The Sheeple-Driven Child Welfare System, Brainwashing At It’s Finest Hour: CAPTA, TV, and Me

Way back in the mid-1970’s I took a class at college called Child, Family, and Community. I was enrolled in the college’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. It was there that I first heard about Child Protective Services.

During the course of the class many guest speakers were invited in to speak about different aspects of community services that could help or affect children and families.

During one class, the speakers were a foster parent and a child welfare social worker, there to educate us about child abuse and the up-and-coming new child welfare system.

Linda With Babies

Thats me, a long time ago, 1980s… with two of my babies.

I was a young college student in my very early twenties. I was also a single mother to one preschool aged child.

I remembered taking my first child home from the hospital thinking, “Are they going to just let me take this baby home? Nobody is going to question me or try to train me on anything? They’re wordlessley trusting ME with the entire responsibility of taking care of this new human life?” Maybe I doubted my abilities… but he did indeed survive and thrive, and I learned the lessons of motherhood.

So that day in my Child, Family, and Community class, I listened to the woman talk about her foster child. The baby had a serious birth defect that the God-given parents didn’t feel competent to take care of.

The two women, the social worker and the foster parent, were excited to tell us about a new program that was starting up, for helping children who were being seriously abused in their homes.

Now, we all know these children exist. There are some parents who are warped enough to actually hit, molest, and batter their children. Of course, we all agree that there needs to be serious intervention when such situations exist.

It Is All “For The Children”

Everyone wants to do what’s best for children.

We all want to protect children from tyrants, even if those tyrants are their parents.

So on March 13, 1973, Democratic Senator Walter Mondale (Minnesota) introduced S. 1191, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) to Congress.

My first child was born about a month later.

I have always parented under the shadow of child welfare services, though they didn’t intervene in my life until about fifteen years later.

Until then, I was like most other Americans. I had no real knowledge of CPS, and I thought they were there only to help abused children.

On December 21, 1973 the bill, CAPTA, The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, was approved by Congress and sent to the White House.

Merry Christmas…. but for who?

On January 31, 1974 CAPTA was signed into law by Republican President Nixon during the time he was trying to cover up his involvement in the Watergate Scandal.

January 31 is now an annual day of mourning for all families and people who have been destroyed by child welfare services. Please put that date on your calendar.

Nixon resigned a few months later after his Watergate involvement was exposed.

Walter Mondale went on to become Vice President of the USA serving under President Jimmy Carter.

What Changed Because of CAPTA in the 1970’s?

The original Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 established a National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (Now known as the Administration for Children and Families.).

Funding was approved for training doctors, lawyers and social workers, and “to support innovative projects” for prevention of child abuse or neglect.

This was a jobs-creation opportunity, providing employment for college graduates who were, at the time, having a hard time finding ways to utilize their educational qualifications.

CAPTA also authorized grants to the states “for programs authorized by the Act.” This is how they gained control of state legislatures. By offering federal funding for states that would accept these new laws and programs, the federal government took over child welfare.

It is important to note that according to the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution, the federal government was not given the authority to decide matters of child welfare; however the sovereign states took the bait… they all wanted that federal funding, and so Child Protective Services was born, with the centralized federal government issuing mandates on what should be done if states wanted the money streams to continue.

Some links:
Text of the Original CAPTA Law (It was completely rewritten in 1988)

CAPTA also authorized the collection of statistics regarding child abuse and neglect. Those statistics can be found on the web at Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics.

Very Interesting Stuff. I have always wanted a volunteer statistician to evaluate the statistics on an ongoing basis to give us all up-to-date and accurate information on child welfare issues. Any volunteers?

Back to my story…

So, when I first heard about the new child protection program about a year after it was signed into law, I sat in my college class listening as a social worker and foster parent tried to explain.

They gave us examples of the types of severe child abuse they believed would cause a child to become a ward of the state: outrageous and severe beatings, slaps leaving very visible red marks, broken bones, children thrown against walls, and things like that.

Nothing they said prepared me for the reality of what CPS has become.

They gave me the impression that foster children would be those who were severely physically abused.

We were such a naive and uninformed society in those days, they didn’t even think to mention sexual abuse of children. Most of us had never heard of it.

As it turns out, most foster children are detained for other things. According to 2012 national statistics, 78.3% of the children detained were said to be neglected in some way, not physically or sexually abused.

That’s right… more than 3/4 of the children taken into foster homes are not known to be physically or sexually abused in any way at all.

As we all know, neglect charges can be anything from a messy house, to domestic violence or even just arguments between parents, to sunburns and vegetarian diets. Social workers can call almost anything neglect. They take children who have had a sibling accidentally die and while the family is reeling from shock and grief, they step in and kick them while they’re down by placing the remaining children in foster homes.

Rather than having clear instructions on what is or isn’t acceptable as parenting techniques, parents are left on their own with no education on how to raise children, and social workers are able to take children from them on any allegation they want to make, many of which are trivial, insubstantial, or even fabricated.

