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89 Responses to Post here if you need a CPS defense lawyer – March 2013

  1. chalia says:

    I am in Trenton NJ my case is very major because I wanna sue so I need a really good lawyer

  2. Jennifer says:

    Need a lawyer in Wayne county Michigan ASAP
    Justpeachykeen82 at gmail dot com
    7three4 seven8eight 8five8one

    • Jennifer says:

      Still looking for help as the one attorney who contacted me while he gave me some great legal advice cannot take my case due to the fact I am unable to afford a retainer. I am so desperate and afraid I will lose my children. Please someone help!

  3. Peter says:

    My wife and I were granted our motion to intervene in a CPS case (in Tucson AZ) involving a beautiful three year old girl. We need legal assistance/guidance for the apparent and mounting misconduct of CPS and the handling of this case. Please help!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have 3 children who were taken under false accusations twice. The caseworker has called and lied to my probation officer. They have contacted my abusive husband who has been gone eight years and offered him my children. I need help!! Please!!

  5. Kc says:

    Please help!!! CPS has stolen my children! In my “supervised visits”… My children have been dirty unhappy and dressed like trash!! They were never like that with me!! Please contact me at 40six-546-69four6 or ripnlips4cash[at]

  6. lisa says:

    I need help, i found out my child was being sexually assulted by a trusted family friend, i tried to go through the proper channels to get help and to protect my child. now i am defending my self as if i was the perv! need a lawyer in phx or tucson, az lisa-at-lisafer6000[at]

  7. melissa says:

    Need a cps defense attorney asap. As in today! In san angelo tx 3 two 5 3zero zero 1two 1five. Thank u any help would b appreciated

    • Lehua says:

      I used to live in San Angelo (by the Rio Concho River off of Bell Street), and I will try my best to help you, as I am in the same situation. PLEASE let me know if you get any good leads/info. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com and like I said, I’ll try my best to help you too. Thank you

  8. Linda says:

    I need serious help my son was taken do to a healing fractured rib and bruising while in the hospital and its going to court soon 3 zero 4 five 4 nine 7 zero 6 four

  9. Dena says:

    I need a lawyer in missouri to help me sue DFS. Details will be discussed when contacted Thank you Dena 57three-7one2-4five16

  10. charlee says:

    i need help cps has my daughter what started as domestic is now a cps please help me 574six453nine2921 or 256eight431four1967 thank u god bless u
    state of Wisconsin

  11. stacy says:

    We live in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin and need a lawyer that deals with cps cases urgently. My email is barlowilt[at]

  12. Shannon says:

    need advise regarding a 366.21 hearing and how to submit a declaration to the judge to get my side and evidence on record. Also law regarding psych meds for 10 year old

  13. Shannon says:

    re above message i can be contacted at nine one 6 3 six nine 5 six 2 three.

    • Lehua says:

      please contact me at lehuastouch at yahoo dot come, to discuss the declaration. I am desperate to bring my children back and out of this fraudulent system and I will do what I can to help you too. Thank you. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com. Thank you

  14. Ebony says:

    i need a lawyer asap cps is trying to use my past against me along with new and current false allegations here in tucson,arizona i am high risk pregnancy and have a 4 yrold son this has been going on since aug after i did a voluntary case plan with out the courts i week after having surgery and the case plan ended 2 more new calls came in from same souce thru her friends /family this time and now they r trying to keep talking to my son scaring him i have no attorney i have court march 21 at 830am he has an attorney i refused to let them talk to him any further these false allegations are ruining my record and life and affecting health emotionally cps is trying to petion the court to have legal custody and force me to do another case plan i am tired of it all i would like to sue cps if possible …

  15. jonda says:

    Need Advise for court case DHS took my 7 children Court date set for 4/24

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I need a lawyer ASAP! My children where taken from me and now I have this fight on my hands. They said my place was dirty, but when I tried to take pictures in to show them it was not, the judge would not even look at them. I need help! lizzy dot campbell35 at yahoo dot com or 7 one 7 three 4 9 dash 0 0 three three.


  17. angela says:

    I am a single mother of 6 children I have an 18 year old son 813 year old girl 9 year old boy you for your old boy a 2 year old girl and I 10 month old boy I reside in Rice County parable a soda I have been involved with CPS April of 2010 and it has been an ongoing battle I am originally from Minneapolis and had my children taken due to me being homeless came to stay with a friend interbelt April 2010 at that time I only had my 4 year old my 9 year old 13 year old inmate in your mouth somebody called Child Protection reported that I was drinking and that I love them probation and Hennepin County so I was arrested in Rice County then brought to Hennepin County to do 30 days in the workout from there I was ordered to go to treatment then halfway house well my kids resided in Faribault any faster home September 2010 I was able to move into an apartment funded through Ruth’s house

  18. Tina says:

    I need a attorney in SoCal that is able to fight & fight hard on a 6year old case that is closed & I Never knew about but is devastating my future. Because its old one one will even speak with me about it. Please Help! or 9five1five3four2five8four. Thank you! Any advice welcomed

  19. angela says:

    Apologize for my story being so long but is it it is in fact a very long devastating story is now March 2013 and they’re trying to terminate my parental rights I don’t know which way to turn my 3 youngest earn foster care and they are trying to take my children for me permanently the only thing that matters in my life I don’t know which way to turn I feel like it’s a losing battle please pray for me only thing that I want you have always wanted to be a good mother and learn and raise my kids please keep us in in your prayers

  20. troy says:

    Have evidence that child was coached and inticed. cps refused to investigate the evidence. I have a licensed day care provider who was told in great detail by my child how she was coached/inticed. court is thursday I will concede per my public pretenders advise. will i still be able to sue if I concede. In San Diego troy.hammonds at yahoo or six one nine 655 twenty uno fifty six

  21. troy says:

    re above message: the child is placed with the person who coached her. Childs attorney insists she is bonded there.

