What to Do If Child Protective Services Social Workers Are Investigating You

Here are some of my recommendations. Keep in mind that I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice — so consider the source. Get an attorney if at all possible, and discuss these things with him/her. Your attorney will understand local procedures better than I possibly could.

What would you do if a child protective services (CPS) social worker came to your door with false accusations? What would be the best way to handle that. Read this to be prepared, before it happens to you, as it has happened to so many others.... people who believed it would never happen to them.

Stay Calm

As you deal with the interview, remember to be polite. Child protective services workers may become angry at hostile and terrified parents, thinking they must have something to hide. Treat the social services caseworkers respectfully, but don’t give them any personal or self-incriminating information, or leads to more information.

They may need to see your children in order to close the case, and they will probably want to talk to both parents. Don’t be afraid. Do whatever needs to be done in order to get the case closed.

The less said, the better. Child protective services social workers usually show up at your door with little to no evidence. If they are acting on an anonymous tip, they have NOTHING. They cannot get a court order based on an anonymous tip. The only thing they can use against you is information you give them.

Record and Document Everything

Check your state recording laws. Print out a copy of your state’s recording law, and put it in a file folder titled “Child Welfare Agents” near your front door. Have an audio recorder or video camera handy in the house at all times. If a child protective services social worker shows up at your door, be prepared to record the interview. You can, at that time, show them that you have a copy of the recording law.

Don’t be coerced not to record — this is your legal right if your state law says it is. Video is better than audio, if you can afford to do that instead.

Furthermore, you must document everything that happens in writing! Take notes. An English activist recommends you write down every word and insist that the worker must wait until the words are properly recorded. You have the right.

Keep a spiral-bound notebook on hand and use it to document every contact with child protective services or child protective services appointed “service providers”. Don’t back down on this! Prepare in advance, and stand firm against CPS agents! After each contact, write a letter (some recommend having such a letter notarized) detailing what occurred, and request that the social worker confirm or deny the facts as you understand them within ten days of receipt of your letter. If no letter disputing the facts is received, then your statement of facts will be automatically confirmed. This form of documentation can later be used as evidence in your favor in juvenile court. See: Your Case Notebook – Is It Up To Date?

Don’t Invite The CPS Worker Inside

You are under no obligation to let a child protective services social worker into your house. Under the basic law of our land, the United States Constitution, Amendment Four, you have the right to privacy in your home. No government agent of any type is allowed to enter your home without your permission. We know of many cases where entry was coerced by statements such as “let me in or I’ll take your kids”. Do not give in! Do not give up your Constitutional Rights! Stand firm on this! If your rights are not honored, you can sue them later, but it is so much better to force them to honor your rights now. Check out Forced Entry Lawsuit.

The only exception would be if the child protective services agent shows up with a law enforcement officer bearing a search warrant. Usually that doesn’t happen — and I will tell you why. The child protective services agent is there at your door to gather evidence. Usually he doesn’t have enough real evidence to detain your child right away and there is not enough “probable cause” to obtain a search warrant. Typically, he will be just working on a phoned-in tip from someone who wants to retaliate against you for something. If you talk a lot, your words will be twisted in such a way as to be used against you in court. Also if you allow this person into your home, he will most likely find something there to complain about and use against you in court. A sink with 8 dishes needing washing can show up in his report as “a sink full of dirty dishes and a filthy kitchen” which of course would serve to make you look bad to a judge. Therefore, just don’t let these people into your home. You have no idea what an issue a child protective services social worker can make out of a pile of laundry sitting next to your washing machine!

If the complaint the child protective services social worker is there to investigate is that your house is dirty, you can go inside, take a few digital photos, and then go back outside to show her the house is just fine. Or, you can tell her that without a court order there will be no entry into your private home thanks to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. If she’s working with only an anonymous tip, she will not be able to get a court order. If instead, she has credible evidence, she may be able to get one.

Say As Little As Possible

Of course, when you first see child protective services social workers on your doorstep, you want these people to go away and close their case. This will make you want to tell them things to clarify that you are not a danger to your children. Be careful what you say. As any activist will tell you, anything you say can be twisted and used against you!

For example, I thought it was good that my spouse and I were already involved in therapy and a 12-Step group for adult children of alcoholics. However this statement was used against me. It was used as evidence that I had problems and needed “services”. The fact that I was already taking care of my own needs and didn’t need a court order to do these things didn’t help.

Another thing you really shouldn’t tell CPS agents is whether you were once in state custody. When you tell them you were a foster child, first of all they know there’s a file out there with your name in it from which they can pull documents to use as “evidence” against you. In my case, most of the paperwork in our thick file was pulled from my spouse’s very thick state custody file. They claimed they had evidence that he was violent from the time he was in kindergarten and they were prepared to use that juvenile file against us, even though he had never harmed our child. Second, if you tell them you were a foster child, it marks you as a victim and makes them think you can be victimized more. Former foster children have their children detained at a rate much higher than most, so just be on the safe side and don’t mention that fact if it pertains to you. It really is none of their business. You should not open your mouth to help them make a case against you.

It is also not wise to tell them something like, “I am not an abuser – I should know what that is – I was abused as a child.” What this says to them is that you were abused therefore you are likely to be an abuser. Believe me, no matter what terrible situation you went through as a child, it is better not to mention that to a social worker. They will not feel so sorry for you that they will just go away. No, it doesn’t work that way. They are looking for bad things to say about you to pad their caseworker report when they present it to a judge.

Yet another thing you shouldn’t say is whether your child was detained in the past. A history of child protective services interference in your family tells a caseworker you are on their hit list. If you have ever had a child taken from you by Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) move to another state or better yet, out of the country, and keep it a secret! There is a 1996 law (ASFA – the Adoptions and Safe Families Act) that gives the child protective services agents the right to take away all future children if you ever had a TPR in the past. If this law is used against you, there will be no reunification plan, no “reasonable efforts” to keep your family together, and most likely no visitation.

Another thing to beware of: they may ask you for referrals to people to help prove your fitness to parent. For example, I was asked for my ex-husband’s phone number. Thinking he would give me a good referral, I complied. As it turned out, he was told that making a statement against me would help him keep custody of our children. The most damaging “evidence” they got against me were false statements signed by this ex-husband and his girlfriend, who had only met me briefly once and had never been in my home! This woman had the gall to make a twelve page false statement typed on legal paper regarding my parenting abilities! She called it an “affidavit” but did not sign it under penalty of perjury, and for good reason! Therefore I advise that you NOT give them “leads” to your friends, family, ex-spouses, therapists, doctors, etc. They are just looking for “evidence” against you and they are experts at coercing this sort of evidence from people who know you. Make them find their own evidence — don’t help them find or make contacts!

So, if CPS agents are at your door, stand firm and say as little as you possibly can! If you feel they are making a case against you anyhow, get an attorney to help you through an interview in your attorney’s office.

Don’t Trust CPS Social Workers

In other words, know the enemy. Know who child protective services workers are. I used to work with child protective services workers in the Dept. of Public Social Services, Visalia, California, so I think I’m in a position to tell you what these government agents are like, though I’ve never been one. (I was a welfare eligibility worker.) The typical child protective services social worker is there for one reason: to have a job to pay his/her bills. This worker cannot afford to lose the job, so s/he will do whatever the supervisor says in order to maintain employment.

Now, if this child protective services social worker is put into a unit assigned to go investigate referrals and to make decisions regarding detainment of children, then naturally this person would be suspect if s/he never detained a kid! In order to maintain employment, this child protective services social worker will have to take a certain number of children into custody… therefore when they are at your home, they are thinking to themselves, “what can I find out about this family to build a case aimed at taking their kid?” They must have a case to take into court, and they are there, looking for evidence.

Even if they seem nice and harmless, remember, this is how child protective services makes money. To keep their jobs, they must take away children from their families. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They come to your door saying, “I’m just here to help.” The next thing you know, your children are in state custody and you are in court trying to prove your innocence. Remember, even if you like the person, behind every pleasant personality is a need to keep the child protective services social worker job. Behind every seemingly nice caseworker there is a more experienced child protective services supervisor who may tell your caseworker to “find something” to use to detain your child. You would not believe some of the idiotic allegations I have seen in caseworker reports… but if they can get a judge to rubber stamp their side of the story, they can get away with keeping your children in state custody. Don’t trust these people!