Judges and Juvenile Court Referees tend to accept social worker court reports without question, believing everything they’re told so long as it written by someone paid by the county (and therefore, supposedly trusted by the county). Thus plenty of lies and misrepresentations have resulted in the destruction of families.

It is extremely rare for a child welfare social worker to be prosecuted on perjury charges.

That’s something we need to change.

Brainwashed Sheeple

Meanwhile, the money allocated by CAPTA has been used to educate the public about child abuse and neglect.

By education, I mean brainwashing.

Suddenly we were inundated by anti-parent propaganda via TV programs, commercials, radio public service announcements, and newspaper articles about the danger of parents harming children.

Advertisements with the child abuse hotline telephone numbers were found on billboards, buses, and even grocery carts.

The snitch society was activated.

Parents became the new public enemy number one.

Parents were mistrusted.

Therapy became a matter of learning to distrust your parenting.

People learned to hate their parents, to malign them, to be angry at them.

The brainwashing propaganda was so pervasive in American culture that later, when families were attacked, when children were put in state custody foster homes, and when parents started trying to tell people how inhumanely their families were being treated, NOBODY BELIEVED THEM.

There was an assumption in America that if the government did something, it was the right thing to do.

Americans trusted that the social workers would take children away only from true child abusers, so if a parent was targeted, then complained, they were not believed… not even by their own family members.

How well I remember how much that hurt when my own baby was abducted by a social worker in the late 1980’s. Almost everyone in my family thought I did something wrong to deserve it – except for two notable exceptions: my first ex-husband, who already distrusted the government, and my father, who managed to think for himself on all family matters.

Some people seem to be more brainwashed than others. I often wonder how well this correlates with the amount of time spent in front of a television set.

Americans had turned into sheeple… the trusting, sheep-like people (often mesmerized and distracted by TV programs) who knew that the USA was the best place in the world to live, who couldn’t imagine that the government would ever turn against its people.

Propaganda contains a lie

“One nation under God… with justice and liberty for all.”

That’s brainwashing. Force fed to all American school children.

There is no justice in a juvenile courtroom, even for guilty people, because Constitutional Rights are denied to parents in juvenile court hearings.

Young parents with no understanding of the laws or of how courts work are easily hoodwinked and coerced into signing away their right to a trial.

This is unethically justified by saying it is all “for the children” and their privacy… and who cares about parents anyway? Parents are the perceived problem!

If CPS claims a parent is defective, almost anyone who has been subjected to the anti-parent brainwashing in America will believe that person doesn’t deserve to be a parent.

I would love to know your suggestions for overcoming the brainwashing of the American people.

Activist Joseph Sarandos, author of the epic poem about CPS, “A Call For Change,” was my mentor, teaching me everything he knew about CPS. He helped me get my child back.

I started fighting back against CPS in 1991 after my own CPS case was closed and my baby was safe at home.

One of the first things I did was to write articles, which were published in a local weekly newspaper owned by Libertarian Christians.

I wanted people to know that there was a problem.

I wanted to break through the programming, the brainwashing, to show people clearly and in writing that social workers were lying to get control of children.

Yes, I did that, albeit to a very small section of the population.

I also tried to help a few families by writing articles for them and representing them in administrative hearings (I’m not a lawyer but a person can appoint *anyone* to help them in administrative hearings.) That was so frustrating, but at least we got facts on the record at the State Department of Social Services.

I soon burned out on trying to help people one-on-one and to this day I will not do it.

In the early 1990’s I found a new vehicle for dissemination of my information… a wonderful early computer information system called FidoNet. I set up a FidoNet BBS (Bulletin Board System… I realize many of you have no idea that this pre-dated the internet…) and often shared information on a FidoNet “Echo” (like a thread in our forums) called “VFALSAC” – “Victims of False Accusations of Abuse” which was run by then-attorney Bob Hirschfeld of Lukeville, Arizona. (Later he was disbarred, perhaps for his work in exposing CPS.)

I started a group at Yahoo Groups in October 2000: Child Protection Reform… a few years later I gave it to someone else so I could devote more time to developing this site.

This site started only a few months after the Yahoo Group did. It was originally envisioned as a place where people could find links to information about Child Protective Services. I constantly did research on the internet, looking for sites that people might find helpful.

I have always encouraged others to set up sites or in some way specialize in one aspect of the problem… to truly make a difference in some way. If we try to do everything, we end up being fairly ineffective in bringing about change.

So, what do you do to combat brainwashing against parents, brainwashing that tries to make people think that CPS is justified in destroying families? Or, what do you think should or could be done? Let’s discuss it.

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  1. says

    Here are various different ways due processes are violated.

    Starting with DCS abusing their authority by illegally removing children. Often times seizing them without just cause. Seizing them without a warrant claiming they are removing them under emergency circumstances when in fact there is no real emergency or by falsifying evidence, making false statements and filing false reports in order to obtain a warrant. Without being required to produce any “real” evidence in order to obtain one.