  22. Melissa Armstrong says:

    I lost my two children who have been in Foster Care since July 2011 in an Appeal to the WV supreme court of Appeals. I did not abuse or neglect my kids. Their Father was the abuser!

    I am a disabled adult (TBI & bilateral BK amputee). I am 100% independent and handle my own affairs. I was a co-dependent wife who finally took action and divorced him. Through the process CPS came in and took my kids.

    They claim I’m not capable of caring for my children. They would not allow me to participate in any services for family reunification!

    I want to file an Appeal in federal court and need advice ASAP hot to do this properly.

    I appreciate any advice anyone has to offer! Thanks! =)

    • Lehua says:

      Please let me know what you find out. I am desperate to have my kids back. I’ve given brief info below, but would like us both to help each other more, apart from this site. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com

  23. melinda says:

    Here in Oshkosh was told if i worked with cps i could get the services my 10 year old daughter needed,agreed they took her and put her in hospital as well as my other two children said i was overwhelmed …please help me …

    • Ladybird says:

      I have had “overwhelmed” used against me. I have a panic disorder which is being treated, however when people attack me (without provacation and threaten my family) I am sure I do appear overwhelmed!!

      • Lehua says:

        I understand how you feel. I am a veteran, with PTSD and occasional insomnia. I am healthy in the mind, body, spirit and just needed a boost to sleep every once in a while because I get anxiety at night. I ran out of my sleeping med and could not sleep. Kids were taken because they allege that I am not taking care of my health. I have kept every doctor’s appointment and I do precisely what I’m supposed to. If you can help me in any way, please let me know, and I will be SURE to help you any way I can as well. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot come. Thank you

  24. Tiffany says:

    Our healthy baby girl was taken by CPS in Phoenix, AZ, two weeks ago, when only 9 days old because she was born at home… even though they found her to be completely healthy. We need help!! We haven’t been given any visitation and have not seen our daughter since then!! or six0two- 4SIX5-SIX28TWO

    • Lehua says:

      You poor woman. My heart is crying out for you and I will keep you and your family (especially the baby), in my prayers. Thankfully she is a baby and won’t remember this, like my 10 and 11 year old, but she needs her mama and you are right for feeling the way you do. Try your best to remain calm, compliant and keep your thoughts positive. Surround yourself with only supportive individuals. I would like for us to help one another, so feel free to email me at lehuastouch at yahoo dot com. Thank you

  25. jennifer says:

    my children have been taken 3 times for false allegations. i cnt afford an attorney and my public defender never shows up. cps worker lied to police and said i threatened her and i was jumped by 4 cops in owensboro, ky. they are out of control here. my 6 and 9m yr old are with their father and we have an active dvo for me and the kids against him. someone please help. my kids dont deserve this.

    • Lehua says:

      I am dealing with false allegations also and I will try to help you as much as I can. I would appreciate it if you could let me know any information that might help me bring my kids home. They are suffering tremendously and we are all very sad about this, but trying to remain positive and compliant. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com. Thank you

  26. Yvette says:

    Florida case. Hillsborough and Pasco County CPS involved per biological father’s false accusations.
    Please contact ysmittie at yahoo dot com

    • Lehua says:

      I’m in tampa too. Have you had any luck yet? This is so wrong, how they can take children away from GOOD parents, then place them in foster homes that are less than sub-par. False allegations have gotten me in the same boat as you. Please let me know if you can help me with any info and I will do the same. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot come. Thank you

  27. Joann says:

    In need of a defense attorney in Santa Barbara county, Ca. I haven’t found anyone willing in this area. My 4 children were taken 2 weeks ago. My oldest son is placed in the custody of his father who have drug history and incarcerated for domestic twice. Place the 3 babies in foster home when family was ready and willing to step in.Grandma is a federal correction officer. Gave personal confidential information to third parties. And my husband and I were forgotten about and locked in the CPS building while personal went home for the day. Please help 80five-2four5-7one58 Joann-at-joannmsaldana[at] Can pay!! Please help!!!!

  28. rachele says:

    my niece was taken from me because cps encourage an action that was against cps rules. we are in Northern phoenix area and need help asap.

  29. Stacy says:

    A Dr. Called CPS after seeing my daughter a total of 1 time. Cause she’s tiny, she’s on the lower end of the normal range, but apparently he decided she was being neglected….This little girl is NOT neglected. She wants for NOTHING. I love my daughter with all my heart. I can’t lose her. It would kill me. Please help in Norwalk, Ohio.

