This is the FightCPS guestbook for January 2014.

Welcome to the site! Are you new here? Or have you been here many times? Either way, we’d like to hear from you. Tell us about yourself and why you’re here.

Please do NOT use your last name on this site, as I am concerned about your privacy! You’re also not required to use your real first name – that’s up to you. Guard your privacy online, because CPS social workers look online for information to use against those they’ve targeted.

I’ve actually heard from people whose social workers copied things they posted to FightCPS, and took those postings to court to show the judge. You do not want that to happen to you, and I don’t want it to happen, which is why I keep recommending that people not use their last names, and not post too many revealing details. Also, if people do use their last names, I usually remove them. It would help me if you didn’t post them in the first place.

FightCPS was created for information and support for families falsely accused of child abuse or neglect. You’re welcome to post on the site, and if you want to answer the other people who have posted here, that would be appreciated. Everyone needs some support! Thankfully, we know we’re not alone while going through the worst thing ever!

Besides the guestbooks, we’ve also got a message forum for those who need more support from other parents while they’re working on their CPS cases… people with open or closed cases can post there, and grandparents and other family members are also welcome. The message board allows you to use a “handle” – please do NOT use your real name if you have an open CPS case.

If privacy doesn’t matter to you, you might also like to post on our Facebook group – there’s always a lot of interaction there. We’ve got a Facebook page too, where I post news links.

If you want feedback on your case, register at the Fight CPS Message Forum where there are advocates and activists waiting to hear from you. Please note it may take a few days to get your message board account approved. Each registration is approved individually.

Do not mention social worker names, judges, GALs, etc.. I no longer will post those types of names because I don’t like getting emails asking me to remove them! I know there are sites out there that list social workers. This is not one of those sites, sorry! I don’t need legal hassles from angry people wanting their names removed from this site… and it is time consuming to find and remove things.

Okay, that said… well, here’s the guestbook for January, 2014… I make a new guestbook page at the beginning of each month. I’m happy to have you here… let us know what’s on your mind!

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32 Responses to FightCPS Guestbook for January 2014

  1. Penny says:

    Want to tell all Happy New year and keep fighting. Never give up. My hope is CPS steps in when needed but returns children if possible. I hope they think of what it does to a child to grow up with out any contact with his mother.

    • Marie says:

      I had my child taken from me recently and has been placed in protective custody and I know nothing. I asked my family to watch my girl because I needed time and was gone for a week.

      • Marie says:

        I went home daughter wasn’t there and I found out that my family put her with my sitter who I am fine with. I contacted sitter and made arrangements to pick her up in a few days. WHat do I do???

    • teri says:

      I have been charged with Substantiated: physical Injury to my grandauther

  2. gordon says:

    Hi my name is Gordon. My son age 10 and my daughter age 9 who live with there mother and there boyfriend. Are going through abuse.and neglect. And to make matters worse my son has a seizure disorder and kleinfilters syndrome, he takes four different seizure medications. Two of with are dangerous, i know they have witnessed fomestic violence verbal abuse neglect, and are being told to lie vps has done nothing and has told me to stop calling. Even though the evidedence is there, and there., and they are not following basic guidline about to take my next step. But i wanted to asks ome questions, and to let anyone know if they have questions or need help that i am here to help with anything, thank you.

  3. Amanda says:

    we have been fighting cps for 5 years an today th judge told my husband he ha to say things he didn’t do or he would not see his kids unsupervised again we are looking for a way to fight this

  4. Denise says:

    I was wondering what I can I do about false accusations being made to CPS on several cases due to people doing it out of spite. All T cases get dismissed due to the fact that I am a great single disabled mother of four young children. I am just fed up when there are people who really are abusing their children & no one is bothering them. There has to be a way that I can get a lawsuit or something because I am tired of my children having to go thru all the questions & interrogation every time someone gets mad or you don’t do for them. Why are humans so cruel that they lie on you when they know their wrong. I wouldn’t dare hurt a hair on my children I love them with all my heart!!!!!

  5. Dan says:

    We just filed a federal lawsuit against CPS workers, a juvenile judge, a cop, and many hospital staff for unreasonably seizing our son for our refusal to consent to a tetanus vaccine. The suit is public record so all are named. Without naming the perpetrators there can never be even the hope of justice.

