Guestpost: FightCPS.Com is a Parent’s First Line of Support

By Sharon Joyce-Burns, a.k.a. sjb4djustice

Crying boy

Crying child, photograph by David Shankbone via Wikipedia.

When CPS first came into my family’s life in 2007, with false allegations and malicious lies, I turned to the internet for information regarding the practices and procedures of this agency. The first website I came across was Not only did I find a wealth of information here, I was hit in the face with a profound realization: CPS SYSTEMATICALLY REMOVES CHILDREN FOR FEDERAL FUNDING and that they have been destroying families for decades.

My opinion of CPS has been negative since the 1980’s when a friend of our family had a horrific experience at the hands of CPS which resulted with the couple’s break-up and their child being adopted to strangers. Another person I knew in San Diego had his 2 year-old daughter removed and put in foster care where the little girl died. They claim that she fell off the top of a bunk bed. What was a 2 year-old doing on the top bunk? (If that is what really happened.) Since then, my motto was, “I wouldn’t call CPS on my worst enemy.” Then it happened to me, a call by a vindictive ex-wife who made it her life mission to destroy me and my family. The allegations were false and I was bent on proving it.

I found right away. With a wealth of information and links along with stories of other victims of CPS kidnapping their children, I felt I was not alone or the only one that CPS does this to. The very first thing I found was, “Make Your Court Appointed Attorney Work For You.” I highly recommend that you download that document, customize it and give it to your “Defense” attorney. There is more here now, check out the right hand column and use every tool possible when fighting for your child.

Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most!

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  1. hillary says

    I have a court appointed attorney and recieved the affidavit yest and was false allegations with me and my spouse that the cps said ,,but the attorney told me if i could get my children back would i agree upon it but had to stay away from the father temporarily until further investigation. but i want to prove my innocence ,, what should i do tommorow i s the 14 day hearing??

    • says

      Hillary, this is not a good place to ask what to do “tomorrow” because sometimes I don’t even look at the comments right away. I’m reading this three days later, and “tomorrow” has come and gone. Sorry! How did the hearing go? Did you ask for a trial or did you sign their guilty plea paperwork in court?

      • hillary says

        I had the 14 day hearing on Friday May 29, 2015 . The hearing was abt were the kids were going to be placed with a relative. The court appointed att asked me how come I don’t have my family on the list why jst his?? Cuz they think his a control freak(court appointed said)…so I put my sister and niece for the weekends only ..then I was given a court order to take classes that I don’t think I shld take iam scared they can find anything wrong with me and get my precious kids. I don’t do drugs or drink and I was given a court order to do them.

  2. Linda says

    my daughter had a baby and drs. were treating her with Xanax and suboxene. she asked them about the safety of taking it and they were okay with it. the baby had withdrawal symptoms and CPS was called. they implemented a safety plan and now she has to go to court. Do you think she will lose them. She is on a waiting list for Inpatient Detox and also has an apt for Intensive outpatient treatment. We did get a lawyer for the court case this week. Her older daughter is a mess shes 5. she went from a sweet free spirit to withdrawn little girl in a matter of a week. we are in new jersey. Cps said they wanted to keep the family together but they are tearing them apart. My daughter never had an issue until now. she was being proactive and told the truth about everything,,,,drs. lied to cover themselves and said they didn’t know she was pregnant. (her therapist and pyschiatrust)

      • Anon Repo says

        Time for the intimidation to stop fight back!

        This is for the families and victims of the system and if you have done nothing wrong and not guilty of harming your child. please read the attached and use the tools provided within, please do your own research and if fortunate enough to have legal representation have them review as well.
        1. Copy of the DHS handbook this is due process important to have it read it and know it.
        2. If these laws have been violated follow the instructions on Administrative hearing and there is due process and is availbale in all 50 states.
        3. Research and study Writs of Habeas Corpus at the state and federal level.
        4. Send the above letter to every official in your district.
        5. Contact every elected official in your district by phone in regards to your situation if you have done nothing wrong.
        6. Make sure to file a complaint with the Sheriff’s department within your County. If they have broken the law in your case.
        7. Department of Health and human services it is their responsibilty answers to the Governers office and as such it is the responsibility of the department of public integrity to investigate corruption within the system. Call in complaint with the head state department of HHS in your Capitol city.
        8. Contact your state bar and see if there are any resources within your state to help you.
        9. Seek out and find if there are advocates to assist you in your area.
        10. Read and know the Title V and IV funding that takes place in your County.
        11. If there are violations then report it to the Office of the Inspector General. ( State and federal level auditor. )
        12. Compliance with guidelines may be reviewed by your federal Senator of your district.
        13. Check the recording laws in your state and when legally allowable record DHS workers.
        14. Prevent the problem before it starts, you do not legally need to allow a caseworker in your home without a warrant. If you tell them your child is safe through a locked screen door and tell them to have a nice day and shut the door.
        15. Look up and contact every child rights group in your state.
        16. Documentation is key, document everything! On a jump drive specifically keep a back up of all files. For your safety.
        17. Abuse and neglect registry make sure you follow the statute of limitations, make sure you are familiar with your state law in this.
        18. File a judiciary complaint if the judge is not doing his/her job.
        19. File a bar complaint if the attorney is not doing his/her job.
        20. Get a copy of your states youth court rules for your state.

        By following the above steps in order to protect your rights and stand up for yourself.

        #OpExposeCPS #Anonknightssec #FamilyCivilRightsMovement

  3. Ness says


  4. Jim says

    I first found this site a little to late some 5 years ago. I found it after CPS not only took my child but lied to me about reunification. Not only did I not get my child back but I lost my right to ,be a parent in a country that claims we are free and justice exists for everyone (USA). What a joke that is. The final reason the judge gave for my honesty in court was I lied and CPS told the truth I was in shock for weeks over that blatant lie by a corrupt judge. Whatever lets him sleep at night Ii guess. They supposedly passed laws to force CPS to reunify but since they did that to me I have done a lot of research and they do what they did to me a lot more then people know about and that crime needs to be dealt with and soon.

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