Service Plans

You need to understand that child protective services funding is closely tied in with “service providers”. It is likely that the social worker will offer some kind of deal, saying you can keep your kid if you agree to “services” like psychological testing, drug testing, therapy, etc. What this offer really means is that they don’t have enough evidence to take your child into their custody, but if you will just go to their “service providers” they may get the “evidence” they need through these “service provider” reports.

Say, for example, you are accused of drug use. They want you to go to a drug testing service to prove your innocence. You say, “Okay, I’m not a drug user, I’ll go”. But then you find yourself facing false-positive results … or if you miss an appointment, you are told that will count as a positive drug test. Your life is being severely interfered with because you have to go to scheduled appointments, miss work, make special child care arrangements, etc. Believe me, all this is not a “service” to you, no matter what they call it! It is only a way for child protective services social workers to try to get “evidence” against you so they can take your children away.

What I recommend based on what I’d do in similar circumstances: Do NOT sign their plans. Do NOT admit to anything. Force them to PROVE their cases in court, in a FULL TRIAL. Don’t accept just a hearing where you are coerced to sign guilty to the charges. They will try every trick in the book to get you to agree to their sick “service plans”. Stand firm and just say “no” when they ask you to sign your legal rights away.

Just Say “NO” To Private Interviews With Your Child

The CPS agents will want to talk to your child alone. Just say “NO”. Tell the agents that your child has the right to have an attorney present, and that if he insists on an interview then you and the attorney will be present and the interview will be recorded, preferably on videotape. Of course, if your child is attending a public school, you probably won’t get a chance to say “no”. What would happen is that the social worker would go to the school and, behind your back, get permission to talk with your children from the school employees. You can tell the school ahead of time (in writing) that you don’t permit such interviews, or anything other than basic education activities, however you cannot trust school employees to go by your wishes. It might help to ask your attorney to write a letter to the school forbidding interviews with CPS workers. Keep in mind that the public schools are one of the major sources of CPS referrals. I have heard that caseworkers complain that public school employees actually want more child detentions than CPS agents do!

My advice is not to trust the schools, and to homeschool if possible. I am a big homeschooling advocate because I believe it is best for kids, and one of these days I will write a page about that too… but in the meantime, just keep in mind that it is hard to say “no” to interviews if your child’s school will say “yes”.

Already the government puts child protective services social workers into public schools to look for target children. Eventually this may be the case in every public school. I think this is a good place for me to mention that I support the separation of school and state. Please check it out.

Be sure your children know that they have the right to say, “I don’t want to be interviewed without my parents and an attorney and a tape recorder present.” Child protective services social workers will not tell your child that s/he has the right to say that. If there is still time, you must be the one to train your child how to deal with government agents. Be sure your child knows the consequences of child protective services interviews. If anyone is detained, it is the child. If they say the wrong thing, they can be taken into custody and removed, possibly permanently, from parents, siblings, friends, their home town, their pets, and everything else they hold dear in life! They will be traumatized by that separation, and probably put on harmful adult psychotropic drugs to deal with the separation. See: Drugging Foster Children.

If they complain too much about being incarcerated in state custody homes, they may be put into mental hospitals, or placed in restraints, which are known to be deadly. “Teach your children well,” as the old song goes. We live in perilous times. We owe it to our children to help them learn to deal with government agents that may harm them. Remember, children are eight to ten times more at risk of abuse in foster and group homes, so we are not over-reacting in teaching our children these self-protective measures.

Advance Preparation

I’ve suggested that you keep the following things on hand: a tape recorder, blank tape, video camera, spiral-bound notebook, and a file folder marked “Child Welfare Agents”. If you have time to prepare for a visit before it happens, you are very lucky. Most people don’t take the threat of government interference in their lives seriously — until after it happens to them.

To prepare, I suggest the following items be printed out from the internet and placed in your folder: your state and federal laws regarding child welfare services; court cases that insure your rights; the Bill of Rights, newspaper articles and statistics showing that children are not safe in state custody homes. Be prepared to show these things to the social worker that comes to your door, and question them about the wisdom of taking children into state custody where they are eight to ten times more at risk of abuse.

If they want to take your kids, question them about the “reasonable efforts” requirement to keep families together, and about what “pre-placement preventative services” they are offering. If they want your child, ask about what “imminent danger” exists. Let them know that you know the laws!

For example, if they claim something happened on Monday to your child but they show up on Friday afternoon to pick your child up, you should be telling these social workers that obviously no “imminent danger” exists or they would have acted on the report right away! If you don’t stand firm and point out their mistakes, they will walk all over you and violate their own laws in many different ways. Yes, your child still might be detained, but if you show them you know their laws and can speak their lingo, they will think twice before choosing you as a new client.

In addition to the paperwork detailed above, keep on hand in this “Child Welfare Agents” file your pediatrician’s doctor reports showing that your child is healthy. Every time your child sees a physician, request in writing that the full report be sent to you. You should not give these reports to a CPS agent, but you can let him know you have evidence showing that you are a good parent, not an abuser. Flash the papers before his/her face, don’t hand them over to be read… these are your own valuable documents and you don’t need to share or tell the worker who the child’s doctor is. Let the worker find evidence on his/her own. Don’t help a CPS agent try to build a case against you.

The point of having this folder is to let the social worker know that you know the laws and you are prepared to defend yourself! You are not going to share your “evidence” with a social worker. They have no right to it unless the case goes to court, and then you share it with your attorney only – or if you’re representing yourself, you can enter items like pediatrician reports into the court records as evidence.


Be prepared to face coercion, even from your own court appointed attorney. Just like many others, I too was told by my county attorney that I could take my child home that day if I would just sign guilty to the charges, and I was so desperate to get my baby, I signed. Thousands of us have done that. Believe me, it is better to say “No – I want a full trial – you must prove your charges!” If you give in to the coercion, you will be jumping through their “service plan” hoops for months to come. If you go through with a trial, there’s a possibility you will win your freedom from this government interference in your family’s life.

If you go through a trial, and your child is adjudged a state ward, and you are court-ordered to complete a “service plan” or “reunification plan,” then of course you should do your best to complete every part of it before the next court hearing. This plan will most likely include psychological testing and counseling — that is a standard waste of taxpayer money. If the social workers want to court order you to anything that does not apply to your case, you should insist that your attorney fight this requirement in court. For example, if they want you to go to drug testing despite the fact that you are not a drug user and they have no evidence that you might be, then fight it! After the court hearing, if social workers try to force you into “services” that are not in the court-ordered plan you can refuse to cooperate. You are only required to do things that the judge has ordered. You should document all such illegal requests for additional services that haven’t been required by a judge. You can request a state administrative hearing from the state social services department to discuss these requests with an Administrative Law Judge.

Likewise you may find that child protective services social workers are trying to delay setting up services that are court ordered. You must document your repeated requests for such services and the excuses the child protective services social workers give for delaying the start of such services. Child protective services agents have been known to delay services so that your case will last longer. If your child is in state custody for 15 months, your parental rights can be terminated on that basis alone. Your goal will be to get your child returned at the next court hearing, so don’t allow delays!

Here’s the link to an article I wrote about child welfare investigations and your rights:
Investigations v. Rights

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  1. MizzNuYorkLuvsHBC says

    OK 1st this is to the person above Nichole.
    Can you pls tell me what is the amendment(s) in place for & what was the women’s movement fought for? ppl from age 14 & up in most states have a “RIGHT” to choose for them self and for their bodies and unborn.

    i don’t know if i agree with you honestly, but to each their own.

    I was removed from my blood families home not because my grandparents were “bad” parents it was cuz they were getting older and on in age and they were sick & getting worse.

    I then went to 10 foster homes b’cuz i was raped in my 1st home molested in my 4th and got into fights with the foster brothers and some of the bio kids in my other homes to many times to count,

    i was fighting boys and sometimes girls- off of me and other times i was fighting just for the what “ifs” in case of someone trying to hurt me in anyway ,

    i ran from the 1st few group homes where i was placed in between foster homes off and on,

    b’cuz i did not like how they’d hit us if us kids in the group home didn’t do what they said and in one of them i was told if i didn’t do as the staff said they’d kill me. And in 2 others I just ran away cuz

    I aint want no one to fins out my foster father got me pregnant & I didn’t want my child to grow up in the system, other last of em was because I wanted to go HOME!!!

