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49 Responses to Post here if you need a CPS defense lawyer – February 2013

  1. kellye says:

    need representation in the state of oklahoma

  2. Danielle says:

    Need Defense lawyer against DCS in Anderson or Blount County TN ASAP…

  3. Crystal says:

    I am looking for an attorney in the Knoxville Tn. area to fight DCS, who took my children Feb. 24th 2012 using false alligations. I have spent 10 months in jail and a year away from my 2 young children but now I am out and ready to fight with everything I have to get my kids home. Please help me.

  4. Anne says:

    I need an attorney to advise me on CPS investigation.

  5. Matthew says:

    I am facing allegations of child neglect in Louisiana. I have extremely limited funds and cannot make contact with a public defender. My judicial hearing is set for tomorrow. Please help me, my children have already been removed from my home.

  6. latasha says:

    I need an an attorney in virginia. I believe my rights were violated. Misconduct on a level i have never heard of before. On Jan. 5 cps was called on me in retaliation. The CPS worker (CW) reported to me and my husband that I would only be able to have supervised visitation due to founded case of neglect in 2008. This information was reported falsely. CW explained that because of this fact I would have to agree to a placement plan for the children or CPS would make steps to placing the children in fostercare.My estranged husband attempted to inform CW that she was reporting my sisters case mistakenly. She explained that “based on our report you are being investigated for neglect but due to past removal of N in 2008 you will only be allowed supervised contact with your children”. after making several attempts to correct the cw and requesting that she contact her supervisor the cw made no reasonable efforts to prevent the removal of my children with their absent father. On Jan. 9th Mr. Williams, supervisor at Norfolk DSS contacted my employer and notified them of my investigation and requested that I be removed from all current and future cps referrals. On Jan 10 I was terminated from my employer. CPS worked under the coloroflaw to intimidate and prevent me form enjoying employment. On Jan 14 CW disclosed federally protected cps report information to my husband and his mother. after pleading with the cw to stop divulging deflamitory information to my family I requested for to speak with her supervisor. Her supervisor reported that she was investigating my allegations and that she would get back with me but to date I have heard nothing. Please help. This should never happen to anyone. ever. Call me 757threefour80four56.

  7. Kirsten J says:

    I need an attorney. I am suing a cps investigator for breach of child confidentiality. I have full custody of my children as my ex terminated all rights 6 years ago and I was investigated (and cleared) by cps and told the investigator by law he could not call my ex. He did so anyway and gave my ex information about the children that is private and privileged. I have check NC state law, the parental rights were terminated, he had no right to speak to my ex especially since he was aware parental rights were terminated and neither child has seen him in over 2 years and they do not speak to him.

  8. Tina says:

    I need to talk to an attorney as i believe cps has a vendetta against me due to a false accusation made against me. I have the necessary documentation to prove they are tampering with drug test results. I just need to speak to someone about how to go about taking them down they are making accusations i can prove are not true.

  9. Erika says:

    looking for a defense lawyer in cochise county AZ. Long story short our hearing date is march 14th. Please contact me at Erika17300 at thank you.

  10. LaTasha says:

    Please. This is post number three and I have not had any success in finding an attorney. I think I have a federal lawsuit as my local social services department called my employer to notify them of my investigation and to request I be removed from my cases. As a result I was terminated. The cps worker continues to use false statements to attempt to turn people against me and resently release confidential information in my file to other family members with the intention of inciting my family to speak against me. Then she reported that she has found the initial allegations to be unfounded but added that she has found additional cause for a neglect charge. They are trying to intimidate me but i have already filed an appeal. What do I do next. I now that I have done nothing wrong and that at this point cps is just searching for a way to make me appear to be a bad parent. I just can’t beleive that this is still America. I can’t believe that these tactics are allow to be practiced in America. Please someone. Anyone. Contact me. I am ready willing and able to take this to the highest court. Call me seven five seven 3four8zero45six.

  11. latasha says:

    Desprite in virginia. please respond. Do you know of anyone who I can talk to in virginia.

  12. latasha says:

    GM. I am open to any suggestions. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. God Bless.

  13. patti says:

    my granddaughter stolen from my daughter w/out due process. i have evidence cps and local drug screening lab falsify results to make accused test positive for illegal drugs.