    Illegally holding children claiming to have filed a dependency in juvenile court when in fact they haven’t, while they strategically seek evidence and cause to keep them. Questioning family, teachers, neighbors, illegally interrogating childrenas well researching past court records ect.

    If they aren’t successful in their pursuit they will try to force you to incriminate yourself at the child family team meeting. Twisting and turning everything you say making it into something it is not, until they are able to formulate a just cause.

    The next faze of “due process” violations involves the strategic correlation of the juvenile court system.

    Without it, it would be would be seemingly impossible for DCS to accomplish their agenda.

    Court appointed attorneys and parents advocates are designated to provide you with adequate representation and to insure your constitutional rights. We are entitled to equal protection under the law.

    A critical violation accrues when Court appointed attorneys do not require DCS to provide evidence that would prove just cause for removal. “IMMEDIATE LIFE THREATENING DANGER” which is most cases is not the case at the initial dependency hearing.

    Advising parents to submit to the dependency without admitting guilt. Advising you that the quickest way to achieve reunification with your children is to “simply” do what they ask. Even going so far as to tell you that Judges always side with DCS in dependency cases and that if you lose in trial that you could forever lose your children.

    In a sense “BLACKMAILING” you into surrendering. Holding your children hostage, you are at their mercy. They use scare tactics to force you to submit to their demands.

    What makes it even more difficult is that visitation is considered to be a service of DCS and you might not be able to see your children unless you comply (at least not for a while)

    This in its self is a grave injustice because if you submit you are in a sense admitting guilt and more or less agreeing with their allegations (even if you don’t know everything that is alleged)

    Waving your parental rights giving DCS and the Juvenile Court system full discretion over the care custody and control of your children.

    Once you submit to the dependency you have unknowingly agreed to incriminate yourself to help them build a case against you.

    Now you have given consent to view your entire life under a spot light where anything you say can and will be used against you. Any and all of your actions may be taken out of context and heavily scrutinized in order to build their case.

    Once you submit to the dependency you are obligated to complete all of your services. There is no guarantee that by completing these services your children will be returned. However, you must compete these services before it will even be considered.

    Caution because everything is on a very strict time frame. You are only given an allotted amount of time to complete these services. These services take time to complete not to mention it may take months from the time that you signed the dependency contract for these services are actually in place.

    Caseworkers are overloaded and often times neglect to get everything submitted in a timely fashion. Then there are other case managers who use the flaws in the juvenile court system to their advantage. Purposefully creating delays to make children ready for severance and adoption.

    Knowing that services can be overwhelming and often times impossible to keep up with the heavy load.

    With UA’s, Drug classes, parenting classes, visitation, counseling sessions here there and everywhere on different ends of the planet causing problems with transportation and time management.

    Then you are expected to get and keep a full time job with your already overly hectic workload.

    Most don’t have employers who are understanding or pliable enough to work around such rigorous schedules.

    Other delays completing home studies for potential family for placement. Some of them completely overlooked or not seriously considered because their intent was to adopt them out to current placement. Interstate compacts delayed or not put into motion until cases go into severance by which time the first time frame has already expired giving placement “the best interest” clause to try to adopt your children.

    Any parent evolved with the juvenile court system with a dependency case is most likely stressed out, exhausted , scared, confused and left feeling over all helpless. Difficult to know where to turn for help when the ones who should be providing you with some sort of justice are the very ones benefitting from your demise. Taking advantage of your situation and lack of experience and knowledge.

    Slowly and surely leading you down the road of complete and utter devastation.

    The Judges are not at all innocent neither are the advocates. Unlike You having lack of experience and expertise Judges and Advocates are all to familiar with the way these cases typically turn out as well as the law, your rights and the corruption in the Juvenile court justice system.

    The entire system from beginning to end is corrupt, I cant think of one case that civil liberties haven’t in some way shape in form been violated.

    It is up to us to make change! To stand up and confront the problem at hand. Make people aware of exactly what is being done with our children and how our rights have been violated. Not an easy task because just like everyone is prison is innocent, the same goes for parents I am sure people who have not been victimized by our judicial system have no clue and might even think that we are deserving.

    Don’t let that detour you remember we have righteousness in our corner and they can’t prove
    By Cyndee Weir

  2. Jeri says

    Please allow me to commend your determination. It is very difficult to spend so much time witnessing other humans behaving in so many reprehensible ways. Your ability to maintain your focus as the agency assaults increase exponentially, reflects a sincerity and strength of character too seldom seen in this debased amoral society. Please take good care of yourself. You are a true blessing to humanity. Thank you