    Now Nichole; you did make it sound and di say all of you so I took it as you were talking to me, see I grew up all through the east coast and I am in my heart forever a Noyorican, if ya’ll don’t know what that is its a Latina born in Nyc instead of puerto rico. ,

    I said that I let the parents know what’s up when dealing with any case and I do my job to the T I love my job just as you love yours maybe i even love my job more then you do, cuz my job does pay very well.
    & i get rewarded not only from working hard & making money but to help those in need and so to answer your question am I a reporter YES I am.

    I feel there is a better way that the system can work for the people it was made for not for the gain they can get out of the political BS that goes on within it. I also asked what are the ways Dcf is making things better (?)

    now let me say this before i go on- my life was terrible and i fought to get and keep oldest, I sued the state and won my case & some money too,

    which didn’t make me feel too much better it just made them see that they couldn’t get away with what they did to me and hitting this cooperation where it hurts made me feel good
    yet never healed that pain they caused,

    I am better now and have gotten the help i needed way back then once i found someone who was willing to stand up & help me( heir called therapist) ,

    i am not saying that your a bad person i am saying the ppl that should of protected and severed children (me at the time) should of done their job,

    I am saying that there is too many ppl working in child”care” just for the check n not for the benefit of those children young adults & teens who truly need the help.

    I am saying there is other ways to help beside taking a child from their home,

    ppl all over the world make mistakes and ppl are now a days too afraid to ask for help b’cuz they’re worried over loosing their families , the sysytem is not orking and i am saying ppl wont ask for help b’cuz the system isn’t offering help like they should,

    now i know far too well that some ppl only have babies for a welfare check raped or not I know too that ppl are sick and will delibrately go out and have a kid just to hurt that child(person) in what ever way they can…

    I am not blind to what goes on in the world nor am I the kind of person to just take ppl as is cuz they promise to never do it again,

    I & my boss * workers (er doc on call most times) will talk in lengths on how to help families and we as a ream have to do what is best for the child(ren) involved and just like you we have to report and try to fitter out truths from lies and go about things like this in a understanding yet gentle manner,

    I had a girl come in and the mom said she fell on her bike and just her self (you know where) and well I had to make sure that was the truth but the mother was not acting as (in my opinion ) like a mother should be when something like that happens and come to find out she was molesting this lil girl of only 6 yrs old.
    I reported her.

    Kids also lie too thou and i had another case where another lil girl came in and was told that she fell and hit her bum well she was fine but she lied and said her daddy was touching her and i reported them and come to find out she was mad cuz she couldn’t get her way over something i think it was over a toy she wanted at Wal-mart,

    this girl was 10 and her daddy was hardly ever there to have done as she said and test showed she was never touched in anyway.

    so again my job or your job i already am doing what i think feel and know is best, i also think like i said lots of ppl whose been in dcf care do good at times is b’cuz they don’t want to deal with dcf ever again and also b’cuz they wanted to…
    I think it is a combination of both but again like i been saying I can only speak for me.
    For me personally I do not and wont really ever trust DCF or what ever you call them in your state, I am professional when doing my job and that is the time when I deal with them other then that i leave well enough alone and do you know how many times I had to make a dcf call 4-6 times in my long years of working in my field.

    I can’t say i know ever person but how else can I explain- I am a great judge of ppl in many ways, but not all the time i do admit that and in the cases i haven’t called (too many to count) I have only be proven wrong once.

    I do my best to try and find out about the ppl I help and most times I see them again if not in the ER, sometimes when their older or sometime in labor & delivery even some times just at a store or market or even on the street and you know what,

    i see big improvements and i get a big smile & a “thank you” even from the 4 out of 6 ppl I reported.

    You said i think you been in your field of work for about a year well Mija
    I been working in mines for
    about 6yrs & I am presently finishing law school, I’m going to be come a guardian alidum,
    I respect you out of many
    because you’ve taken your time to explain&
    your not out to hurt your out to help,
    i am glad the system worked for you when your parents didn’t
    but again my feeling toward the system is solid & founded feelings.

    They lied played games and wasn’t doing their job & I do not see any changes
    even if you do I still don’t & wont trust them in my own personal life!

  2. Nichole says

    In regards to the above post. I thought my earlier post was very wel thought out. And of course if you were moved to 10 foster home and 5 group homes. may I ask why you kept getting moved?
    second i am pretty sure i did not judge anyone. I suggested a better solution then to sit around and feel sorryfor the injustices. DO something about it. As far as pay goes it is not a great paying job but it is rewarding to see the people you help. Some people do not work places beacuse of the pay they do it because it is a chance to help people who want your help. Out of the 30 cases i have handled over the last year do you have any idea how many kids i “placed? 1. So tell me again how evil I am in babysnatching. Tell me again what i think or feel. No I do not think that these people are doing well because of the system. I think they are doing well because of the choices they made. Do I think that maybe just maybe somebody from the evil system might have lead them in some better direction then what they would have found on their own? Yes I do because I do it again. I am sorry you ahd such a horrible foster care experience. and absolutely if those things happened the way you say they did you most certainly did not deserve that. But someone should have been following the law. Maybe thats wat failed you. Law enforcement. And maybe just maybe you should be finding out why people did not protect you instead of grouping all caseworkers and people in this field as evil mind game playing liars. If you work in the field as you say you do..are you a mandated reporter? And if you are a nurse then you are a manate reporter. Do you call childline when a child has been abused or do you sit back and hope the system doesnt get to them? So if I am so wrong from classifying or sterotyping the good people that have benefited the system, why is it ok for you to classify that everyone in the CYS system is evil? and the reason i work for CYS is because I was a child of the system. I do not speak to my birth parents. now or eve. My kids will not speak t them. My foster family is an will always be the onl family i will ever have. And because of them I am still here to see my little boys grow up. And we are not in the system anymore. And we are not rich and i love my job and my kids are proud of me whe i show up to the school to check on an abuse accusation or any other kind of allegation. I am not looking for anyonesapproval or disapproval i am saying that “caseworkers and they system” work for some people and i am pretty sure that the people it works for far outnumbers the families that it dsoes not work for. Ad by the way our foster family go through an intensive screening process. Criminal, child abuse, fbi clearances. We go as far to get their insurance poliecies on Quads that they own. So yes we screen our families and if there is so much even an inkling of abuse or neglect going on then foster families liscense is gone. not in two weeks. Not when the investigation is over. IMMEDIATELY. Again I am sorry that you experienced what you did but Sorry to say the system helps way more people then it hurts. Ranting and raving on here will not solve your problem. Go to the source. And it might be the caseworker. It might not be. But i suggest you find the source of the problem and do something about that so that it doesnt happen again,. That is how i live my life as well as how my county runs CYS. I’m just saying

  3. a real person says

    This is ridiculous. CPS has been given crap because the government is retarded with their training and funding. The officials do not want to take away children unless there is severe abuse to a child that continues. If the child is taken away it’s because there is a reasonable reason to and whoever takes the child will have to give proof or valid reason as to why. There have been deaths of children since so many have not been taken out of the home.
    Here is an opinion given to me. There should be a test given as to if you have the right to become a parent. Also from the age a female is able to reproduce, something similar to the new birth control nuevana I believe it is called is inserted into them. Then they wont have the chance of becoming pregnant if they are raped. They wont have to try and remember to take birth control. And when they decide to become parents they can take the test, similar to having a life-like doll for a few weeks and volunteer time at a nursery-supervised, as well as a cognitive test, if they pass then they can have it removed and get pregnant.
    I have personally seen cases of abuse on children, physically, mentally, and emotionally and it is heart wrenching. If the parents cannot handle something, why don’t you ask for help? Keep your children, foster care is too full. Just learn how to deal and manage and love your children.
    Just an Opinion.

  4. MizzNuYorkLuvsHBC says

    You work for CPS/DCF and yet you think to judge every one on this site?
    Let me 1st ask you this How do you know some of “us” on here doesn’t already work for CPS/DCF?

