CPS Baby Snatchers – Father’s Day 2011 Speech of Nancy Hey, Devoted Mother and Victim of CPS

Nancy Hey lost her baby, Sabrina, to CPS several years ago. This is her most recent speech exposing the baby snatcher network called Child Protective Services.

Thanks to Mark Young for posting this video on YouTube!

Nancy’s website: Kit and Nancy – you’ll see a lot more videos of Nancy’s activist work on this site.

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  1. Nicole Diaz says

    I know how I was treated by my family. I am done and don’t have to explain myself to anyone! They had no right to take my baby!

  2. says

    Hello Cherie, I have conducted some intermediate level research; including the Marin County Free Press and some Court Documents. This will be a very difficult nut to crack; as you probably already have figured out for yourself. It’s a place where everyone are “good ole boys” and “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. This type of corruption is not skin deep my friend. It’s a type of extortion by way of everyone knows something about the other guy and if one caves in and talks; all go down. Their is tertiary hearsay that infers that Organized Crime may be involved. This task requires a very substantial amount of time and personal risk to investigate. Assuming that anyone will be cooperative; and that seems highly unlikely, based upon what I have seen up to this point. It also appears that there”may”be higher level politicians complicent. I will be very straight forward with you; as a friend and a professional. I own “Stealth Counter Surveillance”; a business that handles cases like or similar. I just don’t have the time that it would require to thoroughly investigate this case. I am not trying to blow you off or show disregard for your personal pain. I am willing to make a couple of phone calls next week to get the pulse of this case. I may/may not be able to give you more information at that time. I am truly sorry that I couldn’t provide some positive information. I will do my very best to help you; http://www.terroristicdivorce.com plz like my page and pass it around maybe someone will be hear us

  3. Becka says

    Hello, I’m a very loving and wonderful mother, but I am now being investigated by CPS in KY for neglecting my children- my heart is broken. So far they’ve not been removed from my custody- however I’m not allowed to be with them unless another adult is present. My family is out of state and I’m at the mercy of my in-laws (who I believe lied to CPS to begin this nightmare)! Every night I say goodbye to my precious girls they beg me to take them home with me- it’s so hard holding back the tears- but I must be strong for them! I’ve never neglected my children- being a mother and wife is the most important thing to me! Yet here I am- and I know I have no rights- I’m just trusting God that the truth will be seen and my babies can come home to me immediately!

    • Linda Martin says

      Becka, please keep praying and trusting that God has a purpose in this and that your children will be back home with you soon. There’s no better help in a situation like this than God. And after that, a good attorney!!! I hope you’ve been looking for one! Also, for feedback on your case, the message board here is filled with some wise advocates. I hope you can find support and help there.

  4. patty says

    my older daughter that have there own issues and want me to be as miserable in my life as they are are turning my 15 yr old against me and making false allegations to cps now they wont return her and i have been working my hardest to get her home and in school cause she hasnt even been in school since sept. 3rd of this yr cps and my older daughters are hurtng my 15 yr old in messing with her mind to turn her against me and she is missing her education the county is doing nothing for me but tell me lies all the time. i love my daughter so much and just want her home ive been so depressed since the first day she left please help me get my daughter home i say my prayers everynight for god to bring her home to me safe i miss her so much

    • Nicole Diaz says

      There was no reason for DCS to take my baby. I’m being threatened, harrassed, and personally violated! There is no fighting this corrupt system! I’m done!

  5. patty says

    my older daughter that have there own issues and want me to be as miserable in my life as they are are turning my 15 yr old against me and making false allegations to cps now they wont return her and i have been working my hardest to get her home and in school cause she hasnt even been in school since sept. 3rd of this yr cps and my older daughters are hurtng my 15 yr old in messing with her mind to turn her against me and she is missing her education the county is doing nothing for me but tell me lies all the time

  6. Mindy says

    I have had two girls from my previous marriage taken away by CPS, because their dad abused them and because I didnt have a job since I was a stay home mom they said I was unfit. My youngest baby was 2 months old and I was still breast feeding her. They ended up being adopted out. I was called a bad mother amongst many things. Two years ago I had a son and he was showing signs of having problems and I was investigated twice in the same year they said because of “passed history” But I did my homework and lots of it and they could find nothing on me to take my son away. So they didnt. If anyone wants to know what I had done to get them off my back and for good and permanately please email me and I will be happy to share any info or any questions you may have. My email is wellermindy-at-yahoo.com For those that already lost I am sorry but for those that havent keep fighting and I will pray for all of you that your families get restored.