  14. Jennifer says:


    I not only know that CYS falsified their investigation, but have proof. The presiding judge dismissed eye witness testimonies proving the falsification of the allegations, but willing accepted false testimony. The presiding judge has ruled unethically to the point of telling me what I can and can not do in the confines of my own home. This judge issued a PFA on my ex-husband to have him removed from the home of his mother where my children reside due to physical, and verbal outbursts related to his schitzophrenia. The same judge then dropped the PFA upon his release from jail and allowed him back into the home where he terrorized my children and ex-mother in law. I have two separate cases both listed with the same judge and he has removed all of my children from my care without a single shred of evidentiary proof that I am in any way unfit, until now. CYS falsified their documents and investigation, wrong dates, no services offered to me, listed their reasoning for indicated abuse, as stress and marginal parenting skills. I raised all of my children until they were 5 years old, on my own, and was more then a capable and competent parent, enough to lay the foundation of their lives for 5 years before entering school for 8 hours a day. This statement was solely based on an opinion and not anything factual. I had but one meeting with the CYS case worker, to which I had a witness present in my home as well as recorded the entire questioning. I have audio recordings of my children with dates, times, and agreement for the recordings where my youngest son tells the story of how his eye got bruised and his head closed in a car door by his father’s girlfriend’s daughter. He admits I never touched him and he was told to tell everyone a story that mommy hit him. All of the adults involved tell the same account because their story is a lie that they can remember. My son, however, was unable to keep the lie consistant with that of the adults and was disproven. The CYS made numerous errors on their paperwork because they are falsifying information. Although I am appealing the decision, I know it will take months and my son is now in the hands of a convicted abuser, and is developing mental issues that were never present. I need help prosecuting the Pennsylvania, local CYS agency and a corrupt Judge. I am not the only case but I want to my voice and story heard. I want my children home, where they are loved and wanted, and safe. I want these organizations exposed and changes made, not only for me and my children, but for other families that have been victimized by the corruption of the Berks County CYS and judicial system. I have proof of civil rights violations, and political corruption. No attorney locally will stand up for the injustice.
    Please contact me if you are an attorney that can and will fight a local government that has a long standing history of corruption. I have the documented proof, if you have time to make a change.

  15. Summer says:

    I need a lawyer in DE. DFS has gotten completely out of hand. They are intentionally falsifying evidence while on the phone with me. They are very ugly and rude when they communciate with me, telling me the false things that they are going to document. They will not listen to anything that I say. They are attempting to cost me my job by contacting coworkers of mine. My email is mixandmatch316 at

  16. k and t says:

    My finace and I are foster parents to my neice. We also have 3 small children of our own.We were recently accused of using methanphetamines and neglecting to keep a safe and clean home. Cps removed my neice a placed her in another foster home and they put a “safety plan” into action for our bio children and placed them temporarily with friends. We have been falsly accused and now 4 small chiildren as well as us adults have been traumatized by the agency we were led to believe were here to benefit children whom cannot care for them selves. We are pretty tight on finances and need an attourney to help us though this process

  17. catherine says:

    I am wanting looking for an attorney to sue the city of san antonio and cps for 10 million dollars for pain,emotional disstress,slandering our names,false statements and removing 4 of my grandchildren. They got adopted and I want them BACK!!! I Am I Mad Grandmother!!
    I have 11 grandkids and they took 4…

  18. catherine says:

    It is hard to have the other 6 grandkids and not the other 4….. please help me!!!

  19. Finn says:

    A local deputy Sheriff legally kidnapped my granddaughter with the conspired help of local agencies and law enforcement and abused her. After five months and every cent we had, we got her back. The FBI told us to get an attorney, but have no money left. We are grateful to have her safely home but need help. One wrong move and she could be taken again.

  20. Dave says:

    I need help in Northern Virginia, anonymous accuser, most of the complaint found invalid so far but they still want home/child access.

  21. Jacquelyn says:

    Please help get our 2 babys back from these damn cps kidnappers. Were in Riverside, Ca and they have lied, falsified info, and lead us in a circle jerk. We have completed all and they still want to take them away. Please help we go to trial on march 7, 2013 there is so much more they have done I cant begin to describe it. Im contacting the federal gov because i dont know what to do. jacquelyn.self[at] PLEASE HELP!!!

  22. Jennifer says:

    my 5yr old has made some solid statements of sexual abuse to more than 4 individuals, separately. mom has a history with cps. father has served prison time,arson,burgurlry ,3 vusca’s obstructing officer, 4 dv(.2 were placed by the state) cps ordered girl be placed back with father and mother who sought protection now reduced to 2hr visits ixwk. without being investigated. I feel I have been involved in a conspiracy for long now I’m certain and have no way to prove though It could be done. cps needs exposure for their misconduct and defamation and Straight negligence protecting.

    and mandated reporters
    occasions All incedences were reported and investigation of one made to mother and another whitness was investigated and closed within 12hrs. Father of child has custody and mother has been reduced to 2 hrs.week with child because of history with cps. I am .

  23. Sarah says:

    Need an attorney asap in Arkansas. Please Help me? My husband kidnapped my two baby girls and when he had them they were placed in CPS’s control. I don’t have legal representation or a court appointed attorney because in the state of Arkansas, they only issue legal counsel to the parent that had the children taken. I am broke & have exhausted all my resources trying to find my daughters What do I do? PLEASE HELP ME?