    You do not know yet you presume to know it “all” Next question is has the political crap with in the system really changed? you been working with CPS for how long?

    And if your not getting paid good you wouldn’t work there in the 1st place.

    next to last question is this, how do you now screen adoptive/foster parents and what is it that you yourself gonna do or is willing to do to fix the problem beside come on here and judge everyone?

    can you fix all the millions of hurt kids that are now adults no you can’t you’d suggest counseling and what not yet that can help to talk it over

    but it doesn’t heal lots of ppl who been effected by “THE SYSTEM” and for those saying that they are in ppls lives to help…

    Again scroll up and read my lil story.

    I never asked to be placed in foster care and i had a great family that loved me and took care of me i wasnt beat nor was i abused at my blood families home,

    i was taken from love and placed with MONSTERS, and when i say all i mean all 10 fosters homes and all 5 group homes, My grandmother was toooo sick to do it and my parents where not able to,

    but there was plenty of family to send us to yet they went by my own mothers history and then my grand momma’s and then the same system that basically raised me then told me i was unfit

    because of my age and there was no other reason forth coming it was that & they we’re some how law jury & jude and yet they were the ones to raise me,

    Allowing their foster parent(s) whom they did give money to for me, more ways to find hotel etc & rape me and get me pregnant,

    yet I hear “oh well there must of been a reason”


    what was the reason to get burned on my face & stabbed by my foster mother cuz i wouldnt let her touch me?

    they claimed i was unfit yet they thought their ppl they hired was so fit and these ppl were mostly church goers and jesus freaks.

    now b4 anyone go off on this comment i also believe in jesus i am just not a fanatic.

    so tell me Nicole, these ppl you claim are dong so well in society do you think its cuz of cps/dcf?

    I think its cuz they do not want to deal ever again with the BS and pain DCF/CPS has caused them, i do not do drugs I do not drink and ever since I got away from CPS

    I do good because I want to not cuz of anything the SYSYEM contribute to. and I think that is why many others have done so well as well too. we al seen the destruction which is & will forever be worse then anything on this planet,

    its worse then Katrina! 20 X worse and even then your statics of “good doer’s list” wont help or ever show the pain, loss and death CPS/ DCF has and will continue to cause.

    I am a RN and I see what families can do and what they can not do, I seen babies beat almost to death and some to death and many have died in my very arms,

    I seen what life- not just “the system has done to families and I’ve seen them same ppl get beat down because they didn’t fit with the Systems etiquette or criteria after the drama with their family members

    pain abuse or loss, there is no compassion in Dcf’s political BS which makes them “moniker” as they try to deceive and play mind games.

    my job, I feel is just as bad as yours but i love helping ppl and I am honest & blunt with families and their young.

    I do not sugar coat anything and I let it be know what is up (going on on ) good or bad!

    Nicole trust me when I say- I know I could do ya JOB,

    Cuz I already do!

    SO while Your “just saying” Listen:

    If you haven’t been on both sides then maybe you in PA Nicole CPS worker shouldn’t just be judging everyone or even “JUST saying”

    walk in my shoes I got plenty story of my old life to tell if you really want t know cuz im sure you

    Nicole Can’t and wouldn’t ever make it growing up as I had to or live as I once had to live either!

  5. new eyes says

    We used to think like ” you guys are killing me”. We thought CPS went after bad parents and saved kids ,but we found case workers have their own agenda. My wife and I have never been in trouble with the law and all it took was an uninformed case worker to believe our adopted son and his fantastic stories to put our family through hell. He and his two sisters were adopted from CPS and he suffered from ADHD,Opp. defienced syndrome,and attachment disorder. When we were called in we had a 14 page psycological with us which she dismissed and shoved in her desk. Our theripist was questioned and dismissed, friends family were at the intervention but were dismissed . He was removed and our other children were not to be alone with us until the Judge ruled in our favor. We’re all together now and recovering but my kids still cant sleep in their beds alone. The accusations were a combination of half-truths, exagerations and outright lies. My son was not to blame, he does what an 8yr old with his condition will do, but the case worker should have seen beyond her own arrogance. I pray to God everyday that some day i will be able to forgive you CPS for what you have done to my family.

  6. anthony says

    my wife and I have been harased by cps for years I been accused of everything from beating my wife to maleasting my kids we can not afford any legal help what can we do or is their anything for poor people to beside take what they dish out because thats how it feels

  7. Gina says

    I’m a mandatory reporter, an RN. Having seen the damage that CPS has done to my nieces family I would be hard pressed to call CPS anonymously, as that’s the way their personal hell began. Poverty is one of the principal reasons that families become the victims in this system. Instead of putting the monies out to relieve the poverty, find them jobs, or improve their situation with services, the child savers step in and grab the kids. They after all, know how to raise these kids better than anyone else, don’t they!

    To “you guys are killing me”, you should really educate yourself, nccpr.org is a GREAT place to start. Follow up by going to You-tube and putting in Nancy Schaefer, CPS corruption, and maybe you’ll get some good information. When anyone person/group is dehumanized it can justify any treatment of them, its happened so many times in the world, it can’t be denied. This isn’t just happening here in the USA either. Many children all over the world are victims of the child savers. Look into the family fighting to get their child returned because they dare to home school him, after all the government knows how to better indoctrinate him don’t they! To, “you guys are killin me” put the shoes of these parents on and walk around, then play judge and jury.

  8. Jessika says

    Wow. I have been reading a lot of ppl’s comments, and I would like to add another… (I had posted a while ago)… CPS is still involved in my life. I still do not wish they were involved by any means, however–again, they have almost been a blessing in disguise because they are forcing my husband to get much needed help–help he truly needs and that I have tried for so long to get for him but no one would listen. CPS has not opened a case against me–just my husband. I have done everything that has been asked of me (which, is just honesty… no programs, etc). Honesty is the best policy and I have been lucky to have some really nice caseworkers assigned to my family. They are working to help my husband get the true help he needs, as well as making sure that I am doing okay with the kiddos (which, they assure me over and over again that I am an excellent mom and have nothing to worry about). My caseworkers have been so kind, and I am not worried that they will do anything–my husband is at risk for losing his family but I am not… and, they have told me that and I do believe them.
    However, on the flip side… no, I wish they were not involved in my life. I wish my life could go back to the “good” days before my husband got involved in drugs and alcohol and I have always worked hard to make sure my kids are happy, healthy, and well-taken care of. We live in a moderate neighborhood, drive nice vehicles, and have enough money but that doesn’t matter because they are still involved. Make sense? Lol. My point is… it does not matter who you are… if there is a reason to be involved… they will be. Yes, I know ppl do call and place anonymous (lies) to cps for grudges or what not, and I hope those ppl get what they deserve. However, if cps did NOT check out all the calls… then, what if, they ignore the one call that is truly needed and that child is killed or harmed?
    I knew a young girl who was in foster care (when I was growing up), and she WAS molested and beat on a daily basis. It was awful. She told everyone and no-one believed her… she ran away multiple times only to be brought back to that awful place… and she was finally able to break free once she turned 18, but it was sad for her. It really destroyed her life, and these ppl are STILL foster parents. I know this for a fact. Very sad. However, there are some amazing foster families out there… but, I think for every case of abuse that is called on… the foster families need to be checked just as much.
    Sad, sad, sad. I wish this was a perfect world, and I feel so sad for those who have lost their kiddos for no reason or have had their lives’ flipped upside down by cps–it does happen. But, ppl who do not deserve to have their kids… that is what cps is truly for. :)

  9. Monica says

    My live-in boyfriend of 5 years was accused of sexually abusing my teenage daughter over 4 months ago. He moved out per the “safety plan” of CPS and we hired an attorney. The case is STILL in the investigation stage! We have turned over evidence and statments made by my daughter that prove she lied to get him out of the house to our attorney but he did not forward any information to CPS. What should I do? What is the job of my attorney at this point? I don’t want to call CPS myself as the caseworker we have is VERY abusive verbally and entered my home without permission. (She pushed the door open and came in when I cracked the door.) Please advise. I need help to end this terrible nightmare that has lasted 3 months past the state law.