  3. Ambika says

    Hello I am the grandmother to two beautiful toddlers. When my daughter broke up with her husband, his family took the kids and refused to return them only allowing her to see them at their house until a custody court made them return them. Since then they do not show up for many even most scheduled visits and yet I’m always of what they are capable of only wondering when. So now my grandson accidentally pulled over some hot tea and has a small burn on his arm so we took him to his pediatrician. His paternal grandmother who is so duplicitous and sickeningly sweet picked him up at the pediatrician a office where my daughter told her what the doctor said that the burn was superficial and needed neosporin. Yesterday a child services officer calls telling my daughter to voluntarily leave them with paternal grandparents until Monday when an investigator will be assigned to the case because took him to the emergency room and the doctor and this worker say it couldn’t have happened as the mother says iteven though they haven’t spoken to the mother. Shouldn’t the doctor have called my daughter to see how it happened? So here we are again at the mercy of this system governing our lives. I don’t know what will happen next except my grandchildren are going to be there until the investigation is complete. I am ready to work with anyone to spare this agony of parents being falsely accused. I have had to date 2 police visits, 3 cps visits, one thorough court ordered investigation and my grandchildren are toddlers. I have often wondered about all this community ” protection” of children because while there is a place for it I wonder whether it has the desired effect. I have many theories about this none of them popular because of this absurd idea that as long as the government, medical establishment or the mainstream media says it must be true. Please direct me in who I can work with and what I can do to expose this be true.

  4. Lorene says

    So my 7 yr. old grandson was picking on his little sister (4 yrs) who got tired of him picking on her so she whopped him one and gave him a black eye. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and it’s almost cleared up. The next day when he went to school the teacher questioned him about how he got the black eye and when he told her his little sister gave it to him they wouldn’t believe him. They told him he was lying and wouldn’t let him have lunch unless he told them his dad gave it to him. He insisted that his little sister did it but they kept hounding him and prevented him from having his lunch until he finally gave up and said what they wanted him to say. The school called his parents and told them that each year they give away some gift certificates to Toys ‘R Us to children who have special circumstances and thought our grandson would qualify so they asked his parents to come to the school so they could interview them for it. The school lied and tricked them into coming. Instead, when they got to the school, the school had, in the meantime, called child protective services. Child protective services took each of the girls in a room by themselves (ages 4 & 5) to question them. My granddaughter bragged and admitted that she punched her brother in the eye. The other one told them the same story. They wouldn’t believe either of them. My granddaughters told their parents that they refused to believe them and would not let them go until they would say that their father gave our grandson his black eye. They then charged our son with child abuse and got a judge to sign a restraining order that he is not to go back home with his family. We have retained a good lawyer who is against the CPS and hope the case will be resolved to keep the family together.

    • chell says

      if that lawyer handles cases in Indiana id like to speak with him/her ! Im looking to take my accuser to court ! I find it very difficult to believe that there is no justice for the accused ! there is in this country a law that is still very much active it states something like false accusations are a crime and those that commit them can and should be held lable in the courts and the accuser can file charges with the police and have the accuser arrested , however if youre involved with cps this law doesn’t exist for you due to the fact that your child is a minor ! this is bull crap and these so called accusers need to go to jail then maybe people will think twice about calling cps on a situation they have no clue about !

  5. Ann says

    Thanks Linda,

    I am extremely pleased with your June 20, 2014 post, among them all.
    I don’t need to tell my story, except to say that the ‘brainwashing’ is an ALL pervasive battle. My children learned it all through school, and that is how seeds were nourished to become ‘super-powers’ of destruction (in my home where everyone in the community thought I had the finest, most beautiful family of 5 ‘perfect’ kids). Tragically, churches are right there with the schools too.
    Just found the web site today (8 years ago for my agonies) but the others who are still getting broiled need this helpful info!

  6. mel says

    My 2 daughters, 8 and 12 were taken by cps because my ex boyfriend came to my house after 9 months being single, and hit me. The kids were taken and it has now been a year, even though I did everything on the service plan and never missed an apptmnt or visit. But then things changed! Suddenly I was told that my loving kids, didn’t want to see me anymore! That they cried when it was time to visit me. They said I was mean… even though I was not mean to them ever! Who has brainwashed my children? Probably my ex boyfriends mother, who is friends with my caseworker, and gets to see my kids unsupervised, even though the supervisor of my case worker was unaware of this. I asked many times to get a new caseworker and was told, well, she IS friends with bfs mother, but it doesn’t affect your case. Now my kids think they don’t like me for I don’t know what reason! and they cant give one… but since they wont visit me, I was told I would NEVER be able to get them back!

  7. Andrea says

    my 2 children and I have lived with my father for 7 years and I have always had full custody of my children and raised them without the support of their father’s and no child support gets paid on a regular basis.Recently I was falsely accused of doing drugs by a person telling my father that I was on drugs and long story short my father and I got into a pushing match and I got a domestic violence charge,which is the fire in my 41 years that I have ever laid a hand on either of my parents,I am not a violent person.Anyway now cps is involved because of all this and have placed one of my children with his father and the other with my aunt,but yet nothing has been court ordered yet.The cps worker told me that if I try and take my children she will get a court order.Am I able to get my children anyway,because they r still in my full custody?,or should I leave them with my family members ?My father and I are getting along and ther has never been any abuse or neglect in my home ,my children are now getting extremely depressed because they want 2 be at home with me and they have never been depressed before ,so cps is causing mental abuse on my children now when they were happy living with me and want to be in my home.What should I do?

