This is the guestbook for March 2013.

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11 Responses to FightCPS Guestbook for March 2013

  1. Milos Leubner says:

    I have always had problem with the recommendation to not post the names of social workers,judges ,attorneys for children who are the ones kidnapping your children. While i understand the concern some of us will have over potentional disclosure of anything what appears as weakening your position (especially while your kids are still in the system) at some ;point we have to consider the larger picture of which we are only a small part ,but part as small as one see oneself to be . One of many daily tragedies played out all over this country and some european societies (UK)
    There is nothing worse what can happen to a citizen ,and parent then when his children are kidnaped ,held against their and yours will,held in undisclosed location.,manipulated by strange adults with clearly criminal intents.. That is for no reasons what so ever or for something completely blown out of proportion just to serve the sick intents of perpetrators.
    If this is not text book description of kidnaping then what is ? If the circumstances and perpetrators of these crimes are know to you ,it seems to me that is your and mine duty as citizens ,to oppose and fight this subteranean filth with everything we got. The reports to Grand Jury can be done anonymously ,,if you realy feel that you have to do it.that way. It is my personal believe and experience that the social workers , attorneys for children are actually emotionaly sick people ,which is not a suprising at all , if one consider that 32.7% of all of our population has one or another form of mental disorder . As such they operate from the most primitive insticts just like stray,hungry dog or cat would ,they will keep on stealing and attacking you if you show them fear and if they smell blood of your injury.
    .And there is plenty of blood of soul flowing.
    .No matter what particular situation you are in ,you should and must realize using your rationality , that THEY are the bad guy ,even if they try to make you into a sinner ,even if judge is irresponsible enoug to rubber stamp their insane reports..
    We have to defend our Bill of Rights in all other ares as well , and this is a good place to start for all involved .Don’t use it – loose it!! That goes for filing in
    Federal court as well. – the first yard is always the hardest ,its a physicall law : ” Body in motion tends to stay in motion – body at rest tends to stay at rest.”
    Milos vonleubner[at]
    Thanks Linda for everything ,there are no words ,,just silent ,deep gratitude

  2. tanya says:

    Where do I begin…last yr I July cps got involved cause my ex got pending terriozing chrgs against. So what started out after him turned into both of us. False statements were made but needless to say “no services required” as they would say. Then a few months later in November I had a siezure while a friend and ex friend were at my house. When I came out of the seizure I seen something that shoulldnt have been going on so I kicked this ex friend out and that next week had cps at my door cause she called me in that next day saying I overdosed. By the time the cps worker left he stated “u r doing a fantastic job”. Well now in Feb I went in to see my doc then ran a drug test and results came back positive so doc faced over my medical records to cps so they went up to school visited with my kids I had to be the one to call them. Asked him if he wanted to cone over to the house he said no just stop in. So I did about a month ago. I hadn’t heard anything so I decided to call today he trolls me” I dont think its going anywhere but lets go ahead and do a drug test. He hasn’t even worked my case said he was short handed. I don’t know what tobdo anymore. I’m in parenting classes my kids get a’s and B’s I’m on my youngest policy council for her headstart. That sad thing is I just got out of a very very abusive relationship of 6 yrs and evettime the cops got called every beating I took not once did those cps workers come and now that Im trying to do it on my own they wont leave me alone. And at that this damnable doctor seen my kids 2 weeks prior and never once was I questioned or did she act concerned about it. So I called the hippaa law people and they said she cant do that so I have a law suit in prusuit as we speak but what do I do about this damnable cps people.

  3. concerned grandparent says:

    told about my self in Feb guest…I beat cps and won my case about 3years ago. Just refer me to my4girls

    • sheila says:

      what state are you located in I am helping my son fight CPS and need all the help I can get. Prior to this I was stupid and did not know my rights when they let my son get assaulted on school grounds child on child. I reported this when it occurred and (3) yrs later I ended up in court with a lot of false allegations. Much smarter now I know my rights before I did not know my rights

  4. archie64ss says:

    I am looking for California Juvenile court cases for reference and ideas. I am also looking for federal court civil complaints about CPS for the same reasons. To help in my fight against false allegations, local police kidnapping children without warrents, exigent circumstances, parental approval, or any medical emergency , CPS corruption and vilations of the law. A quick synopsis and case number for access would be very helpfull. ICWA cases would be very extremly useful. I have access to PACER.

  5. Catherine says:

    concerned grandparent says:
    March 5, 2013 at 7:29 pm
    told about my self in Feb guest…I beat cps and won my case about 3years ago. Just refer me to my4girls

    Would love to connect with you, I am going to court this week to fight for 2 granddaughters, already have their stepsister…………

  6. auntie sue says:

    Need help..have a nephew who is going up for adoption very soon..he has family members who want to adop ever the department of children and family services has never acknowledge any of the family members who want to adopt him.they have even gone thru the adoption home study and passed..he has two family members that want him..the department doesnt acknowledge us and neither does the judge..we have written many letters..please help..any suggestions out there??? he needs to be with family who love and want him!! i would be able to understand if he had no famly members..but he does!!!

  7. Everyone in the Family Court System knows the following facts: (1) Child Protective Services (“CPS”) works closely with the international child pornography industry (intermingled with the international fashion business/reality television show business/homosexual rights business) and supplies these child pornographers and sex abusers with a steady supply of neglected kids; (2) Child Protective Services (“CPS”) working with the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) then covers up instances of child abuse all over the United States of America and the world, with the help and assistance of corrupt local Family Court Judges, and local court appointed Law Guardians; (3) the multi-billion dollar international child sex and child porn industry is based and headquartered in the United States, and there are more child molesters, homosexual child predators, and child sexual abusers within the Family Court System then in any court system in the world – why else would anyone work for $25,000 a year to be around little kids, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; (4) the number of child sexual offenders working within the Family Court System is currently epidemic, and they completely and totally dominate the Family Court system to keep protective parents away from being able to protect their own kids – it is worse than the Catholic Vatican System ever was.

  8. Lucky says:

    My CPS trouble began when I was in Ky state custody at 14 for running away from home. I had become pregnant during my running away time before I was apprehended.
    I was kept prisoner in a Florence Critendon Home for unwed mothers and not allowed to go home with my baby. I went home once and the social workers came to my home and took me and baby back to the Florence Critendon Home. They said it was because I was still on probation. I finally gave in to the pressure and signed the papers. They let me go home and I never heard from them again. Not a phone call from a social worker or anything. I suffered from Post Tramatic stress disorder for years.

    CPS, Department of Social Services, DHSR, whatever you want to call it, they are evil. My son found me 28 years later. He was born in 1982. His parents were wealthy and had told him how much money they paid to adopt him from the state. Before they adopted him he was in foster care for 6 months. He became sick repeatedly, (I read the records that he showed me) and had to go to the hospital over and over. He was born pre-mature and I breast fed him for 2 months and then switched him to formula because of problems I was having, but he was never sick. I have a strong relationship with my son now and I consider myself very lucky and sometimes we feel like we should write a book or share our story somehow. Since that time the state has only gotten worse. Things have got to change.