Foster Children Mistreated in the System

A documentary about three former foster children highlights numerous problems with the child welfare system. These teenagers were frequently moved from place to place, medicated irresponsibly, and treated as if they did not matter to anyone.

Now they try to put their young lives back together. They need to learn to be adults, but that’s so hard for an eighteen-year-old who had no stable family life for so long.

The young people in this video documentary are from Montana. They were all in foster home placements for apparently good reasons, in true need of help, but while there, nobody embraced them with love like a true parent would. This has left a lasting mark on their souls.

This twenty-minute segment is part of a longer documentary that can be seen on From Place to Place

Statistics from the film:

There are 423,000 foster children in the USA.

The USA spends about $8,000,000,000 (eight BILLION) dollars annually on foster “care.”

Twelve million Americans have been in foster “care.” (myself included)

Thirty thousand young people age out of foster “care” each year in the USA.

1 in 7 former foster children (aged out) are homeless at some point before age 21.

Half of all former foster children will be unemployed at some point before age 21.

71 percent of all female former foster children will become pregnant before they are 21.

77 percent of all male former foster children will be arrested prior to their 21st birthday.

A few quotes from the film:

“[If] you set out to design, intentionally, the worst possible child welfare system, it would look like the system we have.” — From Place to Place, anon.

“We move them from a situation of risk, to one of danger, when we place them into these temporary systems…” — From Place to Place, anon.

“The system can never provide real love: real heart-bonded love like a mother has.” – Codie, in From Place to Place

“I needed somebody who gave a damn, and not because they were getting paid to give a damn.” – , in From Place to Place

“How we care for young people in this country really defines the strength of us as a country, and it matters.” – From Place to Place, anon.

“It breaks you down, makes you hurt, tears your heart, kills your belief, and your vigor for life. Rejection hurts. It’s absolutely hell to grow up switching place to place.” – Kirsten, in From Place to Place

“Human beings are very deeply geared towards attachment. We cannot tolerate loneliness. We cannot tolerate being by ourselves. We cannot tolerate being just flecks of dust traveling through the universe. We need to be connected. And of course, our most natural connection system, are our families.” – Bessel Van Der Kolk, founder of The Trauma Center, (Credited with diagnosis of PTSD)

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  1. Justin says

    Hi my name is Justin I lost my kids in March of 2013 since then I have got custody of my daughter. However my 10 year old son cps is making difficult to get back they have placed him in Northwest Children’s Home in Lewiston Idaho. They have in on Prozac ritlin and something else he is only ten tears old I only get to see him twice a month every time I see him he is shaking and seems to be getting skinner each time I see him. He keeps having marks on his body he says the staff the are hurting him. There is one lady that he said beat his head into a car window and squeezed him so hard he couldn’t breath. He was out on a outing so nobody else was around. He then head butted her and puched her I know this is not right I asked him why he did it and he said he was scarred for his life he didn’t know what else too do. I have told my social worker about the incident he hasn’t did any thing about. He called and talked to the councilor there but I don’t feel that was enough because she isn’t there all the time. I have told my lawyer but she is busy with all the other cases and doesn’t get back to me in a timely manner. What should I do any ideas ?????

  2. amber says

    Please help I’m a foster child. My self. I aged out to. I’m a27 now and have a 7 year old son who. I’ve solely taken care of by myself. I’ve told him for seven years I’d never leave him cps come looking for needles and heroin they found marijana seeds and resin. They took my don they are harassing me. In every way possible threaktng me if I do not admit to using drugs I don’t use I won’t see my son I’ve never tested positive for heroin or opanas but there is so much abuse on me I tried just taking the abuse thinking if I just dealt with it and held my toughe I’d get my son quicker but it seems to not be the case I have a meeting this wed Norwalk Ohio at 230 and another court date march 12th please help

    • says

      Amber, I hope you’ll find ideas for working on your case here on FightCPS. If their accusations are false you should say that in a court document so the judge will have your side of the story.

  3. crystal says

    Mrs. Martin :
    Cps offices all across America are totally messed up in my home state children have actually died in the system. I’m continuing the fight to have my children returned . We have representives in or state that actually pay the judge to side with them. And they are the ones representing the children. Its very sad. What happened to moral values?

    • crystal says

      That is linda jo please thanku my son has been removed care thru cps placed in foster care with strange women.who is not giving him proper ashma medication nor taking him to his doctors his lawyer isnt helpin neither is my private attorney I want my child back the allegations are med and ed neg there not true I have proof but never able to show judge my legal aid did make me sign away I had notrial I only se my son once a week hes in a therapu foster homeinstead of med acs is neglecful and made mistakes wat can I do im.verydesperate I want to sue acs is there a class action suit in nyc againts acs

      • says

        I don’t know of any current NY class action lawsuits. Do everything on your reunification plan list from the court order, and keep paperwork showing what you’ve finished. Your lawyer may be able to use the paperwork you collect to prove to the judge that you’ve done the plan. Don’t ever miss an appointment or a visitation.

  4. jessica eichenbaum says

    yes i did now im going to denver going to make some one listen make a youtube video go to the news there is on record my girls not liking things as such melostation with foster dad and paternal grandpa i still need alot of help i am all aloneseeing your response surely help thank you my lord please help anyone help

  5. Evaporator says

    You are part of the problem Martin as many of your relatives are involved in this shit. You know it so don’t keep lying to these people. Your relative in Shasta County helped put my children with a child molester to be raped. Nothing has been done.Parents keep your children out of Shasta county. They are liars,cheaters,thieves and go against all moral values. They have none. It is money that matters in Shasta county. Do not trust CPS there. They tell everyone to go have anal sex and spread disease. Maybe you will grow a heart Martin and stop your relatives from destroying our world. Hell is pretty hot.

    • says

      To “Evaporator” . . . reality check!! I don’t have any relatives living or working in Shasta County. Not one. FYI… Martin is a very common last name. The name, “Linda Martin” is also very common . . . so maybe you have me confused with someone else. Not one of my relatives is an employee of the department of social services in Shasta County. . . or anywhere!

  6. mom to many says

    As a biological mother of four children ages 4, 10, 11 & 13 anf a surrogate mother to many, one of whom has truly been beaten by his father but cps in mi didnt properly investigate 2 cases for this poor young man, i feel almost compelled to become a foster parent who would truly do my best to get deserving families back together but love the child as my own while they would be in my care. This may be the only way to fight such a horribly corrupt system is to have people truly vested in righting as many wrongs as they personally can throughout their lifetime by being, maybe, the only good guy on the inside. My mother believes its my calling and when i told her of this site and how sickened i was by the injustices she told me “all the more reason to have ppl like me as foster parents.”

  7. Alexandra says

    Please help me Linda Jo martin. I can pay./
    So many lives disrupted some destroyed all because of lack of clarity and oversight for a law to protect children….

  8. Alexandra Shipula says

    While there (in Foster), nobody embraced them with love like a true parent would.

    Also, AMERICA’s dirty secret about Child protective services: It should be about abused children, it should be about proof. There are kids being taken who shouldn’t be. Kids that need to be taken are not being taken. It absolutely can’t be about stealing and selling kids and sitting in church on Sunday.

  9. jessica eichenbaum says


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