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Why the Child Protective Services Social Worker Isn’t Helping You – If you still think the Child Protective Services social worker should be trying to help you, read this article so you can gain more perspective on how they think.

Ted Visner’s Videos on How to Fight CPS – Ted Visner is a court watcher living in Michigan, dedicated to exposing courtroom injustice. Now he’s making videos to expose CPS.

Federal Bill: Restoration of Parental Rights and State Sovereignty Act of 2015 – a smokescreen bill with a title claiming to restore parental rights. This bill has nothing to do with TPR or the state sovereignty movement. A good example of the deceptive practices of legislators who misname their bills.

FightCPS Prayer Requests – if you need prayer, post your request here.

New FightCPS Site Design – just my notes on updating the site.

Who Can You Hire To Work On Your CPS Case? – beware of people using this site to try to make money illegally. Check out the credentials of anyone offering to help you.

Event: March 26, 2015 – Nancy Schaefer Memorial March – The march happened on the fifth anniversary of Nancy’s murder. A good activist activity… I would like to see it repeated in other cities around the USA next year.

Cell Phones – How Will CPS Caseworkers Use Them Against You? – this article isn’t new but I posted an update. The original article was from 2008. A lot changed since then so I thought the article could use a 2014 update.

Is CPS Using Your Past Against You? – if you’re surprised that CPS agents are using your long-distant past against you in a CPS investigation … don’t be. They do that all the time. Even if you’ve corrected your mistakes long ago, they will try to use them against you.

HHS Employee Wanted to Rape and Murder Children (Video) – an information technology specialist with top-security clearance in the US Department of Health and Human Services was convicted of various charges after it was found he was using a website to try to contact others who wanted to rape and murder children. Thankfully, this pervert will be in prison for the time being… hopefully a long, long time.

The Sheeple-Driven Child Welfare System, Brainwashing At It’s Finest Hour: CAPTA, TV, and Me – a bit of history about how I learned about child welfare services, the passing of the law that started it, CAPTA, in 1973, and the brainwashing of the American public to get them ready to turn people in to the child abuse hotlines.

Foster Children Mistreated in the System – a documentary film made in 2013 about three teenagers who had aged out of the Montana foster care system.

TPR Parents… New Networking Opportunity for Parents Who Have Been Through a Termination of Parental Rights – TPR Parents is an opportunity for parents who have lost their parental rights to network with one another.

A Call For Change, an Epic Poem by Activist-Dissident Joseph Sarandos – an epic poem written by Joseph Sarandos. He was the activist who helped me with my CPS case in 1989-90, and who taught me a lot of what I know about CPS. He passed away in 2010.

CPS Should Be Replaced by Law Enforcement – guest post by Ruthie, a former law enforcement employee.

CPS Medical Neglect Fraud – The Justina Pelletier Abduction – big news story: a fifteen year old child diagnosed with mitochondrial disease was forcibly removed from her parents after they took her to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Ideas for Changing CPS to Protect Families – a guest post by Cyndee Weir on ways to change the child welfare system.

I Never Make Phone Calls, Am Not Good With Email, and Don’t Make Attorney Referrals – so sorry I can’t do everything… but there’s a lot of information on this site that may help you learn to fight CPS in court and win.

Write the System! Tell the your story about the foster care system… – guest posting by an academic researcher who wants to know what family members think about foster care issues.

A Law to Put a Dent in CPS Child Trafficking – article by California’s original activist against CPS, Stephen K., with an idea for a law you might want to help establish in your state.

What To Do If You’re Depressed Over Losing Your Children to CPS – it is natural for parents to go into deep depressions when their children are kidnapped.

California’s Original Activist Against CPS: Stephen K. – if you want to learn a bit of history, or if you’re an activist wanting to learn how to change the laws of any state, this article by Stephen K. is a great read!

Video Evidence Against CPS – A Former Caseworker Exposes the Corruption – many thanks to Carlos Morales of Texas for his work to expose the corruption of child protective services.

Father Submits Video About CPS to the Operation Paul Revere Contest – fantastic documentary about the evil corruption of USA child welfare services.

Guestpost: FightCPS.Com is a Parent’s First Line of Support – an article by Sharon Joyce-Burns about how FightCPS.Com helps parents learn what to do when a child welfare services agent invades their life.

FightCPS Does NOT Endorse or Work With Bella’s Law or Other Paralegal Organizations or Businesses – a word of warning… be aware that there are predatory paralegals on the hunt for your money. They’ve been known to try to find new clients through the pages of this website, so if someone contacts you… be wary, and guard your funds.

Montana: Foster Parent Sentenced to Twenty Years for Foster Child Death – a Montana foster parent was sentenced for negligent homicide after a foster child in her care died from hyperthermia after being left alone in her car during the summer of 2011.

California: 1.4 Million Settlement for Mom Accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Kern County, California child protective services again must pay out over a million dollars for a false accusation of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. This is the second Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy lawsuit they’ve settled within a year.

New Facebook Group – we have a new official group on Facebook. Two of the moderators from our message board will be moderating the group.

Nebraska: Child Welfare “Inspector General” Speaks Out – Julie Rogers, the newly-appointed Inspector General for Child Welfare in Nebraska, gave a report on her preliminary findings to the legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee.

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