  24. Jason says:

    My fiance and I need a lawyer to fight a cps case in Morrison county Minnesota. Money isn’t a problem and we will pay top dollar for the right attorney. Please contact me asap we are coming up on a year now of our children being in Foster care and there is talk of terminating our rights. Please we need help asap.


  25. chrystina says:

    on oct 7th 2010 my 3 children where removed for what may or may not happen, my children where never abused or mis treated, in any way.durring this time i had a forth child, i did what was asked and yet they still denyed my kids coming home my youngest who was born 1-5-2012 was adopted out to the foster mom i tryed to appeal the ruling but failed, i am a very good mom my kids had everything they needed they had good grades were allway in school in after school activitys, they never been hurt by anyone they were my life. i fee like they did not return my children like they said they were going to because they wanted to adopt my baby out. i have proof stating that they where going to start family matance for me, but when i went to court it was totally the oppisite . i have my parental rights still for my three oldest, is their anything i can do to get them back???? please help someone i tryed soo hard to get help from the local law agencys but to no avail. i wasn’t chargded with anything, i have only one misstamenor charge on my record which is from 2002 , i completed all the requirements for the judge and got off probation two years early. i only wanted to be a mom that was my life’s goal, and they took my life from me by taking my children

  26. chrystina says:

    i live highland ca akawidow1331.self. at posted above comments re: oct7th2012

  27. Tanyelle says:

    I need a CPS defense attorney who can hopefully help with a civil suit against CPS, they have admitted wrong yet tell me my boys can’t come home. My appointed attorney is really dragging her feet, I feel like she’s intintionally procrastinating in hopes that I will just get frustrated and give up my kids. I NEED HELP PLEASE!

  28. michael says:

    i need help asap i need a lawyer that specializes in cps cases please help us my daughter was only 4 days old when removed need council before it is too late

  29. Michelle says:

    my children have been adopted by potential extended family i wasnt allowed to attend any of court schedules up until last two ,when the attorney representing me stated “well at this point there is nothing i can do for you ” when they failed to properly search for me in justice system i need help i feel i was wrongly accused or dismissed as a bad parent when at time i had no knowledge of their whereabouts and not by choice

  30. Joe says:

    Need a good cps lawyer in Redding CA
    five threee zero three three five four four four four

  31. Randy says:

    Before it is too late for all of us some organization needs to bring all of us together to hear our voice! Is there such an organization. We need to all put our money behind one lawyer team to stop this abuse! We each may not have enough money to make a change but together we should be able to make it happen. Watching this raping of American families is not something I worked my entire life to live through. A daycare turned in my daughter because my grandson had 5th disease and now they are trying to take my reasons for living. After raising four beautiful daughters I never thought I would have all my grandchildren stolen from me by these unregulated paid hit men! I cannot be proud to be an American when we are in control of these terrorists.

  32. Kelly says:

    Us poor people don’t stand a chance against cps no matter how much we do to make things right without the help of someone in the legal field. I will trade everything I own for a legal representative who will help us. the caseworker is out to get the mother & family. we r in Phoenix and the caseworker has even removed the children from the family member who was caring for them please help

  33. Dorothy says:

    Need help from lawyer near Olean to Buffalo NY. 585 nine six nine 81 two two. Please help me.

  34. Nichole says:

    I’m looking for an attorney for my brother in California. The mother of his son has Borderline Personality Disorder and the baby was taken away at 3 mos old due to her dropping him in the middle of a busy street. My brother wasn’t there. They took her to a psychiatric hospital and her parents took her out. She is very manipulative and turned everything around on my brother and he ended up the “bad guy” during the whole time his son was in foster care. CPS ended up giving her full custody of the baby. We need help fixing this situation because I feel like my brothers rights and our rights as the paternal family were violated. CPS tried to distance us from the baby and even told us “we were going to do away with the whole fathers side”. My brother, who did nothing wrong, now gets one day a week supervised visits while the mother, who caused the situation has full custody and is trying to move the baby out of state. This makes no sense to me. Please help.

  35. cricket says:

    NYS. mother signed what she was told was a 10 release of child to non relative. giving time for family to gather and decide where child should reside until mother heals.mother is now being told that child has to remain with this non relative care giver and cps has giving this person ALL say over childs visits with family of child. CPS making false alligatioins against grandmother and others. Mother and fathers family are working together for the childs best interest. CPS false reporting, false

  36. Sissy says:

    Moved to CA from Midwest with my children
    We were staying at a reputable motel franchise.
    Not very expensive but not a cheap fleabag hole in the wall either. I had been having off and on seizures for a few yeard and finally was able to get get medical care. My Doc made arrangements for me to be seen at the hospital for mri exam. My kids ages are 10 & 2.5
    I had been gone for under 2hrs. Next thing I know a got a policewoman calling me on my cellphone, yelling at me to return immediately or CPS would be called. I got back less than half an hour, and my kid’s had been detained. Right now their pushing for adoption.