  6. libby says:

    we have been fighting cps for almost two years and there is no evidence about what they are saying my kids told them the truth and my little one is acting out cause she is not with us we have done everything they said for us to do but they still wont give us are kids back I have talked to my case workers supervisor and she has not done anything so I wrote and email to the governor and they called me back but she had the boss of my case worker and her supervisors boss and still no help I want my kids back and I want to end this case already so I need help please my kids are 14,13,6 so can anyone help me out thanks

  7. LadyKarinsky says:

    We were recently charged with neglect by our 1st graders Principal, and investigated for sexual abuse stemming from 2 incidents wherein he hit other students in their private areas. I have reported it to the superintendent, and have retained a lawyer. Is there any way to erase this charge from the record without having to jump through CPS hoops? They spoke with my children and made them very uncomfortable, and I want as little to do with them again as possible!

  8. amy says:

    cps investigator came out and asked me to do a drug test because of past, but sees the kids are not neglected
    have to take drug urine test today after refusing swab today before 4 pm
    817 44nine 80three0 please call.

  9. jenny says:

    Hello. My name is jenifer.
    About me
    I am from Nigeria west africa. i am living in stockholm/sweden over 4 years.

    About me in person.
    I am 30 years old. I am a nature woman. Kind and Lovely mother. I am intelligent with a good humanity. I have loved children all my life and i am a caring mother and a lovely mother and a happy mother who know very much what a child need. I am a lovely mother who is specialised on a child needs. I love my son very much more than anything. And i give and provide everything for my son that he need. I love my son.
    The cps my son social worker knows my capability of caring for my child within the social service and she took advantage of me and my child and took my child. She took my child into the state custody for money. She Played a serious and dangerous games with me. I am now waiting for court order to return my child back to me in my home. My self own home in stockholm.

    My Education
    I am educated with university degree as an accountant. I am working and well love by people and my family and i get every support from my family and everything i want. My family are my future sponsor in my musicial carer in stockholm. But i am not well known in musical. Still investing.

    My life style.
    I am free of health condition and mental conditions
    I am Akcohol free and drugs free and smokes free. I am a nature woman and Very kind and lovely. I am intelligent with a good humanity. i am a caring mother and a lovely mother who love children and care for children with best need. I love my kid above very much and i care for my son with the best needs.

    My storry with the child protective services in stockholm/

    ingrid sändh. a fake social worker in Östermalm child protective services In Stockholm.

    My cps social worker took my child january 2013 during my life within the social welfare as a homeless. Ingrind sändh was hunting me and my child under the social services in Stockholm and I do not know. She claimed she was there to help and i allow her as my son social worker until she took my son with jealousness.

    I have always been aware that my son social worker ingrid sänds in cps want sonething from me untill she lied against me and took advantages of me and my 1 year old child within the social welfare in 2013. The cps my son social worker knows that i love my son so much and i look after my child properly. But My son social worker cps the expert of child stolen took advantage of me and my child. She is an expert of child stolen and a Dangerous woman who get away with everything she does wrong. She does wrong to me and my child january 2013 and and get away with it beause if my unstablished in stockholm. She play bad game with me and lied against me in order to take my child. Indeed. She succeeded. She play terrible game with me and used me and my child to make money from the state almost a year now and still she do not satisfied. She want more and more. And wanted more. I was new in sweden. My social worker saw me as a big client within the social service since i gave birth and she took advantage of it later on. My case worker are many. But ingrid sänd my son social worker in cps is the only person who have show me lots of desperation in her eye and ways she treated me wrongly. she wanted something from me in the begining. But I do not know what it was. I thought it was a concern and care for me and my child. One big sign she given me. She refuses to give me and my child a safe place to stay within the social service. She was behind the pains and everything i was going through under the social service. Until one day. She planed wrong against me and my child. During our meeting. I always ask her You want something accordance of your terrible service and bad sign and desperation you have been given me. What is it you want. She said trust me and trust us. We are helping you. What do you want. I ask her many times. i did not know her or see her as a cps. I know nothing about cps or social service risk at the time being. I saw her as a woman like me. And she knows i am a good mother and love and care for my child. And stil she lied against me and put me down and took my child. She brought police to my homeless in investigation home given to me by the social service. Ingrid sänd my son social worker make my life a hell within the social welfare mapril 2013 to 2014