  7. says

    My heart goes out to all of the people who have posted here about losing their children. I know how overwhelming it all can be. Let us all continue to pray for each other.

    • Linda Martin says

      Nancy, congratulations on the filing of the class action lawsuit! Thanks for telling us about it. I hope this is successful…!!!

  8. Jennifer says


    My daughter was stolen too. I am a college student about to get my AA degree in criminal justice and Paralegal Technology. I have filed an appeal and a federal lawsuit.
    I do not know what else to do…
    My heart goes out to everyone else as well.
    If there is anything we can do to stop this corruption I want to help too.

    Email: getinvolved2011-at-yahoo.com

  9. valerie says

    i am a single mother of 6 awesome kids,after my car went over a cliff and i was left disabled,my ex inherited tons of money and bought drugs instead of diapers!while they were trying to involve me in his actions,my babies were illegally removed ,transported over the state line,placed in a unapproved home where they were beaten black and blue!I CANT LET IT GO!I continue to collect records which prove that there were many people in authority NOT doing there job, but protecting each other instead of my babies,the last records are shocking! HELP!I need a attn. i can trust

  10. anna says

    hey stephanie…i know the truth even when I read it these days…thank god. something you wrote made the liberty bell ring…you touched on the bullying of children that has been happening since you were a child.
    OK that to me is a starting point.
    I cant pay you but I want to work together with people too since I now find myself with more time on my hands than anything else, since the state bullies of MD are paying two people to be a mom to my son.
    lets talk!

    • Nicole Diaz says

      If my child is with my abusers, this is done! I know they had no right to take my baby! Reguardless this is done! Taken way to far! I am not lying about who my abusers are, or what they have done to me!

  11. PRECIOUS_lil_ANGELS says

    my babies were taken from me for a false accusation. cps had been told that i did not feed or bathe my children. i went to every doctors appointment and every time, they told me ”your babies are very healthy and growing wonderfully.” cps didn’t even look into it. there was no evidence. i love my babies more than anything and am trying everything i can to get them back. they are telling me they’re working on reunification, but it looks to me like they’re trying to adopt them. i need help getting my two precious lil angels back…

  12. Stephanie says

    My oldest child was beaten by his fosters… bruises everywhere. My little boy was terrified, it was the first time the worker and I agreed on something with no misunderstandings or anything left to interpret. He is being re placed. My little boy is traumatized and all I want is for him to be well, and to let him know it is OK. At this point, all I want is for them to be happy, healthy, and safe… comforted… and if I can’t do that I am going to make sure whoever has them will… my little boys…

  13. Stephanie says

    I am sorry, Miss Linda. You message was after the fact. I have been armed with research and the drive of a woman who has lost everything, and they won’t like me.

    Those kids are everything, my heart, my life, my reason for existing.

    As a child, I WAS one of those kids kept in a room for hours being persuaded to “talk”, and in so many hours, though I have heard it was somewhere between 8-10 hours, I got one drink of water, and one bathroom break, which was only given after I agreed to “tell the truth”. My five year old brother lasted 3 1/2 hours but only talked because they told him thats what “I” said. I was 8 years old, and I wanted to go home. they promised me we could go home if I told them what they wanted to hear.

    This is a second generation baby snatch and now they are telling me they don’t do these things and I am saying “I know these things happen because you did it to me. All my research tells me is that you have not changed.”

    because of my friend being their, they gave told me all I had to do was get “re evaluated” and get a docs note saying I wasn’t too disabled to care for my kids.

    thank you for responding… know any advocacy groups that need me? I would be more than happy to do such. I need the distraction during my waiting hours, waiting for the responses from the places I have already called.

    they need to be stopped.

