California: Ex-Judge Blows the Whistle on CPS Injustice

A former California judge has gone to the press and said, “What I found is this justice system is about dollars, and it isn’t about justice.”

Deann Salcedo, a former family court judge, says she was given forty hours of training in Monterey County and taught that if a divorcing woman says her husband was molesting the children, not to believe her. Because of this bad training, she gave a molester custody of his children.

Here at FightCPS I frequently hear from women in this situation. They say their ex molested their child, they have clear statements from the children, yet the judges are giving the molesters custody of their children!

The truth is now out in the media thanks to KTTV in Los Angelos, which is starting a new series, “Lost in the System”.

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  1. nancy says

    well here is a twist I was kinship care giver and those social workers gave me so much hell they lie,then kept medical services away so I couldnt take the kids to the dr.It drove me crazy in order for them to get there care I had to give them up and it broke my heart,now there in a stranger foster home when I tryed to confront the worker in court i almost got arrested Im in search of a lawyer who would help me sue the pants of the state ,I was recovering from back surgery to make matters worse Im mentally damaged from it seeing a Dr now

    • says

      Nancy, I don’t know if you’ll get your grandchildren back… but let’s hope the parents will. I’ve known people to start getting SSI due to mental damage from CPS cases.

  2. Tresia says

    I too am a Grandmother of 3 children that have been taken from mother and then the father and my grand daughter was given to her father and he still has her and he is ten times as bad and these 3 three little children should have been given to ME and kept them together and yes CPS LIES and LIES on everyone involved everyone and NO ONE will love these 3 children like I do and can for ever and ever AMEN Im dead inside and I cant even begin to understand how these three babys feel inside when they were put into the lives of strangers that DO NOT hug and kiss them with true love for them they are just being feed and put to bed no one should ever allow these kids to be put through this kind of emotional abuse that CPS does to familys .I am sickened by the system and I cant even begin to put it into words of how unless a CPS worker (which is a NO BODY with power) and a judge that cant see how this works makes me sick I have NO NO NO faith in our system like I said there is not even words to begin to explain how this feels to walk around DEAD inside with out your grandchildren for christmas easter thanks giving halloween and when there birthday comes around and they are gone still its very sickening im hanging on by air and feel like my life is over now NO ONE no one in the system cares NOT A ONE they dont call you back they make up things when you do talk to them and they are incharge of all these kids future WOW WOW WOW man all I can say is there is more hate for CPS than there is anywhere else on this earth and very well deserved hate ,.. 951-330-5757 this is riverside county banning office and if anyone can call we can do something about this help me help you lets DO SOMETHING

  3. c.v. says

    My case has been ongoing for 2yrs now n I have completed everything required of me n they r now trying to sever my rights.. they keep using my fiances past n he has done just about everything they have ordered of him its sad that they use our children as a blackmarket of selling children these workers make 83000 for. Each adoption they make so sad that instead of. Keeping the family together they split up familes cps should help familes not hurt them ..

  4. Terri says

    This is a prime example of what I went through. My ex was charged with sexual exploitation and contributing to a minor “after we divorced. He tried to get custody of our daughter, it cost me so much emotionally and financially fighting him for almost 5 years because the judge gave him 50/50 timeshare. (he was in the military and a teacher)

    He physically assaulted our daughter three times and he was still allowed unsupervised visits.

    I believe in Karma when there is no Justice.. The Judge and my Ex were both arrested within 24 hours of each other.. The Judge was charged with Corruption and my ex was arrested for two counts of sexual contact with a student.

    At least this Judge speaking out has remorse for her actions.. I can assure you the one on my case has none because he’s worse than satan himself..

  5. Marilyn Yamamoto says

    Jeff’s comment was just as inappropriate as Judge Salcedo’s ruling. ALL allegations of abuse by a parent should be investigated and confirmed or unsubstantiated.

  6. Neverending says

    Eventually all this crap will come to a head! It is in every society through all of history. Ying and the Yang, reap what you sow, goes around comes around, sit by the river long enough and you will see your enemies float past you, etc…

  7. Mark t says

    The cps pigs don’t need to be jailed, NO, they should be tried for the crime of MURDER. You see, to forcibly rip apart a family is just like killing a living being or entity. This is because a family as a whole fits the definition of a conscious living organism. ERGO 1).A family autonomously declares its own creation. 2).It has its own collective immune defense system that allows it to ward off and defend itself against outside attack, and then to repair and heal itself afterward and to even refine glitches within its own body politic to solidify family loyalty and further fortify itself from learned enemies. 3).It develops and grows in stages and is self-aware, with the mature family becoming independent and needing NO external governance, with the family assembly more resembling a micro nation-state, if you will. 4).Its distinct heartbeat is detected in the ‘what shall WE do’ motive force mapping the family’s course of direction during its times of togetherness. – – Gee, I’d say that fits the definition of a living being, true? So to all of you PETTY LOCAL TYRANTS AND CPS BUREAUCRATS – YOU HEAR ME NOW ! ! KEEP YOUR FILTHY SOCIALIST HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN ! IS THAT CLEAR? Whether you are directly esponsible for butchering one family or a thousand, or whether you merely held the theater ropes, YOU ARE ALL CULPABLE. You all have blood on your hands. We the people WILL DELIVER JUSTICE. Yes indeed, the nuclear family is greater than the individual. Greater than its sums in fact. To dismember a family is thus a greater crime than the murder of a mere individual. We THE PEOPLE must cry out ‘TRY THEM FOR MURDER’ – ‘TRY THEM FOR MURDER’ – ‘TRY THEM FOR MURDER’. May the message ring across our land, from sea to shining sea, that the murderers BE GONE and that THE ALMIGHTY FAMILY LIVES ! !

  8. says

    This is a switch.
    I thought that judges are taught to believe women no matter what they say in the way of allegations.
    Here a judge is reporting the opposite – to not believe a women who says her husband is an abuser.


    • says

      Gary, it used to be that they were more likely to give custody to women. Now the pendulum has swung the other way and they are trying to give more men custody, because they knew it was imbalanced before. The judges are being trained to distrust mothers. I hope they someday get it right and give custody to the best parent possible or joint custody if that’s possible.

  9. Ann says

    CPS gave custody of my grandchildren to a couple (grandparents to my two older granadson), that helps our 16yr old grandson buy pot and stay home and sleep all day. They are the same people that stole my daughter when she was 16yrs old and allowed their son to have sex with her in their home. I am not allowed to have custody of my grandchildren (CPs says the children are used to being with those people), inspite of me telling them what this people have done in the past they are considered more quilified then I. What can we do? The children are out of hand and CPS set my daughte up for failure. They have never colosed the first case and have been going off of her only offense when they first started this case and have added more false accusations on top of that one so that this lady could have my grandchildren. Help us Please!!!

  10. James says

    I myself have long known this to be true after all they kidnapped my child. Then took my human rights may the people who did it rot in hell.

  11. Vanessa says

    This is hardly surprising. The entire family court system is a sham. Even the lawyer I hired told me its all about $ and back room deals. It’s not about the kids at all. If anything the system ultimately traumatizes children under the guise of helping them.

  12. Losing Hope says

    I wish more Judges, Attorney for the Child and CPS would come forward with share with the media the corruption that goes on within Family Court system. Too many poor, uneducated people are being victimized by the system that was designed to uphold the law, service the citizens of this country and enforce person’s civil right. I am so disgusted that money is more important than reserving families. I pray that justice will one day be served.

  13. jeff says

    this was the wrong choice by the judge!!!however with false truth’s being told by woman in order to win custody she made a educated guess in most other cases the judge would have been right………

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