  30. Stacy says:

    ^^phone: 4ONE9-Five7seven-6FOUR8eight ^^

  31. david says:

    Need help..have dhs trying to remove my wife from home again..She is combat disabled vet with three purple hearts..She had left home under protective actin notice cuz I was give choice either her or children..She was removed right before Christmas..She returned home after having all the required mental evals etc. and the 60 days had expired long time ago..Now DHS is insisting on speaking to children and her Before she is allowed home again..This was all based upon false allegations by bitter ex wife and a bitter minister..WE have all these things LEGALLY recorded and have explicit proof of their lies and failure to provide any kind of evidence of danger. 541-four eight seven-4739

    • Lehua says:

      please let me know if anyone is able to help you, and what information you gather. We are in the same boat with the false accusations and needing our children to come home. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com. I wish you best of luck and I will help you as much as I can as well. Thank you.

  32. L.B. says:

    Washington State.
    CPS removed my child at the end of a school day on Friday (around 2:30). I was told over the phone by the local police officer regarding the fact, and spent the following two hours trying to contact the case worker that took my child. Long story short, they have refused to have him stay with his grandmother on the basis that he’s “having fun” at the weekend safe house, and have invited me to an “interview” (where they suggested I bring all of the family and friends who could speak on my behalf – does that sound an awful lot like “hearing”?)early Monday afternoon to try to “agree on the conditions which would make it safe for my child to return home”. Getting them to tell me what specifically I’m being accused of was like pulling teeth (turns out there is a scratch at the base of his neck about 2 in long, and he told them that “mommy was choking him”). Anyway, after all was said and done, it was close to 6pm – well after all law offices had closed for the day. I need help NOW, because I know there is something I must do before I head into this lovely “interview”. Please, call 206-two-five-0-six-2-eight-0 or e-mail: lara[dot]bellin-at-gmail[dot]com

  33. Laura says:

    I need a lawyer. CPS took my baby away from me gave her grandmother custody and I want to fight for her back. Please help me. I’m from Cleburne, Tx and every door has been slammed in my face when trying to get my daughter back. I will do anything to get her back. Please help me.

    • Lacey says:

      Reply to above post, Laura from Cleburne, Tx. I know the best CPS lawyer in Texas. His website is bransonlegal[dot]com.

    • Melissa says:

      If they do not have a court order than they cannot take your baby. And if they did you demand your entire case file right now. you can apply for it through Austin, and also you go to your court house and pay for copies of anything that is in court as of yet. Do not let them scare of intimidate you. It ruined 5 years of my life.

  34. joetta says:

    Needing a lawyer please

  35. alyssa says:

    My court appointed lawyer is not helping at all, I have done all of the research and gathered all the evidence and the prelim was thursday march 21st and cps could not prove me an unfit mother because i am not and could not prove that my children 2 and 1, were abuse or neglect because they were not and i proved the entire cps allegations a lie and as a last ditch effort to keep my children seprated form me was having this piece of paper with a list of handwritten behaviors tha my 2 yr old was displaying as is he had been expose to me and my ex physically abusing each other. my ex has not been apart of our lives for over a year now and has lived at least 2 to 3 hrs away from us at all times. i had planned on moving closer to pa where i have a 6 yr old so my kids could grow up together when i received my income taxes on feb 12th, the divorce was feb 14th which he got granted weekend visitations which i did not think was going to happen and my ex does not have a b certificate no ss card no job no license no place of his own and i thought i would give him one last chance to get his life together because he is a meth head and makes it as well which i reported and nothing was done and i decided to move to where he was claiming to be living at the moment so he could see his kids signed a lease which his name was not on, on feb 14th as well. he had his first two weekend visits and the third on, rght before he did what he did to get my kids taken away he was to busy partying and arguing with me for two hrs via text message the morning he was suppose to come and get his kids he was waiting for his mother to pick him up to come and get the kids but never did then the following wed mar 13th he broke into my house hit me the in the chest, pushed me into a door and passed out. the kids never saw anythig they were asleep on the other side of the house in their rooms and while he was passed i was gathering the kids car seats and diapers and sum emergency things to be able to leae and when he woke up and notice i was packing threatened to break my car so we could not go. when he first broke in he took my phone so i could not call for help and i managed to get it back when he went to the bathroom and he again threatened to disable my vehicle and i asked him to leave and he said you cant make me leave b***** and i called the cops and cps was of course in a rush to come and kidnap my kids and i havent seen them since wed mar13th. i dispproved every lie the cps worker put in the report because he honestly didnt think i was going to fight for my precious angels and evidence against his lies and they used a last ditch effort to keep my kids seperaed from me by saying that my 2 yr old is displaying behavior issues and ordered me and the ex to take a psych eval and 2-2hr visits per week. my ex has disappeared didnt show up to the dvp hearing or court. cps violated my rights and for them to not use common knowledge that of course a 2 yr old is going to act of context due to the fact that him and his sister were kidnapped from their home from their mother out of their daily routines and placed with strangers and then after 2 daes with the first foster monsters which supposedly report the behavior they were placed in yet another foster home. this handwritten note should be dismissed because i had the common cortusey to provide my evidence on letterhead with signatures dates and times and anyone could have written this supposed list of behaviors but there was 5 days from the time they were placed in the 2nd home to court and no other behaviors were reportd to court. so i should have my kids right now and i dont. my lawyer wont call me back cps has said for 2 daes now that they were going to arrange these visits and have not gotten a call back. i need serious help. this specific cps is notorious for falsifying records and reports and paying ppl off to lie and making false allegations to take good non abused children away from good non abusing parents such as myself just to put more money in their pockets by selling these kids to foster monsters. my beautiful precious angels are in danger. i need help and after i get my kids back i want to help other that just as desperate to fight false allegations and finally do sumthing to get these corrupt cps social workers and law enforement out of office so no more children have to suffer from abuse from foster monsters and die in the hands of foster care and be sold. i cant imagine the depths of what i could accomplish knowing that my children are being sexually abused right now

