. says

    Dfc had me place my kids with their dad. The social worker said I was unstable. It was nothing wrong with me. it been a year the doc told me I was not crazy. I have a house a doing good I want my kids back. How can I get them back

    • says

      June Fish – If you have a house with room for your children and a job to support them, and no mental illness, the social worker no longer has a reason to say you’re unstable… right? Do you have another court date? If so, you can create a Declaration of Facts to explain to the judge that your situation is better and you’re ready for your children to be returned to you.

      One parent in this situation took photos of her new home including beds ready for the children, put them on a CD, and gave them to the judge as evidence. She got her children back.

  9. Emily says

    I need an attorney ASAP or legal advice. A report was made by a hospital employee to CPS-Dallas metroplex- in regards to learning my child’s care. We believe the report also states that drug abuse is suspected. It is all very false. I’ve completed the required training, and I have numerous hospital staff (nurses) who are willing and ready to stand up for me. I have a meeting with the CPS investigator tomorrow. I have not spoke to an attorney, and until now didn’t realize I would need to. I’m nervous after learning how deceptive abd conniving many of these CPS investigators are. Any legal advice ASAP (before tomorrow morning) is appreciated! My phone number is 2one4four4nine8nine8five
    Or I can be reached by email at emroberts24[at]

  10. Jessica says

    I have some questions and need some advice. Its a long story with CPS involvement and really don’t want to put it all on here. If someone could contact me by email or by phone that could help me I would greatly appreciate it.
    My phone number is 3zero4 four33 zero73four
    and my email is jes44853((AT))

    Thank you,

  11. Dennis jr says

    My name is Dennis jr im having a dcf issue were they are trying to terminate me and my kids mothers rights and leave my kids in the system I have 4 kids and they are all in different homes we been dealingvwith this almost 3 years now were they would file a tpr lose it then start reunification just to find another reason to remove them again and start over. In a 3 year span this is the 6 tpr filed against us threevon her three on me. My kids mother is complete with her case plan they gave me one and im hapfway through with mine and the crazy part is I never did anything wrong it started with the mothers child abuse allegations now the whole case is about my criminal history somebody please help make since of this u can contact me at 813-7zero4-7nine3six anytime please help me..

    • says

      Dennis, I suspect a lot depends on why the caseworker took the children away from their mother again. If she wasn’t following their instructions do you think they will ever trust her again? You might be more likely to get custody now. But your compliance with the case plan isn’t likely to be of any help to the mother. She has to do her own work, to be approved and to impress the judge.

  12. brandy says

    i am looking for a lawyer that will help me fight to get my kids back from kids have been in their care for almost two yrs now, i have a lawyer but she does not really do what i hope so would do. she does not speak up for me and rather me give up my rights and let my kids go. i od on sleeping pills and that cause me to lose my kids. i have been doing everything i can to get them back. cps made a plain for me and in that plain I am suppose to get two phones aweek from my kids and set visits. which i dont get any phones as plained. and my visits dont go has they are suppose to do. i need help and a lawyer that will work with me please. i have tried everything. i dont really have money so i dnt know how to pay for a lawyer so this is why I am asking any one out there for help please. My court dated is set july 23 to see if i lose my rights to me babies. i need a different lawyer please if any one knows one please help.

    • says

      Brandy – you’re asking for help too late in the process. Please use the information on this site to prepare for court. Ask a friend to help you type up a Declaration of Facts and Objections and Corrections to the Report of the Social Worker. I say ‘ask a friend’ because you’ll need the help of someone with good writing skills.

      If your attorney has done nothing to get prepared for this hearing, stand and TELL THE JUDGE that your attorney is not prepared to defend you. That will at least probably get a continuance and a different court appointed attorney.

      Keep in mind that this is a self-help site – and there’s no list of free miracle workers who can do the work for you. Read: Who Will Prepare Your Case?

  13. Sandra says

    dfacs came to my daughters , based on her boyfriends name came up in another case, her and him had a baby 5mo ago. they wanted them to go take a drug test. The next day they came and the boyfriend had gone to jail for aggravated assault with a neighbor/so my daughter had not gone to take the test she had no way, but they said they had gotten an emergency order from a judge to take the child because they thought the child was in danger. But they didnt show her this order, and took the child. we later learned her boyfriend had a child cruelty charge and his rights were terminated and thats why they thought the child was in danger. But he was incarcerated by the time they came back with the order,which we have yet to see….so the child was not in danger if he was in jail. Did they have the right to take her anyway? and did they have to have a court order and give her a copy of it before taking her>? they placed her in a foster home immediately,not allowing us the grandparents to come get her, who was 5 minutes away. We called immediately but they still wont talk to us about placement or visitation. I have no criminal record or anything.

