FightCPS new template information

A new template was installed for FightCPS. This was a necessary upgrade because the old template was out of date.

Next steps… I’ll be checking every posting on this site to make sure it is still relevant. I’ll also be correcting display errors as I find them.

About the narrow template – I will be able to upgrade to a responsive template in mid-April, so it will no longer be fixed-narrow, but will fill the entire page again.

Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. says

    I believe it is time for a class action suite against cps. It’s ridiculous what they get away with simply because people just Don’ know their right when dealing with them.

    • Patricia says

      I will totally participate in a class action suit. I know other people who will participate also. Someone keeps making false anonymous tips against me and my family. This happened to someone else I know, too. The accuser is protected and unaccountable for false reports. That is not right.

      • says

        There’s a section of the message board for networking about class action lawsuits. FightCPS can’t sponsor these lawsuits – we just provide a place for people to tell each other about them. I am also willing to publicize them in case anyone wants to give me the information.

  2. lisa says

    please help we have spent over 12,000 trying to get my husbands daughter home after she witnessed her mothers death ,going back and forth to court in va

  3. Jay says

    Thank you for the update on this website and your service to others … who need information and support with reference to the ‘ugliness’ of c.p.s.
    We are truly grateful for this website and will continue to pray for you as well as others that get attacked by c.p.s. (aka: crappy perverted services – who we believe is part of satan’s work).

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