    • Linda Martin says

      Monica, I believe your attorney may be doing the right thing, as turning anything over to CPS is usually a mistake. They hide exculpatory evidence anyhow. He is probably saving the evidence to present in court if the county takes this that far.

      Once CPS has started on a sex abuse witchhunt they usually refuse to believe teenagers that change their minds and claim to have been lying.

      You might want to check this out with another attorney. I am not an attorney.

  10. Nichole says

    First of all I do work for PA CPS. I do not get paid extra for removing children. I actually get paid more to keep a child in the home and work with the family. That gets me alot more hours then throwing them in foster care where i see them once a month. Hell if i keep them in home i can bank in time every week with the family. And i make more money doing that then i do placing a child.
    Before you go makng accusations about how satan like us caseworkers are, you should think about what you are saying verses what i am saying.
    We are a very low paid job. If it was easier to make all of this money that you speak of and people would retain their jobs. But in this field they don’t. Because they burn out. And they do not burn out from our “clients” they burn out from ppl like you who constantly make them feel like crap for doinjg a job none of you would be able to handle. Every day we go to work and have to deal with the entire community’s problems, and then we go home to deal with ours and then we have to dela with people like you. If you think you can do it so much better, instead of fighting the system go work in it for a while.
    The only thing I agree with you on is lying. Something you harp alot about. I do not lie to my clients, my employer or anyone else f that matter. You fail to mention how many children we save every day. OH thats right you would not know about those kids because they grow up to be a reponsible member of their community and live their lives. You don’t read about them doing drugs or having CPS in their lives because they did well. Why don’t you look up those statistics. If it was to be looked up maybe you would see things a littledifferently. Step out of your box for a minute. Not every caseworker is a bad person. Not every foster parent is an abuser. And not every family is involved with CPS. I’m just saying.

  11. says

    To “you guys are klllin’ me”:

    You asked for sources. I would like to refer you to the web site for the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, where you will find a wealth of source material. See http://www.nccpr.org.

    If you’d like to read my family’s story, you can see my Cause on Facebook” “Getting Child Protection Right.”


  12. MizzNuYorkLuvsHBC says

    oh & btw my kids live with me and I have been reunited with my oldest daughter
    (she searched for me through an agency in her state)
    cuz the state wouldn’t help her find me. I can just imagine why!

    also b4 anyone gets the wrong Ideals- I support Our troops just not them having to stay overseas when we need them home (counting my husband)

    She has her records and mines of what happened to us as kids,teens &adults- I don’t care or even know how she got em all

    but she has been faxing them to me for the last few days since the 18th of april 2010.

    they can’t stop her/me from suing either.
    (they can only try)

  13. MizzNuYorkLuvsHBC says

    To : ” You guys are killin me…”

    Ma’am/sir you couldn’t be more wrong either! I was taken from a wonderful home placed in a terrible foster home- where they beat, molested and raped many of US,

    I can’t say my mother was there for me like some of yours was or might of been or my daddy either but they gave me to my blood family. that loved us and did their best with the limitations they had, the state should of never taken us away.

    I had/have other family counting my grandma&grand daddy who did their best raising me,my older brother and sister and my younger sister and my 2 cousins. almost on their own.

    Our house burnt down and this lady(DCF WORKER) came to the shelter to so call “help” asking if I’d like to go home with her, my nana (grandma) sitting behind her shaking her head up & down in a YES motion is why I went with this lady calming to “help”

    well her “help” got me raped&molested through out my life, and then when i would say something the STATE’S DCF in HARTFORD would call me a lair and my sisters and some of the other girls that also was abused in those same foster homes/group homes.

    DCF or what ever you call them in your state has went out their way to ruin my life&make sure that I as an adult – had no voice to cry help with, I grew up being beating for every little possible thing weather it was in a group home or even in these as you would have people think lovely foster homes.

    I have a daughter 18yrs old who was raped and abused as well after the “state” took her from me a so called child abuser whose never touched or hurt 1 hair on any of my 5 kids heads.

    NOW as of 4/18/2010 I Come to actually find out this month that they knew I was telling the truth about the foster ppl they placed my oldest with& they was the one(s) not me abusing molesting beating and rapping her and yet my rights were TPR when she was almost 4yrs.

    Yet i am sure they didn’t think I’d find that out. yet I lost 18 yrs with my oldest and i even went to prison no not jail for something I never could do to my kids! You say they do not get paid for their services thats a lie-

    I know for a fact that not only does the “system/state” get paid,

    call it what you will but also that the foster parents get paid for taking care of them and they also get a little extra for adopting these so called troubled kids& kids that are posed to have been abused,
    I have papers to prove these facts,

    I am not claiming kids teens and some young adult do not need help what I am saying is they need to do a thorough job when trying to figure out what’s what,

    You also say we should blame the city government/courts judges attorney (Our own public defenders)
    police ETC AND you know what ?

    I DO BLAME THEM , like some of these wars we fight it all boils down to money, you need money for everything from the politic of war oil gas etc to the children being snatched outta a loving parent/ guardian arms,

    I can speak because I’ve been on both sides of the fence when the state’s claim was pose to be in my best interest to them then saying I wasn’t best for my oldest daughter and allowing their good church going foster ppl to hurt her.

    so get it straight before you talk of what you- your self may not know!

    I can only speak for me but I will not sit and read ppls BS comments of how the “system” is so great when all i ever wanted was to be a happy kids loved and taken care of im now 32 but think on this:

    my daughter is 18 well going to be in less then 3 weeks & im almost 14 yrs older then her so how old do you think i was when i had her?

    if you guessed 14 your wrong i was 13 going on 14 and was raped by my foster father… but i never blamed her for it i love her and wanted her from the time i found out i was pregnant with her I do not understand DCF or their selfish Motives,

    its a lot of Political BS going on with in the State of Connecticut and many others as well and I am going to SUE them if it cost me my last breath on God’s green Earth.

    Thats not a threat- I promised all my kids my momma daddy and grand parents some of them have past on and is in a better place but at what cost did they have to pay to be gone to that better place?

    I wont speak on it much anymore because I lost kids because of these ppl & you’ll never understand or ever know the half of what I went through growing up…

    I am healed I wont forgive them for what they did to me, I blame them for their mistakes within my life not for my own personal mistakes, Cuz as an Adult I am stronger smater & wiser now plus time has healed a lot of these old wounds lol I also know my rights now and I have not made the mistake of ever trusting the state/”system” again….

    But best believe me: I am suing… Because of them & “their” too many of my family & kids who got lost in their “system” and we just some how

    Became one of the “many” who’ve fell through the cracks of a system that just isn’t working and to me never has!!

  14. You guys are killin me... says

    I apologize if I hurt your feelings. How about if I called you a “brainwashed evil-doer,” would that insult you?

    I get the impression that most of you do not understand, and never will value the good that CPS has to offer. Believe it or not, there are bad people out there. People that like to pour hot oil on babies, starve toddlers, rape daughters and sons, and so on. Let’s hear your suggestion on how we shall deal with this? Are you going to provide parenting classes to make it all better? Oh wait, CPS does that, how evil! Maybe you can pray for the parents that lock their infants in dog crates, or write a nice note to the meth dad who submerges his baby in scalding hot water because she can’t use the toilet on her own…maybe create an educational website such as this to stop parents from mercilessly beating helpless and extremely vulnerable children. That will most likely curb any and all need for CPS in this country.

    “Statistics prove that children are more at risk of abuse in foster homes than in their natural family homes.” Show me your source.

    “States are receiving BONUS money for increasing the numbers of adoptions from year to year. That’s a fact… since 1996.” Again, source please.

    Ken – I get the feeling you are leaving something out here…if any random person asked you to drug test, would you? Doubtful. If a judge told you to? More likely. Right? Linda is right in one sense, you have the right to not talk to a CPS worker, and your common sense should tell you that if you haven’t done anything wrong you should not agree to drug test. Was law enforcement involved? If so there was likely probably cause.
    Also Ken, you assume I have no family. Based on what, the fact that I have never been investigated by CPS? Or perhaps because I do not share the same hatred for CPS? Do you even know who I am or anything about my family? Nope.
    Final questions Linda, I’m curious, what makes you all “targets” of CPS in the first place? Most people will never have to deal with CPS, and by your (and other people’s) statements/rationale you are all very regular, honest, law abiding, respectful, and honorable people. Since when did Social Services AND Law enforcement, AND the courts start persecuting people like US?