    • Lehua says:

      Please let me know if you get any answers. I would love to stay in touch so we can help each other overcome this battle. CPS has false allegations on me as well, but the important thing to do, is to prove them wrong (no matter how hard that might me) and try to stay on their good side because they have the control right now. This will NOT last forever and justice will be served and we WILL get our children back home where they belong. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com. Lets keep in touch and please let me know if you have any more insight on the process. Thank you

  36. APRIL says:


  37. april says:

    after I left my abusive ex for extending the abuse to the children, the children became increasing afraid of their father. 4 months after the file of divorce, the children reported to the pediatrician abusive behavior from the father. the children then became more afraid of their father as they were very worried that they would hurt them and kill me. the cps got involved and shortly after that removed the counselor because they did not get along. the children became more afraid. the pediatrician was removed. and within a month, the children were removed and place with the ex’s sister and husband (who is a pedophile). I had visits at first (only about 4) and then those were taken away because the children had to be ripped away from me & I didn’t bring healthy enough snacks. after 2 1/2 months I got some visits back. however those got taken away again. 4 months after the kids were taken, a psych eval was done on the chidren and the Dr. doing the eval determined that because of the children’s behavior, they were not behaving properly and according to the care giver/ aunt it must have been like that all the time, that the children never behaved properly dispite the good report cards from school,their achievements in school, and testimony from people who actually were in the children’s life. before there was even a trial, the kids were placed with the abusive father because a woman filed a report against the sister and husband for having minor children and the husband being a threat to the children. cps stated that if the father hurt the children they way they say they do, then he had 5 hours of anger management and counseling and that met their requirements. almost seven months after the kids were taken, then there was a trial. I am now supposed to have visits ever other week for 45 (when they don’t get cancelled for whatever reason). I am being accused of being delusional and making the whole thing up. I don’t have anyother contact with them. I really have no idea what it is that is supposedly makes me so dangerous to my children that I can’t see them or talk to them more. I live in beaver dam, wi and need a lawyer outside of Dodge county to fight them. the judge even rewrote the law to suit the cps evidence. he use to be their boss

    • Lehua says:

      Please let me know if you get a response or more information on steps we can take to dismiss our cases and bring our kids home. I will gladly help you with any information I get as well. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com. Thank you

  38. april says:

    I just left the one above about Dodge county. my phone # is 9two0- two nine six-35three 4. please help

  39. rubicelia says:

    Please explain your legal situation. Im married but separated and live on my own. Cps was contacted anonymously with false allegations. Cps then showed up at my home and i cooperated and 3 weeks later they showed up with a temporary removal form (the court wasnt envolved yet). The cps worker said the reason for the removal was because i was hidding from cps. The wasnt true because i had called them and have my calling records to prove that and also that he had not tried to contact me like he said so i refused to hand my children over and closed my door. He then had police officers come and knock, i didnt open. Then a female officer tried opening my window with a crow bar and when i saw that i thought they had a court order of some kind so i opened the door and immediately my son of 2 yrs at the moment was snatched up by cps worker. Then my daughter of 6 yrs was pulled away from my arms. Cps cps worker said he had a court order because of immanent danger. But there was no court order only the temporary removal paper he gave me that only comes from cps. Then cps worker asked if i had some family for my babies to stay with for this 72 hr temporary removal i said yes my husband who lived at a seperate residence. He said he was going to call him as soon as he got to his office to have him go down there and ask him a few questions and do a background check to assure he was an appropriate candidate for the children to be placed with. I gave him all hes info and he left. I immediately called him ( jose ) my husband, and told him what had happened and to make sure he answered when cps called he said ok and an hour later no call was recieved. So jose and i both start calling all sorts of numbers trying to figure out where our children were and what was going on. i mostly called george and left numerous voicemails as well as my husband jose did the same. This happened on a friday and it wasnt till tuesday morning at around 10 or 11 that i received a call from cps demanding i start task right away and call terros and giving an appointment for the following day at the cps office. It was then that i was told he had filled a petition to the court for child depency and that my children remain in foster homes. He filled this on monday. Its been since may 18 2012 that my children were removed and i have only seen them 3 times. There are court ordered visist in place for twice a week for 2 hrs each and ive only had 3. Cps lied alot about alot of things. I have all my paperwork still and all the court hearing papers that say what went on at the court hearing. I could never get a hold of him and when court came around he would just say i never called. He also said that the reason for not placing my children with jose was because he couldnt get a hold of him and left a voicemail which he did not and that never contacted him. And neither did i. I requested another cps worker and i got another. He wasnt like the last one. He didnt lie or nothing but i could never get a hold of him either and he was doing nothing for our family or the visits we were entitled to. One of the excuses for not giving us visits was low funding and budget cuts. I will be honest i did use drugs. But im no addict. I love my children and only they are my addiction. Please help i missed the las court date on jan 9 th and my son was placed with his father and im fine with that but my daughter is still in foster home. I havent contacted them since the court date and i understand that looks really bad on my behalf butbi was torn down to hear the judge even voluntarily gave a document to my husband stating i could not take my son from him because legally i would still have rights because we are still married. I dont really know what happened in that court date and ive been scared to even make calls and ask. Im afraid that because i missed that court date i might have lost my parental rights. I went into depression mode .. i wasnt eating or even stepping outside my bedroom.. i miss them like crazy and i realized i as there mother will not give up.. i was also in cps at the age of 9 my mother never got us back and thats a trauma i will never forget.. it emotionally damaged me. I grew up very rough and ive been on my own since the age of 12. Im afraid ii did the same to my children. But i will not be like my mother and give up. Its so unfair.. Ive worked very hard and i have put in every effort i possibly could into being a good mother and this happens to us. My children are innocent little angels and do not deserve this.. My son is still a baby hopefully he wont remember but my daughter is gonna be 7 next month. I can only imagine how terrified she is and all this emotinal damage will affect her life in the future.. I am asking for ur help and im desperately hoping u find it in the kindness of ur heart to help me in any way possible even if its just pointing me in thee right direction. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    • rubicelia says:

      Ive also read other articles that speak about similar stories tomine and they called coersed and illegal removal. And i agree. I always said i felt my kids were illegally removed from their home.. They were kidnapped but how does the court and other authorities just let this happen.. Can i sue them or somthing? Theres gotta be something i can do.. Please help 6two3twotwo3zero48one

      • Lehua says:

        Please let me know if you get a response to your question. I am in the same boat. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot come. Thank you

  40. C Caldwell says:

    911–HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND RACKETEERING– Judge appointing attorney that owns an adoption agency that adopts out foster children–AMERICANKIDZ–My only child was kidnapped by corrupt cps a day before court order was even filed and taken straight to a foster-adopt home where I, my mother(who only lived a mile away) and his paternal grandmother were all told that the man had been looking for a son to adopt and that he had been helping them for 17 yrs. and they owed him. The reason they took him– “housing instability” Because they claimed we were living in a storage unit–was just there packing! Was not even a resident of that area or state any longer– just had family there! No charges against me for any kind of abuse or neglect— Judge has personal relationships with foster-adopt parents and attorney, HAVE MUCH PROOF– as well as police report he was being abused in foster home and dcfs or judge wouldnt do ANYTHING! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP MY INNOCENT SON? Was told by an attorney we were set-up to snatch him– paperwork proves it! Please call Five40-3nine2-9two56. Thank you and God Bless you!

    • Lehua says:

      I would like to be in contact. I am in a similar situation and I hope we can help each other overcome this fraudulent, corrupt, unethical and illegal “practice”. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com and I can share my number with you there so we can talk. I wish you all the best and hope we both get our children back home where they deserve and need to be.

  41. Melissa says:

    CPS has been dragging out an unfounded case for almost 8 months now, splitting my husband and I up, trying to STOP me from being with him or having him around the kids (who are SO much happier when he is),they are doing “divide and conquer” type techniques with a lot of lies, manipulations and trickeryinvolved. After reading this, I realize they are breaking a lot of laws and we believe they are waiting for the “one year mark” when we are told they can just take them! We are scared and need help!! Please, if you can assist us, call us at (82eight)3one9 eight 0zerotwo

  42. Daronda Brown says:

    My daughter was kept away from me she was recently killed in another city from me under someone else’s care and i had no contact. I live in San Francisco also where case is she was killed febuary 14, 2013 in antioch I am truely devasted. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you Daronda Brown msg number 415 745-6027

  43. Tracy says:

    Lenoir NC. Caldwell co. grandson is 3weeks from being placed with foster family permitly. This child never made it home taken from hospital by bogus calls from DSS never warned papers never brought tp door call was made to judge out of the blue. 20 months later no home study for any of our family members please help if someone could please advise US!!! Thank you

  44. Tracy says:

    boonegirl1968[at] if anyone could please advise

  45. Jessica says:

    Need a defense attorney please. Single mother 4 children, abusive ex, drugs involved. Need guidance ASAP.

  46. Keisha says:

    I am living in Baltimore Maryland and CPS has taken my children under false pretenses. I reported that my son was sexually abused by a family member. They took my kids away because they said I left them in a dangerous place when we showed up for court hearing. now they trying to cover up their mistakes and keep delaying court so that I can’t get them back. In my adjudication it is clearly stated that I removed my kids from the danger and cut off all contact from the accused and even warned his child’s mother of the situation but yet they took them away. I really need so help because I plan on suing the department and the state because I have been trying to get help for years and the system has truly failed my kids.