    • says

      Andrea, I can’t tell you what the best path is for you to take in this situation. What if I told you to do something and it was the wrong thing and you blamed me for your error? I can only advise … to get a good attorney. My other good advice is to humble yourself before God and pray for salvation and assistance. I realize most people don’t like the God part of my advice but… honestly, I think it is very effective. There is no better helper.

  8. cheryl says

    Been going thru the grinder for years fighting cps even after i get my kids back. I dont open my door for them. I think maybe tshirts, posters, anything and everything to get the word out about this corrupt system should help. Im all for spreading the word. Most people dont care til they go thru the bull theirselves!!!

  9. Tanya says

    I am also a single parent who is a victim of CPS. First of all I want you all to know that my heart is with all of you who have lost a child to these corrupt, ruthless, useless organization. I couldn’t imagine the horror. Second Katie I am with you on what you said. CPS has recently accused me of neglecting my children also. My daughter stopped going to school last year because she felt like a failure. She has a learning disability that the school refused to help her with, even though it is illegal for them not to. Anyways I called child intervention services to help with the situation..HA! Instead of utilizing the number of programs that they have to help families, they made me put her in counselling. She had already been in counselling her entire life because I didn’t want her to blame herself when I left my ex. From there she was put on pins, family court, a respite home for a week, then probation. So I figured that I would try to home school her. I enrolled her online and did everything I was supposed to. When I didn’t get any more work out of her than the school did the district hotlined me. The last day of my daughters probation the officer came with the CPS worker. The accusations that the school told them was that the quarterly reports were not turned in at all. I showed CPS all of my copies while she was there. Sure there wasn’t much there because my daughter didn’t do the work. The CPS worker left basically saying that I was doing everything I could. Two weeks later I get a call that they were finding everyone in the family of neglect. They charged my two aunts, my children’s dad, and myself with neglect a cross the board. Not only on my daughter but also my son who wasn’t even involved in this. And not to mention my aunt is a social worker herself who has worked with children for over 25 years in our area. The CPS worker said that her bosses made her do it, two weeks later we hear that she is no longer with CPS. They did expunge my two aunts cases but upheld their dads and mine. I luckily found a lawyer and are fighting this, but where do these people get off? Who are they to judge us as parents then make false accusations against us? It’s appalling that they can do this to families without proper investigations, but they do it all the time. I am also a civil rights activist and law student. We need to fight them on this one, we need to have our voices heard in numbers and then things will change.

  10. C.A.Edmunds says

    I rarely read my e-mail. I’m extremely computer illiterate but have become less so the last year & a half secondary to my four Grandchildren in Foster care & their imminent adoption. I am very glad to find the support, especially after being told by the mediator I have ‘No’ Grandparent rights & having a flake for an attorney. I agree with the mutual outpouring of the other victims of our government’s cruel manner in which they squeeze revenue from our families. I will be glad to support any movement that works toward the strengthening of our families. The current programs our State & Federal governments are abusing are absurd & in no way reflect what are forbearers intended. We need to keep families together not tear them apart. During times of stress, families are our support. If a person has poor parenting skills teach them the skills don’t take away their life’s blood. If a person is anemic we give them blood we don’t bleed them! CPS is nothing more than the governments’ placing a bounty on our children’s heads. It’s legalized human trafficking. We need to abolish the system of governmental involvement in child rearing & give it back to our families, they do it better.

  11. Simon says

    I agree that money plays a role in the incentives for the states and powers to abduct, but their handmaidens, the informants, the busy bodies who have little financially to gain have been brainwashed into an obsessive complulsive state. Like the nutty housecleaner or man who dreams of ‘making the donuts’ the targeted populace has been blanketed with a similar motive drive – – to clean up on ‘loose children’ not under state control, subverted from their parent(s), in communities of state group homes where there were previously autonomous families. A far fetched goal? A manchurian candidate culminates after a large production and concerted effort of numbers of involved agents. But what does it take to cause an average person in a community to ‘act puppet’ just for a moment? To purchase a product after passing a billboard? We see target communities being blanketed with suggestion daily. Clusters of families are seeing a spouse suddenly behave bizzarely and become malcontent and leave their nest. This is often traumatic from within the family but goes unnoticed or uncorrelated with the mass numbers occurring in the area. Children in state schools seem to go through waves of ‘snitch-itis’ outbreaks. Much info is garnered by state when they trigger a snitchday. Then they wait. Spy. And in time many kids end up going ‘to market’.
    So if there’s anyone, I mean ANYONE who trusts the government at this point, then please step foreward and we the people will LAUGH YOU OFF THE STAGE. . . . . there an echo in here? . . . ok, point made.