    January 2013. My son social worker in cps went on so low to the last level and plan allegation on me and set me up with my neibour in my homeless home. She make it as child abuse. She hook up lots of allegation on me i am not guilty of. She treated me badly and my child suffer from it when she took my child into the state custody. She make her plan possible on me. When the cps took My son. My son was ill with them and the cps my social worker refuses me to look after my son and placed him in a foster home. Ingrid sändh fake social worket allegation she planed for me in my homeless home give them the cps the right to snached my child from me for 10 days seperation in january 2013. My social worker have been doing wrong to me and my child within the social services and i ignored her. She thought i do not know. And thereafter she take my child because i could not want her help anymore. During our meeting. Her supervisor threating me that i must continue to get their help ortherwise it is sorry for me. I do not know they will take my child. I refuse to agree with them. And then They came with police and took my child second time and refused to help me further with acommodation and surpport. I went on and make my life better as court order me. I went back to seek help from my family in Nigeria i have abandoned long years back with the name of welfare in stockholm. Today everything is fine with me. I quit the social services And Have my permanent home and job and Own economy. And i am asking for my child back. and my son social worker ingrid sändh again are planing to adopt my son out permanent. I am waiting to meet her in meetibg. And I have question the other social worker. And They told me it is not adoption. I said Ok. I am waiting for my son to return home. We see what happen later on. I shall return to this page with the news.

    And For all. I later realise that i made a big mistake of my life from the beginning by allowed the social service to seperated me from my family with the name of welfare. And also seperated my child from me. I dont want the same seperation for my child in the future.and now i ask my child back. And my social worker are holding my child under the state Custody And planing for adoption when i have completed my service plan to the court as order. I am asking for my child to be reunited back to me. And My son social worker ingrid sändh are out there paning for adoption. Ingrid sänd have already placed my son in couple family as short term over 10 months. and now ingrid sändh my fake social worker want it permanent adoption and she wanted me to sign a paper. and i refuced.

    How i get in to the social services from the start.
    after my seperation with my ex husband. I was 7 months pregnant and i went to the social service in stockholm to get a roof in my head. Indeed they assisted me with a shelter home. Immediately i gave birth. The cps come to my home claimed home visit to me and my child. I allowed it and welcome them in. The cps started investigation. And since them my life was turn to hell by my cps social worker. My social worker move me and my child arround in stockholm. Roof to roof. Placement to placement in a terrible environment where people drinking and smoking live. Mad people in fact. crazy people honeless home there my new born child and i was living order by my social worker ingrid sändh under my social welfare. Thereafter the cps my son social workers get satistfied that i am capable caring for my child. The cps quit the investigation and i quit home visit with them. And Ingrid sändh the fake social worker wanted more visit to me and my child. I said no to her. social worker ingrid sändh said no to me and my child. She promise and told me that she will never say bye bye to me and my child. After three months. my fake social worker was out there planing seriously against me and my child. She lied against me and took my child with other social workers after three months i quit home visit with them

    My son is swedish with a swedish father. Of course my son father have right to join custody of my son when he is ready. He is not ready. But i am. Not the cps. I am the only person with a custody of my son. My big question is. My son is swedish is it also the reason why my son was taking by cps as another advantage. Of course my son social worker selfishness is capable to take my child. But it is against the government and the law. She knows

    Swedish government is good. And the law is fine. I do not understand the system correctly before. I was new in the system. Then the cps ingrid sändh took advantage of me and my child. I am not angry with the government. My case worker are my problem then and now. the people working for the government are taking advantages on people for their own self. Not for the government. But for themselves. Not all the cps anyway.
    And i am sure the government are there to help and not to be your problem. The government are not my problem Or neither the lwa. I am not against the law or the government. Although ingrid sändh my social worker in cps attack me with government power and took advantage of me and my child. In fact. I am not angry with it. I want my child back. That is all i want. I like swedish law and the government rules. But My case worker was my problem within the government help provider i received for one year as homeless. Ingrid sändh took advantage of me.

    But The shocking new is

    Ingrid sändh the fake social worker the cps expert of child stolen told me that i will win her since i have win the immigration.