    • says

      Sandra, you have kinship care rights and can work with them to get custody… but they prefer to give custody to people who are on their side rather than on their children’s side… and they could decide to give custody to another relative if they don’t like you or think you would give your child unauthorized visits. Yes, they had the legal right to take the child because the boyfriend will get out of jail and be right there at her house again and they figure she will probably let him in because they still have an emotional attachment. But they didn’t have the right to lie about having a court order which they never produced . . . that is a coercive technique. I think it is safe to say that if they didn’t show her the court order, there wasn’t one. Too late now. They have her child and so long as there’s a possibility that she will reunite with the boyfriend, the court will most likely let them keep custody.

      • Sandra says

        we got a 12 month protection order. we took it to the dfacs office, they didnt even want a copy of it… i guess that would hurt their case. im talking to a good lawyer now. im sure she will be better than the appointed lawyer who has done nothing. But my daughter wasnt even living there at the boyfriends house. her and the baby lived with me she had been up there a few weeks visiting him and other family members, would that make a difference?:

    • says

      I’m so very sorry you lost a member of your family to these Satans. They do have to show you the court order. That’s why its crucial not to let them in your house. Talk to them through the window. Showing doesn’t mean waving in the air. You have a right to see it read it and you should take picture of it.
      Before all this you should be video taping the whole encounter.
      Guess what? You are NEVER going to see that court order because there was none! They use this trick all the time and see if you will fall for it! The cops will just assist them in the kidnapping without a peep!
      You need to find a good attorney and educate yourself about your State Child protection Laws!
      Read this book “Profane Justice: A Comprehensive Guide to Asserting Your Parental Rights“. By Suzanne Shell. The Kindle version only costs $5 on Amazon.
      Every one should read this book, it’s that important. If you have children under age of 18 you must read this book! The system is corrupt to the core!
      I woudnt be surprised if the baby’s fathers conviction was a total setup.

  14. Sandra says

    Im looking for an aggressive,denfense lawyer with good outcomes fighting dfacs in GA. My granddaughter was taken into custody 31 days ago and the appointed atty, seems not to care. The family have yet to be notified and our emails trying to get her placed in our home go unanswered. Im certain they have broken many laws, she was taken illegally, maybe, the other grandparents were in the home who could have kept the child. Also, the father we found out has child cruelty charges and my daughter is a victim of family violence. They are not married and she immediately moved in with me. we have a 12 month protection order, but they dont want to separate her from him. we have had to hearings and we need a GREAT lawyer asap., email me please

  15. deborah says

    I had cps come to my door on july 2 I asked for a warrant to enter my house they walked to their car called the police returned to my house and again i asked the police for a warrant to enter my house they refused to give me the warrant saying if i wanted one they would take my kids for a 72 hour hold if i wanted one i feel my rights were violated and have seen people win cases against the cps workers and police for violating the law in their favor can someone please contact me on this. ingramdeb27[at]

    • says

      Deborah, that’s a violation of the fourth amendment – they coerced you to allow entry. Please start calling civil rights attorneys in nearby cities to see who will take your case. Someone should be able to get a nice paycheck from that.

    • Sandra says

      did they take your kids. ? I think they do have to get a warrant if you dont let them in. In my case , my daughter let them in but didnt want to talk to them and they took her baby saying they got an emergency order from a judge, but they did not show her any paper, we still havent seen it… just dont let them in and dont talk to them. tell them to talk to your lawyer. they wont come back.