  47. Bee says:

    I am looking for an attorney to fight jfs I have clear documentation on the lies that were stated, contradictions of facts. I have all the papers that the pros. and gal have including med records. Because the attorney for my daughter did not dispute and thing in addition to him not showing up in court the baby was adjudicated as abused. I want to remedy this and show jfs that you can’t lie and destroy a family just to cover up lie after lie.

  48. dennis says:

    cps her in montana has tackin are two girls back in aug 2011 have done what thay ask now thay wount to keep tham for anather 6months dont have money to get a lawer.need help asp pulic defender is a joke did not fite the cps at all..go back to cort on 5-2-13.plase need help asp

  49. Melissa says:

    I need a lawyer. I have 8 children. 6 were born at the time that CPS came into my life on Jan 1, 2007. They entered my home and found nothing except in my file it says I had too much laundry (which was because my washser and dryer broke) but that was it. They made me sign a safety plan, which I did, take drug test, which I did, and I proved every allegation wrong. They interviewed my children without consent and now the videos have suprisingly vanished. Finally they sat me in a room after months of torture and said that there was no way a mom could stay sober with that many kids so I had to pick which kids I was going to fight for and which kids I would let be adopted out. It gets worse. Turns out that my kids were never suppose to be removed from my custody, and my kids I didnt allow to be adopted by my older brother were never returned to me. Instead they were placed with abusive relative until November of 2012. Even when I had my twins in 2009 they original case worker who hated me had lined up families to place them with (i found this out as a warning from a alliance i made in the agency) Needless to say my twins did not go anywhere But here is the kicker. I started filing and fighting for 5 years to bring my kids back home and I get a call in November from the state attorney stating that I never lost legal custody of my kids and I could go pick them up whenever I wanted. FIVE YEARS i have lost with my kids and I have three daughters I signed away to my brother because they told me I would lose them all if I didnt. Five years of missing PTA meetings, first days of school, tucking them in, and FIVE years of court fighting, watching my son be abused and at one time placed on 22 pills a day! My daughter being told she will only be loved if she is “sexy” I even called CPS and notified the courts of the abuse and they did nothing because no one takes you seriously when they see you have been in CPS regardless of the facts. I have one more daughter who is not home yet because I was not allowed access to visit her very much over the last five years so I am trying to get to know her and her know me so I can bring her home and yet the caregivers of her are telling her that I didnt want her and so forth. I have three children who I will never see again and my other 5 are broken emotionally and my son was doped up from the day he entered the system. Even the state attorney told me on the phone this is the most bleeped up case I have ever seen and my third and fourth caseworkers even said it should have never went that far. I did have an addiction when I was younger but I got clean then I snapped after I lost all my kids but went to rehab and got my life together and like I said I have fought. My attorney even signed these orders showing I won custody and he never told me! The caregivers knew they didnt have legal rights to care for the children and they were able to get benefits for them, enroll them in school, and put them on harsh mediciations. My kids still have nightmares that someone is just going to come take them from me again. I have lost a large portion of my life and my heart and I need a lawyer willing to help me take this on. I could do pro se but I work and I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor and I am spending all my time caring for my son and daughters mental health, my twins, and trying to bring my other daughter home and I just cannot do it all. Please Help! State attorney has my whole file and told me to sue so please help we can do this.

  50. dennis says:

    my phone number is 406-four43-3one55
    public defender is a joke dont have money for a lawer.the public defender did not fite the cps at all need help thay took are two girls in aug 2011 thay made up lies to tack tham done what thay ask now it has bein 6monts that wont to keep tham for another 6months need help asp go back to court 5-2-13

  51. Denise says:

    2007 ex filed false report now I have been denied expungment again. need attorney asap. Have all documents

  52. Lehua says:

    My children were taken under false allegations and I have trial on May 2nd. I will be out of country til April 25th so I need a good attorney that can work on this while I’m gone. This is an urgent case. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo dot com.

  53. Andrea says:

    I need an attorney someone called in the case that was a false accusation and using my sisters name I talk to my sister I got the name from someone inside CPS telling my friends about this case. and also and ib the report is a domestic violence I had a case in December which I have press charges for aggrevatred assault on my exhusband who came to my house and did. I was not fighting at all I was laying down with this happened I just want my kids home and they cant give me the runaround tell me why I can have them.u

  54. Angela says:

    Hi i need to have another lawyer look over my case,I was falsy arrested back in nov,2011, was charged with Child negect, CPS took my daughter, I have proof that the person that made the 911 call was lieing cause he was mad at me. On top of all this the Terenated my rights for my daughter , but i have not signed anything my last court hearing is in sept. to complete adoption. Please someone help me. I love my kids, they are all i have this can not be it can anyone help me please.