  12. Kevin says

    Thank you Linda,
    I always will love my children where ever they are and hope for them to be happy whether or not I’m involved in their lives or not. The truth is that I will always be their Father in my heart and will except what ever the outcome of this terrible situation with strength. Everything we need is inside, we just have to find it and when we do there is no power on earth stronger than who we are, not even our enemies… The State.
    I do believe that good triumphs evil and that as long as we stay the course we shall overcome anything they can do to us.
    My story won’t end here I assure you, I am a survivor and I believe that I am able to last out this enemy.. I promise that to myself every night. Sometimes there is just that one guy out there that overcomes the system by fighting until they drop from exhaustion… That’s me.
    Thank you for your words of prayer and I am David but Goliath will tire!

  13. CPSdocumentary says

    There are two issues

    1) the Affected refuse to put down their partisan politics and work together to find the FACTS which is a lot harder than forwarding on Anti-CPS memes.

    2) the Unaware need to be shown that it’s not ‘those people’ but rather ‘I can be next’. That can easily be done with videostreams, slogans, and other basic PR. Turn everything into a moral argument ie: is this something we do in America? And turn the questions around ie: it’s not whether or not this parent is guilty, it’s what protections do you want in place if they come for your kids?

  14. Kevin says


    I have enjoyed reading all the posts on this web site and have been victimized by CFS (Child and Family Services) and a hateful ex-wife over the past 6 years. My story is long and I will spare you all the details only to say that my 9 year old special needs twin boys have been kidnapped from me by the combination of a scorned woman in a divorce, false accusations by CFS and a Family court and government system that hides under the cloak, claiming “The best interests of the children”.
    It has been a long journey for me and my children have been fully and completely alienated from me. There is nothing more to do other than to remove their pictures from my walls and move on.
    The interesting part of this whole story is that my children have had their own attorney (minors council)and a special master (therapist)over the past 4 years, appointed by the family court, who both have acknowledged that the mother has serious mental issues, termed Borderline Personality Disorder, cluster “B”. This is a very serious illness which borders between neurotic and psychotic.
    Unfortunately, the Family and Juvenile court system doesn’t recognize this when a woman has it but it is a big issue when a man has it. I guess only men can be considered sick and dangerous to children in the court system?
    I just would like to tell everyone out there, that I’m sorry for what their going through and their tragic experiences with our out of control court system. At some point you have to let go to survive yourself.
    I don’t think this will every be fixed as long as there are lawyers, liberal politicians and social workers with their eye on the American tax payers money. It’s all about money here!

    I do believe there is hope but we would have to have a complete collapse of our government for this to take place. Most Americans today don’t trust our government and wander about, divided by our government, herded like sheep with handouts or programs to keep them happy.

    I only wish we could throw away every law we ever made over the past 140 years, and go back to what our Founding Fathers envisioned for us in the writings contained in our Constitution. Equality and “For the People” instead of “For the Money”.
    Good luck to all and I hope you find happiness with or without your loved ones back home. Remember, there are things in this world that are out of your control and sometimes that means you just have to let go!

    • says

      Hi Kevin… when I read your first paragraph I was surprised how much your situation sounds like Gilbert’s – whose comment I just answered a moment ago, on this same page. I am saddened that you feel a need to take your children’s photos off the wall… but I do understand that the constant visual reminder is painful. But please, remember to pray for those children. I hope that you believe that prayer will help; I really rely on it.

      I had two of my children withheld from me for a long, long time… and one of those children, my middle daughter, Naomi, decided to never speak to me again. I call it “Parental Alienation Syndrome”. I keep on praying for her and for the relationship to be healed, but she’s been an adult 15 years now and it seems that nothing changed. My other children all love me, and I’m grateful for that. I am waiting for God’s time… He isn’t on our time schedule. Not at all. And I have wondered if He is protecting me from her, knowing that if she was in my life, there could be bad results.

      I TOTALLY do understand what you said: “At some point you have to let go to survive yourself.” … yes, yes, and yes! I went through years of intense emotional pain over my two children that were withheld from me (they were living with their father and his girlfriend) but when I learned the meaning of “detachment” I was able to leave it all in God’s hands and move on with my life.

      You can’t let it get the best of you. Life is for living, not for interminable and unrelenting grieving.

  15. Gilbert Martinez says

    My family turned on me as well when my ex called cps and made a false claim of domestic abuse and told them she was abused just 4 days earlier when she was told to leave our home. But forgot to mention that she made a call to police that day claiming she was abused and after police investigated made a full report stating no domestic violence occurred. the police that day left my 3 children in my care and made my ex leave, She was also loaded. The CPS took it upon themselves to omit the part of the police report that states no domestic violence occurred, left children with father and made mother leave. This was only the beginning of a 2 year ordeal with the Cps and juvenile court. my ex went to a shelter after stealing my children from school after I had dropped them off. She had been gone from the home and not contacted us for 4 days that was almost 3 years ago and my children are still not back home with me. My family has since seen first hand the lies and deceit of my ex and has also come under the scrutiny of the CPS and court system. The CPS fabricated stories of abuse, violence and imprisonment and presented it to the court as my history and told the court my children needed to be protected from me and received the right from court to take my children in Nov 2011 and failed to tell the judge they had already taken my children on Sept 22, 2011. funny how that worked. Anyway, I could go on and on with the horrors of that system and am sure I’m not the only one either. I have not found a single attorney willing to take my case against the CPS-DCFS-juvenile court and attorney’s even with documented verifiable proof of their wrong doings to me and my children. So how do we go about change if we can’t even expose them because attorney’s are afraid to go against them? believe me, I don’t blame the attorney’s for not taking my case because it is very involved and would expose the corrupt nature of the Los Angeles CPS. thank you.

