There’s a petition about Child Protective Services (CPS) abuse of power on the Whitehouse.Gov petition site. See: Address Legal Kidnapping across the United States By The Over Powered CPS.

Take a look, and if you agree, you might want to sign it. The petition has just started, with only five signatures. It was made by a parent who reads this site. 145 more signatures are needed for this petition to be made public. After that, the goal is 25,000 signatures by December 13, 2012 in order for Whitehouse staff to review the petition.

Please tell everyone you know. Let’s focus on getting this one seen.

The petition about CPS abuse of power explains that families are being abused by state CPS and family courts in the USA, and that civil rights have been violated in family court. It says that due process rights and constitutional rights are violated routinely by CPS and all others associated with the juvenile court system.

It states that court appointed attorneys in CPS cases do not provide enough help to the families involved.

It mentions that CPS workers are known to have falsified documents in juvenile court and have lied to judges in order to win their cases.

What is requested? The creator of this petition ends by requesting a full investigation into abuses of the child protection industry.

Do you agree? If so, please sign this petition.

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15 Responses to Petition About CPS on Whitehouse.Gov – November/December 2012

  1. Gloria says:

    Leave our children alone. They belong to be with their original parents. Stay out of their lives.

  2. Gloria says:

    Leave our children alone. The govenment has no business being in our children’s business.

  3. Rufus says:

    The CPS case worker I had was very unprofessional and didn’t care about what was going on, just what she wanted to be. She lied on my son by taking his words and made it what she wanted it to be, she lied on me and had me removed from my own home for 8 months now. She put my family and I in financial difficulties in which we might loss our home, causing me to miss two needed important surgeries and really doesn’t care about what she’d done. Our amendment rights where violated by sending police over when she wanted and kept threaten us by tell us, she’ll take our kids away from us if we didn’t do what she wanted (kissing her Ass). If It’s for the benefit for the kids, why my kids HATE her for what she’d done and betraying my kids trust.

  4. Sarah says:

    I have no faith in in CPS

  5. Michelle says:

    Read my story by clicking on my name. It will take you to my blog, although not every little details of CPS’s bad behavior has been revealed about what they have done to us so far, it will provide you with an overview. I would love for other parents, especially in Texas, help get our stories heard so something can be done to stop CPS from having so much power.

  6. Diane says:

    Please do not give up and keep repeating the petitions. I will do what I can to try to get more signatures. We can’t ever give up and must keep faith in God.

  7. rosie says:

    Please start the petition.

  8. rob says:

    Now its our turn this needs to stop please do this petition I am I care about my family and I care about yours it dissent matter who you are can and might happen to you this is going to stop starting today strength comes in numbers they say we don’t care then let’s show them we do its been too long I care luck love and faith let’s do this

  9. Marybeth says:

    I need lawyer that will help me fight CPS

  10. Ralph says:

    Please sign this new petition since the other one expired. Thank you.

  11. Sharen says:

    Please put the petition back on so we can sign it. Can’t find it on the above link. Please post the petition to Facebook where I sign all my other petitions.
    DSS Social Workers at the hospital exaggerated and had my child placed in another psychiatric hospital. He was placed in 5 one after the other. He never came home to visit. When in foster care, they never had him call but once every 3 months. The visits were very infrequent and supervised. Afterwards he was placed in Foster Care for 2 years. I lost him for 5 yrs. altogether and a very long time. The Social worker in Boston Children’s Hospital lied and exaggerated and asked me many questions which were already asked by DSS. As a result SW wrote up more 51A’s in the medical records so I couldn’t get my child back. Get your medical records right away. I was so traumatized that I didn’t think of it until now. The Psychotherapist placed my son in that Hospital as soon as he got out of another psych hospital because she said he looked depressed. DSS made us attend that appt. My son was so angry and didn’t want to go back into another and he never even got a break and wasn’t able to play outside or visit his friends. Yes, he was depressed from having to live in their Psych hospitals for many years. If there’s a problem with negative kids and bullying in Boston Public schools they never address it and blame the parents. I was nice and let them into my house and I didn’t have to and didn’t know this. They violated many of our rights. The court appointed lawyer didn’t help and I knew I didnt do anything wrong so didn’t think there would be a problem, boy was i wrong. See what lawyers have written about them below. They tried to place my son up for adoption and sent a legal letter on his birthday. I was shocked, I didn’t do anything wrong! I only hit my child once! He was bullied at school and they never addressed the REAL issue. They never talked to the Principal. They put all the blame on the parents as to why he didn’t want to go to school. I did everything on their Service Plans and they refused to give me back my child. They tried to take my parental rights in court and said there was sexual abuse which there was none. They tried to blame sexual abuse on the father and my son’s friend. The Judge closed the case, yet we are on the Central Registry. We tried to do foster care and the DSS report states that we are criminals just because DSS and their team of lawyers took us to court. The father and I never had any previous police record. I can’t get any Human Services or State jobs. I had been told to by Social Worker exaggerate the truth or DSS couldn’t help us. I want a petition written so I can have our names removed. It’s been over 12 yrs since our child was released to his Grandparents.
    DSS still has a record of it when there should be a statue of limitations and shouldn’t prevent you from getting jobs in a poor economy.
    So many families hit their kids and get away it and never get punished. Why should we be singled out just because I went to ask for help from a Social Worker ? Instead of her helping, everything was used against us. That’s dishonest. Don’t punish me, because I asked for help.
    See Dirty Tricks

  12. anitra says:

    Where is the petition to the white house..i would like to sign it.

  13. anitra says:

    Cps is not for families its a business…this system is destroying lives…government needs to get involved..workers lie to have children removed..dont talk to cps without a lawyer.

  14. Spring says:

    Please contact me with legal information if possible. I have already talked to CPS without an attorney. We have an attorney, on retainer, that happens to be the workers attorney as well. This means we cannot use our defense attorney at all, and have no recources to hire another. The sexual alligations were proven false in forensic interviews and an invasive medical exam on my 3 year old daughter. Her father is still not able to see his daughter, speak to her on the phone or come into his own home. Now, they are saying the potential of domestic violence is an issue and they could remove her if I stay. Mind you there is no physical abuse in the home and there has been some emotional in the past, but we are working through those things in counseling. We love our daughter very much. I really have no idea what to do from here. My mother and sister reported me out of retaliation.

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