    I was shocked when she said so to me. It was a terrible statement from my son social worker ingrid sändh. I have been asking myself. My past immigration problem Is it also the reason why my son is taking into force care and also Force adoption planed by my social worker ingrid sändh.

    It has happened to me before. 2012 i was discharge from immigration board concerning my residence permit. My case worker at immigration have accused me before i am married because i want to settle in sweden. It was not true. And Indeed my residence permit was refused. After i gave birth i was given a permanent residence permit after a hell of suffering. And i even lost my economy and carer during the process. my son is taking after later. I am worried what is going on in my case with the cps.

    I will never accused the government about it. If the government want my child in exchange of my residence permit. The government will not have given me my residence permit in the first place. Rather would have taking my child
    Then. If not then. why now. My social worker took the advantages of it. It is clear to me. But I want more advice about my son case with the cps.

    My heart is clear with the government. And in time. I will show my appreciation. I like the government concern about humans safety. But There are people who really need it. But the social worker are taking advantages on innocent lovely mother. I pray May the lord God almighty bless me to improve the Government work with my experience and storry. And i hope my true storry does. I love children and it is my dream to support all children in need. Is is my dream in the future

    Well. As a private person. Do not be afraid. as I have explain earlier. Be fully aware that The cps only took advantages on poor innocent women with children within the social services. the cps have enough client with them within the social services and therefore not interrupting wrongly with private people except someone your enemy inform them and the cps will therefore see you as a big client and take advantages. Not all depending of who your social worker is. Or case worker. Leave your child to go to school. Do not be afraid as a private. And People into the case of cps. Be aware Some cps purpose is to fire out money from your family if you are rich when the get in contact with you. If you are poor. They may consider you or give you hell of suffering even if the cps do not see your case as bad. They will Request money if you want your child back as rich people. But Not directly. the cps desperate expert knows better ways to fire out money from you if the get to you. Some cps work for truth. Good and honest. for justice and Not injustice. Only the poor cps work illegally and make it legal for you if you do not know them and the system. Like my cps poor social worker and desperate money making from the state. She only took advantages on foreigners who do not know anything in the state. I do not know them before too. No one is above mistake. Ask questions is the best way go and avoid their problem.

    It is a nightmare anyway. If you are not strong. You will go ill when you experience the nightmare of cps. The longer it takes the long stress you have

    i am still in my case and i hope to get my child back sooner.

    i hope my storry and my experience help you all lovely mother. Happy new year. You will get your child back with faith. Do not be angry with cps as i was. And do not be angry with yourself. Stay calm and stand for your children life and future. Children are better with their parent. But the cps social worker claim they are the best to win the goverment money. Cps social are every where hunting for children. They hunt you the parent. They can take you and your children all together if there is a little mistake. Some cps also hunt for mad people and crazy people too. Cps want a client. Do not be the client. Please. It is a nightmare. It is for money and not really a protection as the government wanted it. Love

  10. Amelia says:

    Urgent! We must stop the abuse of foster/adoptive parents by state agencies. Will you please consider signing the petition “Investigate the Epidemic and Systemic Abuse of Foster and Adoptive Parents Throughout the US.”
    To read and sign the petition go to:

    Thank you for your help!

  11. amanda says:

    my 16 yr old daughter had her four month old baby ripped with no valid reason from our home for imminent danger while they left my two younger children. the dcfs in utah is waging a witch hunt against us. violatihng civil rights for us all..


  12. Amy says:

    Please use to report social workers and corrupted government employees report them anonymously for possible prosecution to stop them from their abuse on civil and constitutional rights on people.

  13. LaWanda says:

    I fought against CPs here in Texas, and when I did they made up more accusations to get custody of my kids!! They have been lying since the beginning!! Someone please help us!!!

  14. Call 1(800)-447-8477 option #5

    This is the federal governments office of investigator general. They are like internal affairs they investigate gornment corruption. You can file a complant over the phone. Post it and pass it on.