    • Linda Martin says

      To: “You guys are killin me…”

      First respond to the person who just posted, who was raped by her foster father and gave birth at the age of thirteen. Then tell me how safe you believe children are in foster homes.

      You wrote: “I apologize if I hurt your feelings.”
      No, you didn’t hurt my feelings. I’m almost sixty years old and don’t get my feelings hurt over the trivial nonsense ignorant people write in defense of the evil family destruction bureaucracy. But if you come on this site and say anything in the least bit insulting to the poor, vulnerable, hurting, traumatized families who have been decimated by CPS I will surely call you on it. The thing I see you CPS systemites doing time and again is to find people in difficult life situations and then KICK THEM WHILE THEY’RE DOWN. Naturally I find this kind of BULLY MENTALITY sickening and will not allow you to indulge while you’re commenting on this site.

      You wrote: “People that like to pour hot oil on babies, starve toddlers, rape daughters and sons, and so on. Let’s hear your suggestion on how we shall deal with this?”
      REAL child abuse is a crime and perpetrators can be prosecuted in criminal courtrooms where constitutional rights are honored. What CPS does is far different. CPS courtrooms do not honor constitutional rights, and they usually deal with trivial and subjective accusations (far less than the situations you suggest) that are never brought to criminal courtrooms because there is no evidence that a real crime has been committed.

      You wrote: “Statistics prove that children are more at risk of abuse in foster homes than in their natural family homes.” Show me your source.
      National statistics are here: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/stats_research/index.htm
      Compare the number of children in the general population to the number of those harmed by parents. Then compare the number of children in foster homes to those harmed by foster parents. The percentage of children harmed in foster care will be higher than the percentage harmed in their natural family homes. Of course you must keep in mind that many states won’t accurately report numbers harmed in foster care, and they over-report incidents in natural family homes because they’re trying to get more kids into foster care and adopted out so they can get that BONUS money you don’t believe they’re getting. But read the next paragraph…

      You wrote: “States are receiving BONUS money for increasing the numbers of adoptions from year to year. That’s a fact… since 1996.” Again, source please.
      ASFA = The Adoptions and Safe Families Act. Please don’t tell me you work for CPS but don’t know what this is. Here’s the most recent press release from HHS.gov regarding the bonus money: HHS Awards $35 Million to States for Increasing Adoptions.

      You wrote: Final questions Linda, I’m curious, what makes you all “targets” of CPS in the first place?
      False accusations come from many sources. Check the national statistics. Mandated reporter laws force professionals to report every “suspicion” of child abuse or face job loss and prosecution. Many false reports are called in anonymously by people with grudges. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

      You wrote: Since when did Social Services AND Law enforcement, AND the courts start persecuting people like US?
      CAPTA = The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act – 1974 … ever heard of that one?

      If you still think children aren’t harmed in foster care… take a look at hundreds of faces of children who died in CPS “care”. Go ahead and click on the picture to go to the memorial site.

      In Memory of Children Who Died in State Custody

      Here’s another one in today’s news… Johnny, a disabled child that child protection caseworkers felt compelled to take away from his mother so they could “protect” him … starved to death in foster care. He is not the first child I’ve heard of who starved to death in foster care. This happened in Michigan. I’ve heard of similar cases in other states.

      Are you proud to be part of an agency that takes children away from their parents on trivial grounds to place them in foster homes you cannot possibly guarantee are safe for them?

      I remember one parent who wrote to me about her 10 year old daughter who was taken from her because of a small unexplainable bruise. This child was molested repeatedly in foster care. Her mother found out because the child developed herpes blisters all around her mouth. So are you proud of being a CPS worker? It was a CPS worker who removed this child from the safety of a loving mother and father because they couldn’t honestly say where an eraser-sized bruise came from. This was a TEN YEAR OLD GIRL! Child ‘protective’ services didn’t protect her. They ABUSED her by separating her from her family and placing her in an unsafe situation.

      Do you realize that pedophiles like to get jobs where they can have unrestricted access to other people’s children? Jobs like “foster parent”? A few years back I read an article about a man who disguised himself as a woman to become a foster parent who molested little boys. Most pedophile fosterers don’t bother to disguise themselves and get access to children anyway.

      A few years ago there was a Frontline two-part series about the death of a child in foster care, Logan Marrs – killed by a CPS social worker who wanted to adopt her. One part of the program featured a former foster child, Rose Garland. Her statement is worth paying attention to: “OK. Now, I know that there are good foster families out there, OK? But I also know that every foster kid that I have ever talked to, including myself, have been abused in foster homes. And I’m talking physically, emotionally and sexually. That may not be the case for every child, but it was the case for me.”

      So, anonymous person afraid to post your real name, I don’t care if you don’t respect what I’m trying to do with this site. I have my reasons for trying to help these families reunite.

  15. Ken says

    To “You guys are killin me…”

    My ex wife got involved with CPS because of false allegations of child abuse. They saw her house, nothing wrong. Saw the child, nothing wrong. Gave her a drug test, tested positive for marijuana. So she decided to give him to me, temporarily, until she completed the service plan. CPS would not let me have him either. I have a perfectly clean criminal record and have never used a drug before in my life. My home was approved, and they saw that my child is healthy and unharmed. But they still will not let him live with me. Now tell me how I deserve for this to happen to me? I have not done anything, and my child was taken from my home. They even admit I have not done anything. Why don’t you try having your own children and come back in a few years and claim the same thing.

  16. You guys are killin me... says

    You guys are ridiculous. CPS workers have the incredibly daunting job of working with people who generally cannot help themselves, let alone their children. If you think that for one second it is an evil and unnecessary agency, try and imagine where all those kids would be without it. Of course you people didn’t do anything wrong…none of the clients ever do, right? News flash people!!! People beat children, they do drugs, drink, lie, cheat, and steal all the time. So before you cry about how you were “victimized,” consider the good work that CPS carries out every day. Boo hoo, so you got reported. If the report goes unsubstantiated, which it will if you truly are innocent of any wrong doing, then it’s over.
    And to those of you who think CPS is mandated to take a certain number of kids away as a quota, you could not be anymore wrong. Consider the financial implications here: how much does it cost you to take care of a child? Now, how much do you think it would cost your state to provide care for the child? Foster care expenses, health care, therapy, education, etc…this all adds up, and I promise you that with this economy, no state wants the added burden of caring for the child that you fail to care for.
    You think that just because you are involved in the system, that every other parent is like you? Well, you very well may be “parent-of-the-year material,” but I promise you are rare. Most parents involved with the system who have lost their children have problems. Simple. If you disagree with that then you are just plain ignorant. Just look at the people we throw in jail/prison. Yes, druggies, murderers, and rapists have children. These are the people we work with everyday.
    Previous poster “something to ponder” said it perfectly…if you are going to attack CPS workers, prepare to say the same about the courts, judges, police, District attorneys, and the like, as they all work together to make the system work.

    • Linda Martin says

      To “You guys are killin me…”

      You’re apparently prejudiced, brainwashed, and have written a series of false assumptions about people you don’t know as well as misunderstandings of how CPS is funded.

      You wrote:

      1. “You guys are ridiculous.”
      This is the type of insult I ban people from the site for.

      2. “CPS workers have the incredibly daunting job of working with people who generally cannot help themselves, let alone their children.”
      You don’t know these people. You’ve just pre-judged everyone who has ever been approached by a CPS worker.

      3. “If you think that for one second it is an evil and unnecessary agency, try and imagine where all those kids would be without it.”
      Many would be home safe with loving parents instead of being abused in foster homes by strangers. Statistics prove that children are more at risk of abuse in foster homes than in their natural family homes.

      4. “Boo hoo, so you got reported. If the report goes unsubstantiated, which it will if you truly are innocent of any wrong doing, then it’s over.”
      No, it isn’t over when many SS caseworkers pursue false accusations and lie in court reports. It isn’t over when your name is forever after included on a blacklist called the ‘central index’ that prevents you from working in a wide variety of careers.

