This is the guestbook for February 2013. You’re welcome to tell us about yourself and why you’re here. Do not use your last name on this site. Do not mention social worker names, judges, GALs, etc..

If you want feedback on your case, register at the Fight CPS Message Forum where there are advocates and activists waiting to hear from you. Please note it may take 10 to 48 hours to get your message board account approved. We need to approve them all individually.

All guestbook comments are removed from the site after six months, for privacy. If you’re sharing information you want the site to keep in archives, please post it on the message board.

Please do not use your full real name. It is okay to make up a name to use on this site.

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2 Responses to FightCPS Guestbook for February 2013

  1. concerned grandparent says:

    I Have my four grandchildren that I finally adopted after almost 15 months of fighting for them in court. DHHR has no concern for the welfare of the children. They have their favorites and that’s the way it is. The benefits are what these people are after and they don’t care about the child’s welfare or concerns. After all the months I NEVER got clothes, toys, or even the items I bought for them during the visits. I was told by the girls they were not allowed to have anything I bought. Go figure. Proud Grandparent/parent of my four little girls. Adopted WV now three years.

  2. Anouk says:

    I dealt with CPS in California after I disclosed the sexual abuse of my daughter by her father. It was horrifying but we survived. It has been almost 15 years now. I have a lot of experience
    and want to be proactive in changing the role that CPS plays and the power they have over our families.
    Thank you for putting up this website.