  37. LITA says:

    Looking for an attorney in North Carolina or that can practice here. Major & repeat violation of civil rights; Racism; CPS & Judicial system; single parent of 6; I have been battling this alone in this southern state for over 2 years. please help!!

  38. I need a attorney in texas to file a article 78 for my client who lost the administative hearing because lawyer did not prepare. Her zipcode is tx75143. She only has 4 months to file and now has about 2 months left to do so.

  39. aj says:

    been having trougle with a cps worker who acts like a nazi this is over homeschool issue with a handicapped daughter who came home from school with brusies from an aide we called police and went to school district they did nothing,we removed our child and started to homeschool her the school claims educatiional neglect constant harassment for 5 months need an attorney she comes even though we told her dont coome back without a court order this cps worker has told me she is above the law help please 716 four three zero six 7five 8

  40. michelle says:

    desperately seeking attorney for cps case as unofficiated joint managing conservator, children removed from mother and the father of other child, and custodial rights, civil rights, fathers rights, parental rights, etc children with maternal aunt temporaily, and we want to get our child and her sister asap, fight back against the system, we have a jurisdiction issue, and false allegations, they are violating law after law.. please help mbrinson76 at eight17 seven163791

  41. Jennifer says:

    I need a lawyer to defend me against neglect charges.
    Justpeachykeen82 at gmail DOT com
    7three4 seven8eight 8five8one

  42. Jennifer says:

    Sorry I am in Michigan the case is out of Wayne county and they keep trampling on my rights by way of removing my court appointed lawyer just before trial.

  43. david says:

    Looking for a lawyer to help me kid back iam a single father i have a good job iam a ilwu member and i need help

  44. Diane says:

    hi my name is diane im a 25 yr old mother my kids are 5 an 8 yrs old . i need help with a lawyer asap i have a hearing set for march 20th.. i know with a lawyer i can get my kids back at this hearing, everything they have is based on lies ive had dealings with dhs before due to pissed grandparents an all cases have been dismissed ive talk to our state reps. an they have told me that they get calls from my town all the time an its the same story everytime they are using our families to legally traffic our babies.. i want to first get my kids back an if need be find another lawyer an sure dhs an cps for damages an so forth i want to set up classes an a call line to inform our people of laws an amendments laws an there rights so they can be informed before this happens to them.. i just need help getting my kids back at the adjudication hearing march 20th 2013 ive done everything they wanted to me ive never missed court or an appointment or visit they have put my son in kinship an they have stared to brain wash him an its effecting my case an my son mentally please help me stop these monsters so i can there fore help other families.. thanks you an my cell is five-eight-zero 786 eight five nine four.. if u can help in anyway please call me day or night

  45. Rex says:

    I need to go back and overturn a court case in Montana

  46. Crystal says:

    TO:Jacquelyn Get a better lawyer post pond it for as long as possible do extra to show what your doing,it’s all about your lawyer not what your doing CPS are kidnappers!Fight and win I did every time until I was drugged an forced to sign!Write to the judge make a report to internal affairs.

  47. Crystal says:

    TO:aj CPS were invent by nazi’s Fact your kid has a bruise and they are blaming you say no more to them only talk to the judge then make damn sure you have a really good lawyer whom works to Fight CPS and Win.You know you have a good one when they tell you how they can get them matter what you do you did nothing wrong!

  48. Crystal says:

    To: Sissy I went through the same thing no judge will terminate in his right mind without due process.Find family who can take them they have to give them back to family.Know your rights tell a counselor to discuss your parental rights.Find personal doctor that can asset to your medical problems.Find good support group a friend or church.Have a job or check coming in,don’t say anything to CPS without a lawyer present ever.This is the first rule CPS will not stop you have to stop them,be assertive and file reports against the department with internal affairs online.Anything they said to you documented because that is what they are doing to you and report everything they do!Have a really good lawyer or they will never stop!!!!SUE them!!!!

  49. sharon says:

    cps took my kids 2 years ago have done everything they wanted court lawyer dint help at all but know the foster mother reported I was hurting my 6 year old but all the bumps are just kids being kids an I took pics of marks that my kids showed up with my 10 year old had a black black an blue mark on his back I reported it I think the foster mother is the one hurting my kids. the judge just ruled adoption im about to loose 5 of my kids im being framed..i need to fight it I dint hurt them an my kids want to bad to come home..