      5. “And to those of you who think CPS is mandated to take a certain number of kids away as a quota, you could not be anymore wrong.”
      States are receiving BONUS money for increasing the numbers of adoptions from year to year. That’s a fact… since 1996.

      6. “Foster care expenses, health care, therapy, education, etc…this all adds up, and I promise you that with this economy, no state wants the added burden of caring for the child that you fail to care for.”
      All the “expenses” are REIMBURSED from federal funds including the SOCIAL SECURITY fund. There’s no expense to the state when the federal funding streams are in place. This is a way for states and counties to get their hands on federal funds, to bolster local economies.

      7. “Most parents involved with the system who have lost their children have problems.”
      EVERYONE has problems – but that doesn’t mean that we should tear families apart. A SS worker can go into any home and find imperfections, then magnify them and misinterpret them to make the parents look bad and take the children out of the home.

      8. “These are the people we work with everyday.”
      So you’re one of the brainwashed evil-doers. Thanks for showing your true prejudiced and brainwashed colors.

      Any more insults from you will result in the banning of your IP number.

  17. Elizabeth says

    CPS accused me of starving my 4 year old daughter while she was in the hospital for the flu. She had always been small due to her low birth weight of 1 lb 4 oz. The records of her birth were in the same hospital where she was being treated. I knew some of the doctors that worked there and they all were very supportive due to the fact that they knew our family very well because when she was born I stayed at Macdonald house for nearly a year when my daughter was first born. The CPS workers ARE the police and they will treat you like a criminal. I kept thinking “how could this happen to me?” I followed every step int the book. My child was and still is a special needs child. She lost weight due to her illness and it was turned around to make it seem like I was “starving” her. Long story short: I ended up fleeing the state and making a new life for us in another state (very costly). I gave up everything I owned to keep my children with me. Does this sound like the words of an abuser? My condo that I owned, my car, animals, furniture, clothes and left with my kids and the clothes on my back in the middle of the night on a 15 hr plane flight to our journey to a new life. We are happy now and have been for the past four years that we left our beautiful home state of Hawaii. I will never be the same mentally and have been hospitalized for depression from all of the stress that they caused me. I still have nightmares and have been on SSI for mental illness since then. But at least we are together. I will never be the same person that I was. I will never smile again, I take seven different medications for depression. I have eating disorders and the icing on the cake is the fact that later that same year a couple sued CPS for 50 million dollars for yet another false accusation of child abuse. After reading that I literally vomited for 7 hrs strait and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. Thanks to CPS Hawaii, they have successfully destroyed my mind and the children are worse off now because their mother is a nervous over medicated wreck. I need pills for nausea, stress, depression, OCD and a skin condition caused by stress, anorexia and bulimia. I did not have the money that this couple had so I could not afford a private attorney, However I did document everything and still have the journal that I carried with me the whole time that this was going on. I never was compensated for my stress and time, energy ect. but now the state is paying me SSI to be able to live and my disabled child receives a check as well so now we are being supported by the government. I try to look at that as compensation but it just is not enough. Nothing will be enough. Nothing, no amount of money can give me back my life and give the children back their mother that they once knew as always being happy. Now they end up paying for it in the long run because they will be orphans soon. My health is very poor from all of this drama. They need to know of the damages they do upon making false accusations. That’s all. Thank you,

  18. something to ponder... says

    If CPS is so evil- judges, commissioners, public defenders, police officers, and attorney generals must be evil too because they are the ONLY ones that can actually order to have a child removed from their home. It is NOT only up to the CPS investigator-everything has to be hashed out in court (unless ordered by the police) before any action is taken.

  19. the big guy says

    I cannot stand the ignorance of people today. I live in the lone star state so for some strange reason i beat my kids. Or that is what cps would like you to believe. Me and my girlfriend live toghter share bills and of course fight and argue. Though it was never violent someone called and said i was i addicted to morphine i hit her and beat my kids i was bi-polar etc…. They have ruled out i beat or even hit my kids but unforntualy the stress of losing our children was to much she has left me stating it was my fault. I have been recently diganosed with kidney faliure she wont even call because cps said if she did she would lose our kids. CPS ARE CROOKS AND WILL RUIN YOUR LIVES. I want everyone now to know of the harm they cause your family. I have lost the loves of my life my kids for know and girlfriend probably forever dont let this happen to you.

  20. (anonymous) says

    a note: I really do not want to give up, but due to a PDD/NOS (autism) diagnosis I have been really discouraged, even though I have not by any chance done anything that pointed to harming her, even in the hospital prior to them making their move. All I had shown was compassion and love towards her and even did something that their documents said I cannot do, detect when she wants to eat. Please, let me know, is their allogation of me having autism really a threat to her?

  21. (anonymous) says

    I deal with a very strange delema here. On one side of the coin I want to do what is best for my child which they took from me at the hospital and they took a lot of things out of context due to me being too stupid to not look here before she was born and going down to their agency directly by being bated into them by case managers of some place unrelated to them and a health department nurse. I ask should I just give up and file Form TPR-12 now? I really do not know how she will take such a long case and live 3 blocks away from the district court.

  22. says

    My son is 16 and has bipolar, adhd OCD and is a severe behavioral problem. Sunday night he was obsessing over selling doughnuts at school. I told him to stop being greedy and obsessed and get to bed. He was so obsessed that I made the mistake of handing him his nightly meds and telling him to go to bed. He took them, and then two minutes later came screaming in my room that he forgot he had already taken them. I am a careful parent and made the mistake of then calling poison control. They told me to take him tot he ER. Poison control and I both agreed that I should first call his physician to see if a double dose is that dangerous. I then called the physician after hours line which proved to be my fatal error. The person answering the phone was not a professional, doctor or even a therapist. She refused to allow me to talk to a doctor on call and claimed there was no such thing with this doctor’s office. I insisted that she let me talk to one. she held firm. I told her of the situation. She preteneded to put me on hold and speak to a “supervisor” She then told me that I had to take him to the ER or she would call the police. I was angry and hung up on her. She phoned the ER and told them that I was a child abuser who was refusing to take her child in for treatment and told them that I had hung up on poison control. When I arrived the ER, I told my son before he got in that he was going to be paying for the 150 dollar charge because it was his own fault that he took too much. He looked at me and told me in his hateful way “You will pay for this one way or another. I will make you pay physically or in some way you will pay for this.” I thought nothing of his threat and let him go ahead to check in while I finished parking the car. when I got in I was teated strangely. I had a door slammed in my face as I attempted to enter where my son was. I then sat in the waiting room. A nurse came over and asked me to sign a consent. I told her I felt forced to bring him and just wanted to speak to a doctor. Then, my cell phone rang and it was my husband telling me that the doctor had called and told him that ER was not necessary to just let him sleep it off. I told the ER nurse this and she took me back to the ER doc where I was told that it was too late because it was not a drug overdose case and I would be reported to CPS if I did not sign a consent to treat. I of course was frustrated, not warm and fuzzy but complied. Then I found my son’s room and was greeted rudely and hatefully by him. I then asked the ER doc. if I would be in trouble if I left and went home and waited for his release. He said that would be okay. When I called them at 4 am the next day they told me that I could not pick him up because I was a threat to him. He told them I intentionally overdosed him and drove like a maniac threatening to wreck the car and kill the both of us. My stomache sank. When my husband arrived home, I questioned my son, and he called all the doctors liars. I am now awaiting my arrest or visit from the social service troops. I have four other children and teach school. Fun fun Fun. I am falsely accused and feel so threatened and scared. He claims that he will tell the truth, but wants me to pay him. I am really stuck. If I pay him, that is illegal and won’t do me any good. I refuse to pay him because we didn’t raise our kids to be that distorted and evil. Wish me luck.

    • Linda Martin says

      Frustrated mom, bipolar children are the great challenge, and yet they are creative and an amazing blessing at the same time. I don’t think you should pay him, but remind him that if his siblings get taken from their home because of a false accusation they are the ones who will lose mom, dad, friends, the neighborhood, their school, pets, everything they hold near and dear… and in foster care they could even lose each other. So if he loves his siblings (and I’m sure he does) he would not wish CPS on them.