  14. Stephanie says

    Their was no court and they did not allow me any other choice. they made me sign a 90 day voluntary… as in threatened me. The “supervisor” kept making snide comments at how I didn’t “understand” what the problem was, the difference IS that I understand, however that I understand that I am “mentally ill” and they don’t get that it ISN’T a problem.

    I was “nice” and they had a problem with that, tried to tell me to disregard any research I did.

    If I get my kids back, it will be only because of who my best friend(a corrections officer) knows politically. that is disgusting as a reason. it SHOULD be that they never took them and that it is because I am a GOOD mom.

    I have records of everything, and I write everything down anyway… so… when this is over we are getting out of here to a safer place. Obviously cps attacks people they don’t think can fight back. too bad I was never the type to take it like that. My kids are my life.

  15. Stephanie says

    This Friday, they took my babies, ages 18 months and 8 months old. They said it was because I am mentally ill. I am in compliance with treatment, and my home is clean, my kids are loved, NO abuse! They even BROKE with procedure! PLEASE! SOMEBODY HELP!!! DON”T LET THEM TAKE MY BABIES AWAY FOREVER OVER PTSD!!!

    • Linda Martin says

      Stephanie, if you sign papers in court it will be considered a guilty plea. If you want to fight the charges, request a trial.

  16. kristal says

    cps took my daughters baby but it was a good thing. she was into meth and didnt take care of her. i personally witnessed alot and i personally called cps. they actullay helped and she is now with a family member ahppier than ever! so they do help but i guess in some cases maybe they dont.

  17. vicki says

    My precious grandson was taken away from us on July 17, 2011. There has been so many lies told by CPS in The Dalles oregon that I could not begin to put them down on paper. I just want everyone to know that if it can happen to us it can happen to you. I use to trust people, now I don’t. I use to respect people, now I don’t. My life means nothing without my grandson. Pray for him.

    • Linda Martin says

      I’m so sorry, Vicki. You’re right, it could happen to any of us. I will be praying for your grandson!

  18. John says

    Kelly There is at least in the state of Ia. No lawyer around that will ever get close to a law suite. I have tried. Most of them say it’s the CPS you want to go up against good luck it can’t be done.Even though i too have proof of falsified evidence. Even the judge knows it was falsified because she part of the whole groupe of lawyers that the state provides for us.If you want a chance at all fire your court appointed lawyer and hire a new one because he or she is part of it too.

  19. John says

    I lost custody of my daughter due to guilty by association. My girlfriend at the time was helping her friend go through a divorce because her husband got into making meth.CPS snatched my daughter up. I had to drop uas for the court for 6 months all clean then meracusly a ua turned up dirty.They with out a doubt falseafied court documented papers.I proved and showed the place where i droped the ua how they falsely made up the document they scaned a old ua and used word pad to add the levels to make it look like a bad ua.The reason why i know this is because the document they presented had lines through it and everything was out of alphabetical order. the only justice i got was 2 people fired from the agency. Because my lawyer was part of the juvenial system. I fired him too.And never got my daughter back.Find your own resources do not use the courts.

  20. kindness says

    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids in foster care I’m still fighting for my kids there trying to put my kids up for adoption / sale I would like for everyone to know I have group meetings here in canton ohio every week If anyone would like to come to my meetings let me u can bring friends with if u like we have to stop cps / family court we can not aloud are children to suffer in foster care we can not aloud are children to be put for wrongful adoption /sale I would like for anyone to contact me for more information my e-mail is kindnessohio33-at-yahoo.com my number is 330 268-9342 anyone can call me anytime

  21. JJ says

    Dear people,

    I am an accounting major, very close to a degree. I worked on a phoneline for mental health, studied Jungian theory, have a 140 IQ, never had a substance abuse problem, and have no psychological problems which might cause abusive treatment of a child.
    The system did not give me a chance beyond the professional judgment of my accuser in a family court. My family life ended 2 years ago, without justice. It’s all to create public sector jobs to stimulate the economy. It’s a prison state. Once someone makes a false accusation to get even, you don’t stand a chance.