    • says

      One piece of advise I would offer if people are faced with a situation like this is:
      1. The very first thing you should do is DONT answer the door to strangers. Lock your doors, close your curtains and blast the music.
      2. If you are cought of the guard and ignoring is not an option get out your recording device. Anything! Your smart phone, camera, don’t have one fake it! Pretend that you have one! Press record and then start talking, not before! Do NOT open the door!!! Talk through the window, if it’s all possible!
      3. The first thing out of your mouth should be: CAN I SEE AN ID? Take it video record it or at least snap a picture of it! They must show you an ID, it’s a Federal Law!
      4. If they refuse then it’s easy, send them away! They could be an impostor! Tell them you must leave now, you have refused to show an ID, you are Tresspasing, I don’t want you here, I don’t give my permission for you to be here. If the person doesn’t budge, call the cops on CPS Investigator! Tell the dispatcher that person refused to show an ID, if you are afraid for your safety, say that too, if they are trying to force themselves in, add that one also.
      5. If they are showing you an ID next thing you should be asking is why are you here? They must disclose the reason and they MUST give you a letter from CPS that states the allegations.
      6. If they refuse, terminate the conversation. They are mandated by Law to disclose. If they threaten to call cops, you call them first and explain the situation to the dispatcher. This random individual is at my door refusing to provide with a and b and c. I feel threatened and I do not give my permission for this person to remain on my property please remove them. Lock your windows, close the curtains, don’t engage, but stay on the phone with the dispatcher untill the CPS leaves. Don’t forget to describe of what is happening…like they are trying to brake in, they are knocking, they are yelling, they are sitting in their car in my driveway…etc. comment to every single detail. DONT ENGAGE with the police either…that’s the trick! If you do you give them an opportunity to coerce the entry in to your home. Tell the dispatcher that you will be speaking to no one without your attorney present! Cops should get that and back off. If there is no eminent danger cops have no right to an unlawful entry. If CPS all of the sudden claims that there is you can bring the children to the window for an inspection. One at a time.
      7. If CPS fallows the Law and has showed their ID and given you the letter and explained you why they are there. Don’t let them in to your home under no circumstances! You DONT have to! Don’t do it! The only reason for them to gain entry is to gather evidence against you! Don’t give them that opportunity!
      8. You can state something like this. I wish I could assist you, but this seems such a serious matter that I better have my attorney look in to this. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience( always be extra polite). What is the best number to reach you? If they persist…keep apologizing and assuring that you will be in touch with them tomorrow. Get the persons supervisors contact info and after CPS leaves call them. Keep a recording of the message or the conversation with the supervisor and apologize to how sorry you are for not being to accomodate their Investigator and that you will have your attorney contact them. If they just contacted you before hand next time you could accomodate them better, because you know how busy they are “protecting” the kids from abuse and neglect…

      Hopefully by now they figured out that you are NOT an easy target and will back off. has some excellent tips about this.

      For your situation It’s not that simple. What State are you in? If you are in Arizona, you are out of luck! Is it the most corrupt state in the nation? Was it like 1 in every 100 kids are being kidnapped?
      Did you audio and video tape them? Because without that it comes down to she said he said.
      Cops are usually 100% ignorant about your rights. In my experience they are quite uneducated about child protection laws.
      If I were you the very first thing I would do is get a police report. See what’s on it. Usually the cops will write the truth, assisted the CPS, explained the options to the parent blah, blah, blah…
      Now you have your first peace of solid evidence. If the report doesn’t reflect the actual events it’s time to bring it up with the police chief and have it corrected.
      If police chief ignores you call the Town Managers Office. I wasn’t aware of this, but the police chief answers to the Towns Manager and the Towns Council. Towns Council consists of elected officials who are not compensated for their work. All you need to do is find one who dislikes the cops and you got yourself and ally.
      Any letter, e- mail becomes a matter of public record. Remember you are gathering evidence so don’t be confrontational and DONT incriminate yourself. It can be a simple letter of concern and that the misconduct needs to be looked in to since its a liability for the Town etc. quote some Laws that were broken.
      This is how things run were I live.
      If at the end of the day the only thing you achieved is re-educated the local cops, you have done a great service to the community and your suffering hasn’t been in vain. If you feel compelled enough you can contact the local newspaper and have them write an article about the things that took place, what laws were broken and what are people’s rights…DONT ever let CPS or COPS enter your home without a warrant!
      Even if they have a warrant you still need to know if it’s really a warrant! has a whole session explaining different types of “warrants” that can be brought to you, but there is only one type that requires you to let them in and it does have to explain of all the things they are searching for and they will be seizing. Take a picture of this warrant since they tend to vanish later on…
      For more stories of overreaching cops visit!

  16. Irene Holmes says

    I am from Olympia, WA. The state has put my kids up for adoption since the first day they where all taken away from us. Two SW testified that in my daughter’s termination hearing March 2014. I need some help to find a good lawyer who can defend me against the state of WA CPS and many others that we have to do separately.
    I have low income so, i do not have much money to pay for an attorney. I might have to do this on my own. I wanted to see if there was anybody who can offer me more advise or defend my honor for many civil acts that has harm me and my five children, against cps of tum water, and Everett WA.
    My name does not matter to me if cps finds out. I have already been talking about them on my Facebook page.

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2. Do not use your last name if you have an open case and are concerned about your social worker finding your comment. If you're extremely worried about that, use a fake name and location.
3. Do not use anyone else's name
4. Do not use all-caps
5. Disguise your phone number with words in place of some of the numbers like 846-55five-36nine8

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