  55. Stacy says:

    I need an attorney willing to take it all the way to the limit… I want to sue a Northern California Soc.Serv. CPS for taking my 4children 9 months ago and for not having just cause it was all based on A red tagged home which I was in the process of repairing and the kids and i were staying on the same property. we were staying in a fully self contained travel trailer that slept six comfortably and it was fully stocked with food and had all working house hold fixtures. The reason Failure to protect 300(b) state supporting facts are; longstanding substance abuse problem that renders them unable to provide for the regular care of their children. Evidenced by the child and her sibling,JC both being exposed to methamphetamine in -utero result being born tox positive and the other 3 children being removed from her parents care adjudicated dependents from sept 26,2007 until oct.1,2009 due to parents substance abuse.
    On june 28,2012 condition of home children live with the mother were found to suppose a substantial risk of serios physical harm or illness to child.
    Anyways their using an old case against me and they never looked at the trailer we were staying in even to this day or even aknowledge its existance. ofcourse we were not living in the red tagged home it was under construction. I fired my public pretender and filed a declaration of facts with the court yesterday. Hopefully all the lies and allegations are not proven to be fact by court now. They gave me another 2 weeks to find another attorney I desperately need help and want to sue and make civil lawsuits on the police for coming in my home without a warrant as well as cps and anyone and whoever else was involved with violating my civil rights and taking my kids without cause.. Please I am on a limited income with SSI and I need a lawyer that will fight hard and win with no money until we win cause I know this could be big.. My children are my world and the meaning for my existance.. I want my babies home. If you can help please contact me a.s.a.p..

  56. Stacy says:

    If you can help me or lead me in the right direction of someone who can and will help me contact me at delrios40[at]

  57. Lehua says:

    I left a message before, but I wanted to say that every time I get to visit my kids, I find out more negative things pertaining to their care. They also voice to the counselors that I am the best mom, the love me and want to come home. The counselor finally gave me some hope today, when she said “I can see your a good mom and I’m glad you’re getting a lawyer because the public attorney…(and she shook her head no). I desperately need help to get an attorney or ANY legal advice about this case, because what they are doing is FRAUD. All of the allegations on me were false, and the only reason I needed them in foster care was so I could get treatment for insomnia and I had no family local. Upon coming out (a week later) they tell me I have to follow protocol and go to 2-3 separate court dates. I was SHOCKED!! How could this happen? “Allegedly”, I am too spiritual and I force religion on my kids. No! We do Bible study every night for 30 minutes and I encourage them to pray often and to always know the Holy Spirit is in their hearts, and that they are never alone. They CHOOSE to accept Him into their hearts and they love learning about themselves and about this life and life to come.

    I never hit my kids, I dont drink or do drugs, I’m very neat and tidy, I’m responsible, cultured (from Hawaii and have traveled extensively), anyone that knows me can express that I am a good mom, and I always try to keep a positive disposition and be thankful for all things, because HE (God) has a plan, and I might not understand it right now, but I live by faith, and not by sight.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anyone, please email me with any information, tips, suggestions….even questions! I live in Tampa and need a lawyer and as MUCH info as possible, so that I know what I’m working with here. This, my friends, is the world we live in, and THIS is the reason why I rely on God so much; because most “men” are full of crap (meaning, they don’t look out for our best interest. Mostly just power and money. Best thing is to avoid those people). I hope this reaches someones heart. My email is lehuastouch at yahoo (dot) com.

  58. Lehua says:

    I will PAY!! MONEY, CASH, DOLLARS, DENIRO, PERA, KALA, RUPEES!! If any passionate, intelligent and well-rounded attorney sees this, especially in Tampa, please email me at lehuastouch at yahoo dot com and I’ll definitely consider you for my case. I need help ASAP. Thank you

  59. zeebs says:

    I have 40hours+audio/vidio/phonecalls/emails/paperwork/kidsvisits/Forensic interview. I have an attorney that is taking my civil rights case probono. I need help with my sex abuse appeal+suing them. Adams Co. Colorado. A news network has been contacted. The workers made a false allegation of sexual abuse based off my ex-girlfriends family history. Her and the her daughters have stated that this has not happened. Workers tried to base this off of the forensic interview (which they tried to hide from us). I’m now not special respondent. My civil rights case worker has filed a complaint as of this week. e e00000000cc. I understand that after an appeal there is usually a settlement. I don’t want to settle. wilson841984athotmaildotcom This is adams co colorado threezero3$%^3sixthreefour1six2

  60. Sam says:

    Need a lawyer in greater Detroit, Michigan.