    • Nicole Diaz says

      Go to court to fight false reports, and be violated by the corrupted courts! Not going to participate in this bullshit! Harrasment!

  22. Deborah says

    Please help. I have written a couple times b4 without getting a response unless u only answer here & I only get limited access with my phone. no computer. Albany, NY CPS stole my 2 daughters ages 10 & 14 – 3 1/2 years ago as I am/was a single disabled mom living in a suburban district of the county – Colonie. They purposely kept my girls from me for the 3 years time for no reason xcept that they said the childre didnt want to see me. I was basically forced to sign a surrender off rights for my girls sake as they have been made to hate me, resent me, & believe things that were not even close to the truth. We are appealing the neglect charges, which the 3 opposing counsels offered to drop if we’d drop the appeal with the understanding I could do nothing to change the surrender. I know I will win the appeal. but I want my now 14 yr daughter back and the law guardians & CPS dept who destoyed my family without ground to be held accountable and Im on SSD and cannot afford this. I dont know what to do. Pls email ME

    • Linda Martin says

      Deborah, you’re right, I don’t usually email people. I sometimes respond here, but not always.

      Your case is complex and I wouldn’t be able to tell you how to proceed to reunite with your child after so much time has gone by. You will need to consult an attorney for help. You’re welcome to use the resources on this site if they might help your case.

  23. Fred says

    I worked as a child protection worker in Western KY. I witnessed first hand that for evey one person treated with respect many were not that deserved it. I also witnessed in my own office sexual harassment were the women who worked there participated in vibrator parties during office hours. It was sold like avon. There were valentines day promotions for it and business cards for it. My supervisor and her assitant asked me on my first day if I was easily offended and how I felt about dildos. When I began to complain I was fired. If I as a man did something like this I would have been arrested. These women up to this point have had nothing done to them and it is wrong to do this during work time instead of focusing on there jobs.

    • Nicole Diaz says

      Harrasment, lies from psychologist who work in favor of cps! The psychologist wrote things on a report that were untrue, and said things that I didn’t say! Harrasment!

      • Marian Ann says

        The same thing has happened to me. My psychological evaluation was filled with lies and things I didn’t even say. The evaluation described my appearance more then my mental state. It had a section listing grammar and spelling errors that I had made. However I know how to spell the words that were listed. The report was made with the obvious intention of painting a false persona of myself. The evaluation deliberately insulted me in the paperwork to cps as a childish game. This is a serious record and I don’t understand how psychologist are aloud to get away with falsifying documents this way. Can anyone else please tell me what I should do next? I would like to get a second evaluation from someone outside of CPS system. Thanks

        • says

          Marian Ann, you can call psychologists about having an evaluation done but I think you’ll find that they’re extremely expensive. Well over 1000 dollars, usually. If that psychologist is licensed you could complain to the licensing board. You could go to the DA’s office to file charges. Talk to your lawyer about this. Maybe you could talk your lawyer into filing a subpoena for the psychologist’s test records.

  24. Tom Wilhelm says

    For us, the only answer is prayer. We are close to losing our house, car and about everything else, but most of all, we have lost two children and three grandchildren who went to be with the Lord. CPS has taken our six great grandchildren and we have run out of money trying to get them back. We are grieving for eleven children. We are with you in prayer. God will bring all of us through in His time.

  25. Kellye Karstetter says

    Have you ever heard of a person sueing the CPS system in a state after a child has been adopted out to relative, due to inproper allegations ans falsified evidence if it can be proven in court? What level would you be able to take it to? I am lost and need just a direction to start. I need to know if there is any hope for me getting my child back due to extortion, what I need to do, the state is Oklahoma, baby stealing capital, they get their quota every year from the government I promise!

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