    • says

      CPS is forcing us to gain our own legal knowledge and not rely so much on attorneys. Very few of us have found aggressive and motivated attorneys willing to work against CPS. That leaves the work to each and every unfortunate parent who has come under the scrutiny of CPS.

      The CPS workers know that they’re dealing with people who don’t know how to prevail in a courtroom, who won’t get good representation from most court appointed attorneys. They have the clear advantage, as they are frequently in courtrooms trying to keep children in state custody. They routinely write court documents maligning families, whereas the parents they attack have NO IDEA what to do next, what’s happening to them, and what could help.

      All I can say, Gilbert, is to keep studying the law and learn to file motions and declarations, or whatever you think will work best to sway the judge in your favor. You need to impress a judge in a positive manner. Judges need to see evidence; your opinion alone doesn’t impress them. I wish you the best of luck with this and hope that if you find something that works, you will return here to write an article for the site to let other people know your strategy.

  16. Connie Cox says

    Where would CPS “put” all the children they want? Please, this is an honest question and I realize that all systems are subject to issues..

    • says

      Connie, they are constantly advertising for new foster parents. There’s quite a large industry that’s sprung up to try to provide enough foster homes and group homes for children abducted by the government. There’s a lot of money in the group home industry. Some of the children go into mental institutions too. If they can’t adjust to life without their parents, and live peacefully, the mental institutions may get them.

      • lostboys3mom says

        I lost 3 my boys to cps, they gave me my daughter and upon her return stated “what happened with boys was not your fault, you were doing it right.”
        Too little too late. I will never recover from it. I understand the brainwashing deal…my brother n sister wont even acknowledge I exist now.
        The adopted family gets about $400=$500 per boy each month from the government for adopting my boys= two of which werent even involved in the false accusation in the first place. If I were raising them as I am supposed to be, id get no check from gov. Id be supporting them myself, as im supposed to.
        If we inform society just how much money it costs them to adopt out children and support them well their might be some inquiries made?????

        • says

          Mom of 3 lost boys: I’m so so sorry your sons were taken. I have thought of what you suggest… informing taxpayers about how their money is being squandered into the pockets of opportunists who work within the system. I have tried to tell people that tax money is being wasted, but I really haven’t said it strongly enough, clearly enough, or in the right places, so I’m going to give real thought to this suggestion. We would need a grassroots information campaign. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know we can all use social media and YouTube and online venues, but how about community outreach? A lot of people don’t pay much attention to the internet. How do we reach them? This is a HUGE SCANDAL and people should be made aware.

          • Katie says

            You have to make it a political issue. We are in the infant steps of starting a class action lawsuit against the US government for their unconsitutional child abuse laws and suing congress for selling our children into the foster care and adoption system which in turn leads to sex and human trafficking.

            Additionally, we have charged our GAL with child abuse and neglect. I think all fifty states should have class action lawsuits for hundred of millions of dollards in punitive damages for unconstutional laws and courts and financial discrimnation.

            We as parents need to quit being afraid of these people and come out fighting and stop hiding go to the media and start screamig bloody murder. Can you tell I am an advocate and political activists.

  17. James Currier says

    I tried to read your whole story here it was way to long but I will tell you this. DHHS and CPS lie and do whatever it takes to kidnap and sell our children into foster care and in my case even taking away my parental rights with no real proof of any wrong doing. They are lieng tyrants and it makes me sick I live in a country that calls itself free and yet the state can come and take your child away with little or no proof.In the end the judge said everyone told the truth and I lied my jaw dropped as I told the truth thinking he was my only hope. I learned a hard lesson that day about our system and just how deeply the corruption of our society goes.

    • says

      Shocking, isn’t it? It takes something like what you experienced to help a person see that the words “and justice for all” were a lie. Shocked out of our complacency, what should we do next? I wanted other people to know the truth.. and am still working on that project. There are so many people who prefer to believe the lie, because having to face the truth causes pain.

  18. Val Williams says

    Though I agree, the word usage of brainwashing and sheeple will not reach intended audieance, inspire others to act or empower towards healing. Is your intent to infer conspiracy? By inflamming your audience that furthers a ‘culture of fear’ (hostile environment)?

    Mindfulness, sensitivity, and awareness must be first and foremost in order to capture a larger audience, those currently in leadership positions, who do not realize that GENERATIONS of outdated belief structures no longer serve the majority.