  61. Lisa says:

    I am planning on suing CPS, making my case public, and writing a letter to someone don’t know who about what I believe they did wrong. I believe CPS has done illegal actions during my case. For example; the caseworker at the time threatened my sons father and I to sign the voluntary placement agreement, she said ” we would never see our son again if we didn’t sign it.” We took it to court, the caseworker who was present when that happened swore on the bible and lied on the stand saying “I don’t recall.” I have a list of more situations, I believe CPS is corrupt. My rights have been terminated and I am in the process of appeal. My court appointed lawyer is more on their side then mine. I am in the process of locating a lawyer to help me, guide me and support me through everything. I havnt seen my son in months, im not allowed to see him or call the foster home. CPS owes me about 10hrs of visit time, as of now they don’t give a shit whether I see my son. They discriminate against me because I am a drug addict. But I am a good mother, im not perfect but I love my son. Without my son there is a void in my life that cannot be filled, I am being torn apart. I cry constantly, im holding back tears right now, I cant remember the last time I was happy. I did everything they wanted me to do. I worked on my recovery, and still am. I was and I am now going to drug and alcohol counseling, im seeing a therapist. The only thing I didn’t do was give them a urine screen at the DSS building because I was uncomfortable with someone watching me, standing right in front of me for some reason I cant pee. I can pee fine at my house. I leave the bathroom door open and the caseworker sits at the table. She searches the bathroom before I pee. She knows this and she still insisted I pee at the DSS building. She was rude about it too when I told her I was nervous doing a urine screen at the DSS building. Anyways, I am a good mother, I believe CPS set us up for failure. Im going to do what I said I was going to do with or without your help. But I would greatly appreciate your time, and advice. You have no idea! All the lawyers I call give me a little advice and refer me to someone else. I need all the advice I can get. I don’t know what to do im clueless. I need guidance, and support. If not at least a little advice. I got a lot of dirt on CPS it’ll be worth your time! Email me and I will give you my number. mysunshine0988[at]

  62. Jodie says:

    Live in Jefferson Co Missouri case is in Franklin Co Missouri. Need lawyer have 4 kids in care and its been almost 4 years. I think I can also sue these people as well due to certain issues. you may call me at 314 7 two 4 59 one 2

    Thank you Jodi

  63. Amy says:

    CPS is very corrupt, our 3 children are in there custody me and my husband have done nothing wrong, a messy house due to some circumstances and maintence on the house.T his is so obsurd. They put it in my 9 yr olds head or bribed him or something to say that my husband hits him with the belt….hahaha thats funny cause my husband had recent surgery on his hands they are comming up with like 20 diffrent accusation against us that are completly false and I have ppl to back it up, they would not let us record it and would not show us pictures of what they suposedly found. Please contact me asap if you can help there is so much more involved we plan on sueing a doctor for malpractice and discrimination and cps for dicrimination and slander , and the emotiona agony of all this, something is really weird about all of this and not right they basically have kidknapped my children cause they have no reason to keep them but they are. my name is Amy my email is MissAmy0923 at yahoo dot com. and my number is five hundred and 20- three hundred and seventy-ninety two nineteen hid

  64. Lei says:

    Hi my name is Leila and CPS in AZ ILLEGALLY removed my children and is depriving my family of six children our civil liberties, under false accusations/assumptions and NO investigation, I really need help, theres BIG money in it for me and you, as any attorney, at the end of the day you can give back, and recieved, I was a target of CPS, due to ex abusive husband being released from prison for shooting people, and when child support came after him, the CPS calls started, I have my whole case record, Im no angel but I ALWAYS act in the best intrest of my chilren, as other women i have seen on here, CPS is forcing a man who was in prison for 7 years of his daughters’ lives in there lives like he has a right to be there, but its documented he abandoned them way back when in my CPS records. Please someone help! CPS in AZ has 70million plus $$ & are failing even worse, then they were! my email is Lfloreseight4one3 at gmaildotcom
    my phone number is sixohtwoo9threezero8fiveOeight!

    God bless and thanks for reading!

  65. Jeremy says:

    I need a lawyer. The CPS is winning simply because i cant afford their drug treatment programs. I have been clean for over 30 days with proof. ive had multiple U/As for court compliance. Have been to N/A meetings daily. I still have yet to have unsupervised visits. I cant even go home. I am homeless because of all of this… please help…

  66. joy says:

    due to miscomunication my 2yr old grandaughter got out our front door while she was thought to be napping. police and cps were called. i have been raising my grandaughter and her sister for almost 2yrs due to my daughter being unable to care for them. they interviewed my 6yr old grandaughter and my 6 yr old grandson at my neighbors house. when i arrived home from work my adult children told me what was going on. the cps worker told me they were taking my two grandaughters because i didnt have custody and because of the miscommunication that allowed her to get out. one incident and now our world is upside down. me my husband and my older daughter took their drug test. my husband came up positive. they told me he had to move out or i could lose my 12yr old son.they offered him services which he is willing to accept but have not followed through. my son wants his dad home (dad has never abused or neglected kids) he is a recovering addict who slipped. he is back to recovering . now they say they wont place the girls with me because i have a cps case yet i have no documentation that i have a case and they wont return calls or tell us what we can do to get dad and girls home . help cant afford much but will try just to save my family.

  67. joy says:

    my cps issue is in phoenix arizona.

  68. Brianne McClanahan says:

    I need legal advice, help finding a good attorney to fight cps in Tucson AZ. They are threatening the removal my two children on accusations. Any advice/help would help immensely Brianne1001[at]

  69. mario says:

    Just found out ending of last year that I possibly have a son his mother never told me about him he just turned 3 Feb 10 I found out his mom wound up on drugs and Cps got involved and took him and he is with his grandparents and their going to get custody the courts terminated my rights and I never knew about him and Cps won’t help because there friends with Cps and I really can’t afford a layer

  70. Ursula says:

    I am in Muskegon MI and am in dire need of an attorney. I am the maternal grandmother of my 4 grandchildren. They desperately need my help! No attorney will take my case.
    Please email me at the letter u underscore harris at yahoo dot com or contact at 7four0.2zeroseven.799eight