  15. carrie says:

    I am a mother with a dying heart from my son being taken from me because all I ever did was try to protect him from his cruel and abusive father. I contacted cps after father did a 5150 on our 12 year old son to protect himself from being the abuser and I also contacted the hospital for admitting him based on father’s false allegations and not contacting me, the mother. CPS took our son and said I was part of the problem after I am the one that called them and called WC police dept a dozen times to help my son but they never did a thing until he was submitted to 5150 and I told JOHN MUIR doctor that the reported our son stated he was being hit by his father and they were mandataed reporters and had to report to CPS/CPS did a report and everything in it was based on what the father had said false allegations against me and nothing was factual. Now CPS says for me to reunify with him but tries to sabotage everything I have done. I have not missed one court date and have done everything in their case management. They take children away from the parent that has tried to help them and I have never been accused of drugs, alcohol, abuse of any kind but they claim I have abused my son because I have been in a family law custody battle in the inept CCC family law court for 13 years when father took me to court at 7 months pregnant for full custody

  16. pat says:

    my daughter had her 2 kids removed by cps. No apparent reason. Kids not in danger. Corruption involved here. Cps wont even let me take the kids! Kids getting lost in foster care system what a nightmare!
    Really need help with attorney I feel so powerless being on a limited income. My daughter not working at the moment. help please i cant have my grandkids just disappear!
    michigan st clair co.
    We tried u of m they dont work this arwa.

  17. Deborah says:

    A few decades ago, my baby daughter was kidnapped by CPS from a military hospital. I had to deal with it on my own as it was fairly unheard of at that time. I am so relieved my daughter is now an adult and has no children. Thanks for this very helpful website that shows victims how to fight the destroyers: CPS.

  18. shawneric says:


    I’m doing some research and found your website about CPS Child Trafficking. I am an abolitionist against human trafficking and have been for nearly seven years now.

    First of all, I want to know if you’ve heard of what’s going on with the Justina Pelletier family, if you haven’t, I want to ask if you can get involved. They DESPERATELY need your help, with the expertise you have in fighting the system, they really need someone to step in!

    Go to facebook and type in #freejustina and you’ll find all the information you need to see what’s going on.

    On a different note, it’s my ambition to setup some federal legislation regarding CPS Child Trafficking. When I came on board this situation and started to campaign for the release of Justina, I made it very clear that through my experience as fighting human trafficking and tracking down kidnapped victims for rescue, this case looks VERY MUCH like a typical human trafficking case, to which I coined the term: Human Trafficking with the purpose of Medical Experimentation.

    As you point out, CPS can take your child, and for that matter for ANY reason, which leads to the next fact:

    Most hospitals have in their policies a “Ward of State” policy, which gives the hospital EXCLUSIVE rights to perform medical research and experimentation on their patients who are a WARD OF STATE with minimal to GREATER than minimal risk.

    Ths is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS and although Medical and Child services isn’t more forte, Human Trafficking is.

    Please get back with me, you have my website in this post as well as my email. Please get back with me. Thank you.

    -Eric Wright

    • Hi Eric – I very much appreciate all you’re doing to stop human trafficking! Yes, CPS is part of the overall problem, and foster children are being treated like medical guinea pigs … filled with drugs that were never meant for children, like Risperdal. The foster parents get these children drugged up because then they’ll get extra money for having “special needs” children in their homes.

      I will go look at the site you posted and at the Facebook page for Justina. I don’t help anyone individually… because I’m not an attorney. I can only provide general information on this site to help parents develop their own strategies for winning their children back in court, with the help of their court-appointed or hired attorneys.

  19. Beverly says:

    My 3 grandchildren were taken from me while i was watching them when my daughter went to jail. There was no danger involved, no child abuse or neglect by me. This happened 4 months ago. I am trying to get them placed with me. CPS has said that they wont place them with me because of 14 to 20 year old charges, not child abuse related. I am in the process of having those charges set aside. But 20 years ago, my children were taken from me by cps, I did get them back right away. But cps is now also stating i have to get that expunged also. How do i do this and what can i do to get my grand children placed with me. Please help. Heart broke for my grand children. They and i share a very close bond.

    • rosie says:

      all I can say is don’t believe them they do as they want what state are you in? as there is forms in the state of ca so you can be heard in court. I too was not given my grandchildren whom I have the siblings as well as foster children they used my 33 yr old record which was not involving any child and my sons 10 yr old expunged record against us. cps lied and twisted crap and I at one time believed in the system and now no longer do… we need major reform in this broken system

  20. marie says:

    I am looking for a lawyer in new York state to help me with making a case against local cps. please help.

  21. rosie says:

    Stephen what state are you from? that would be helpful as different states for different forms and laws

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