    REFEDINE Domestic Violence, Abuse, Neglect, and the NEW watchword ‘Dependancy’. I say new watchword because that is the ‘fish net’ tossed across the populace since Immigrants can not be tossed into migrant jobs, sweat shops, pedofile and prostitution rings. Now that these abuses have been stopped, the local economic infrastructes are feeling the financial SQEEZE. So, CPS (civil) and Family Courts (civil) have now changed their strategy to ‘capture’ children to continue with ‘free federal/state’ funding.

    OKAY, taxpayers $$$ is abuse folks. IRS needs to be audited; so WE THE PEOPLE see how our dollars are spent. Department of homeland security by law hands children over to Human and Health Services. By law Human and Health Services hands children to Department of Child Based Services. By law, DCBS hands the children to Child Protective Services. All answer to Economic Security (which happens to be pretty much the same Department of Homeland Secuirty).

    So, who started this vicious cycle of abuse? Frank D. Rosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt under the NEW DEAL (both of them) each of whom wrote extensively to the Vatican and Roman Church; hence Catholic (which, if you pay attention most presidents are catholic).

    Pedophile ring, Ring a bell. Essentially, our country has been ran by those who are hurting…. and those who are hurting, hurt others. It is not ‘brainwashing’ or ‘sheeple’ ..there is no conspiracy. Ordianary people…

    Tainted glasses (heart and soul) views the world differently, through their own ‘lenses’ of conditioned biases, prejudices, indifference, apathy, sorrow, grief, etc.

    Tone. Be aware of tone. Chose words wisely. Do no harm. Do not participate in expanding an already preexisting environment of ‘haters’ ……

    Neutralize. Use facts, statistics, and shift perspectives.

    • says

      Hi Val. Thanks for your good thoughts. It is hard to tell who my intended audience might be. I just put myself on the page and hope that someone is inspired, informed, and helped by it. I’ve studied the conspiracy theorist issues for some years now. Some of it I buy into, and other parts I don’t.

      Does anyone have the whole truth? [For undiluted truth, I look to my Bible.]

      I do believe there’s been a conspiracy against families that has affected this country and others. For example…

      1. There’s a list of “Communist Goals For America” that was published in a book during the Cold War era, and this was not long before CAPTA was introduced to the Senate. Please take a look at items 40 and 41 on that list, then tell me if you still think there’s no conspiracy behind CPS. These goals were included in a 1958 book by an ex-FBI agent, Cleon Skousen… his book was The Naked Communist.

      2. Walter Mondale is mentioned on this page as a “confirmed illuminati puppet” who became the only US Senator on the Trilateral Commission, which dates from 1973. Maybe that was a reward for doing so well in introducing CAPTA.

      Not proven, but of interest to me: On other pages he is said to be a Bohemian Grove member who introduced CAPTA for the purpose of getting child slaves for the NWO… I don’t see any solid references to support that, so I’d call it a theory, not a fact, until proven otherwise.

      None of this really helps solve the problem. The history only shows that the origin of child welfare services could be much deeper than we suspect. After all the years I’ve spent trying to fight this system I’ve become a Christian as of 7/14/13 and am sure that only God can change the situation. I believe that if we all prayed for His mercy and a release from this torment, things could change. For examples on how this could happen, read the book of Judges in the Bible.

  19. says

    I am also guilty of not believing my Son and his girlfriend when they first told me that CPS took my Granddaughter for no reason. An anonymous caller – first saying that they were homeless and then a year later saying that she was home alone at night. CPS did not check to see if she was until the next morning and both parents were home with her. CPS still took her, put them through the mill and then gave her to the same people that had her for a month before the homeless alligation was proved false. My feeling is that they wanted her and CPS found a way to get her for them.

    • says

      Jullie, when we’re not directly involved in a situation, it is hard to discern truth from falsehood. It is easy to choose the wrong side.

      For example, many women believe their husbands over their daughters when an accusation of sexual abuse is made. In some situations, that’s the wrong choice. It is hard to be caught in the middle, not knowing who to believe.

      This kind of thing can challenge everything we thought to be true, requiring a complete shift in perspective. Some people can make that shift and others can’t. In any case, we should not jump to conclusions without proof. Perhaps eventually the truth will be known.

  20. efreebird says

    I think some of us can work at exposing them, I try to do so by using commenting system on articles, where it seems these days, the commenting is better sometimes than the article.

    It surely does seem it is us victims of family and children’s court against propaganda, still today. I think we are making headway though with our social networks.

    Or it could also be that there is just more and more victims of them.

    • says

      It is hard to tell what’s causing the change, but the internet helps. It is no longer a huge secret when someone is attacked by CPS. It used to be that few were brave enough to speak out because of the stigma attached to being accused of something by child protective services. Now, however, hundreds of people are willing to tell the world what happened to them… the CPS dirty secret of corruption is becoming public knowledge. Not everyone believes it yet. For many it is hard to break through denial.

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