      Good luck with this… my heart is going out to you..

  23. heather says

    My mother had cps called on her several times because of my step dad molesting me but cps never showed up my friends mother called cps on him 15 times and not once did they come to save me their so worried about taking children from homes off of false information they wont help those of us who need it the most i spent my child hood getting in trouble so that i would be locked up in juvy because no one would take me out of the home where i was being molested…my friend is being investigated because one of her family members called cps on her because they dont like her boyfriend that time could be spent on helping children being molested, physically or mentally abused i think its very sad

  24. David says

    Linda: Thanks. After a furthermore research on this issues, its sad that CPS have the power to do this. It’ll be a long road to change CPS/school interview policy.

    My roommates has nothing to hide but we all are beyond disgusting by this. I’ve advised my roommates to file a police report and hope with help of tracing who reported will be faced the disciplinary action in court. It’s because we moved out of the culprit’s mother’s house we rented due to not safe house which is very mess.

    This, website, is very helpful information!

  25. David says

    Is it appropriate for DPSS (California social worker/CPS) stop by my roommate’s children’s elementary school to evaluate/talk with the children AT school before speaking to the parents?

    I knew who filed the false report against my roommates. However the question I asked above actually raised red flag on social worker’s action. I’d need to gather all info and the parents’ rights before engaging the legal action agaist the culprit and possibility the social worker, too.

    • Linda Martin says

      David, while it isn’t ethical (according to how parents see it) this is standard operating procedure for child protective services agents and government-run schools.

      If you could file a lawsuit that eventually forced a change in this CPS/school interview policy, you’d be helping thousands of families across the continent.

  26. Stacy says

    My son was taken from me and they immediately took him to foster care where he was physically mentally emotionally and I believe sexually abused. After I found bruises on him from a supervised meeting I immediately got on the phone calling caseworkers their supervisors etc. Nobody would call me back they stopped my meetings with my son and everything as if they were hiding something but didnt want to admit they were wrong. My mom had to pay out 7000 to get my son in her custody. It took about two months. My son came home back in diapers couldnt talk and 4 stitches in his forehead. After my case was closed someone actually got fired over the way our case was handled. I think the government is so worried about taking whats precious from us away that they cant even keep track of how well their own people handle the children. Its all about the MONEY!! Luckily I have my lil man back safe and sound but suffers from odd, depression , and they say he is bipolar. He is 7. Any ways, my point is, the government really screwed him up!

  27. bennie says

    Don’t trust them, they are not there to help you. They will lie, cheat and steal. They will falsify your statements, twist your words, and set traps. They have a God complex, Gestapo mentality, and are heavily armed. All this, and in CT, CPS workers, or DCF, do not even have to be Licensed Social Workers!!

  28. Donna says

    Thank you for your last lines of your post. After I saw on CNN about a 4yr old boy that was tortured for 24hrs and died because he went to the bathroom on the couch, I realized I have to help these little ones. I’m sorry for those that were unjustly visited by CPS. Those pp that killed this little angel had been called several times to CPS. It breaks your heart to read the story. I know of someone that they have visited and have not done anything about, there going to now. I saw the marks myself.

    • Linda Martin says

      Donna, children are ten times more likely to be physically or sexually abused in foster or fost-adopt homes. Think twice before you destroy a child’s life. Do you have any guarantee the child will thank you when he/she ages out of foster care at eighteen after years on forced pharmaceutical drugs to control trauma symptoms, without a clue to where real mom and dad live?

  29. Jessika says

    I am currently involved in CPS. A case was opened against my husband, not myself. My husband recently got involved in drugs and heavy drinking, and is an emotional abuser to myself and my kids. CPS is involved through an anonymous tip and through myself because my child’s school asked me to call them before they did. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but in a way… it was a blessing in disguise. CPS has made our lives a bit better. They have not taken my children away and will not take away my children. My husband could lose his rights to our kids (to me only). I have followed their safety plan and whatever else they have asked of me to do. My top priority are my children and my husband needs to stand like a man and face his mistakes and his addictions. I have tried in the past to get him help, but no one would listen. However, with CPS involved, my husband is “FORCED” to get the much-needed help. I do not wish they were in my life but I know that I am a good mom and they recognize that too. They have been very honest and open with me, and I have a wonderful caseworker who really is helpful and not against me. This is all up to my husband to get the case closed–assuming he follows through on what he has to do. If not, he will be removed from the home (not the kids), and that will be something he has to live with. This is very hard on my children and myself, as well as my husband coming to terms with what he has done but CPS has not done anything that wasn’t warranted and I believe they are working with me to get this case closed sooner than later. :) I do pray for those who are involved and have no reason to be; and likewise… if you are involved and have reason to be, let it be an eye-opener and start doing what is the “right” thing.

  30. says

    Jennifer wrote:

    > CPS caseworkers are real people with demanding jobs that are not looking to make more work for themselves.

    It sure would be nice if case workers in New Hampshire would encourage their management to prosecute people who file false reports. My wife has worked with people who had false reports filed from neighbors, children, ex-spouses, and even parents of gymnastic competitors. My favorite case was the neighbor who claimed a man was beating a child over the head – Dad happened to be at a fund raiser for his state senate reelection campaign several towns over.

    Instead, DCYF insists that it’s important to investigate all calls no matter what the history and that prosecuting the false reports would discourage valid reports.

    In your state, is there any estimate of how much of that 70% of unfounded cases came from false reports?

    There are also a number of cases where people (especially police) file reports non-maliciously but the state mandated reporter law provides immunity from prosecution if they file a non-malicious report. However, it leaves them open to prosecution if they don’t file and abuse/neglect is found later.

    People who file the CYA reports never hear about the grief caused by the ensuing investigation.

  31. Fern says

    Linda’s site is directed toward GOOD PARENTS who are unfortunately the target of a CPS mentality run AMOCK!

    Unfortunately, CPS is NOT able to attract the BEST STUDENTS.

    CPS employees are now being tracked by GPS devices, much like on the road truck drivers.

    The first and most potent advice we can give is to politely decline to speak to CPS stooges.

    One sometimes feels they lack the intelligence to appreciate that every story has many sides, dimensions, and ramifications.

    Or they are childless young girls who fail to empathize with the nuances of being a parent.

  32. Diana says

    I used to believe that cps was truly there for the families. Well I found out first hand that all of that is false. Not only does cps love to take the children from homes they will try to put them up for adoption as quickly as possible. When my husband had an affair he had triplets. The mother of the children could not take care of the boy and my husband gained custody. After a parenting plan even no contact orders yes my husband was the victim. He fought for custody of the girls. When he got custody of the girls from their mother. the maternal grandmother was very upset and called police stating there was a meth lab going on at our house. Let me also state I have five children with my husband. The police came and of course there was no lab nor any drugs. because the police were called cps came also. There report no abuse no neglect everything unfounded. Well my husband not knowing what he does now had admitted using when he was with the childrens mother. But no longer uses. We have been fighting for these children for almost a year and a half. My husband has complied with uas he had three drug assessments , parenting classes, which he has completed, weekly visits with the 3 year old. triplets, and they the cps social worker, her supervisor, and the gal have been to our house and said everything looks great. Yet they still want these triplets to go up for adoption. Oh. let me say that my husband watches my 2 and 3 year old daily plus we have a 9, 14, and 18 year old and he is just fine with them. The comment from the cps lawyer was that the only way they would not go up for adoption was for me to divorce my husband and file for a third party adoption. Wow! They defintely are not there for the childrens best interest. My five miss having their 1/2 siblings at our house. Nor the children or I have visits with the children. So I want others to know I once thought they took the children from homes for a reason that was legimate. That is not the facts. So Jennifer I am not saying that cps caseworkers are not real people because they truly are. But they are not looking out for the childrens best interest especially if a false report was made out of anger which is destroying children who need to be at home with their parents and siblings.

  33. Marcy Langley says

    I wanted to add that I believe these people should be brought up on child abuse charges themselves

  34. Marcy Langley says

    MagieC I am so with you! My grand kids were taken away from my daughter (a wonderful mother) they have traumatized the kids and has almost destroyed my daughter. It has been unbelievable. When my daughter called me up and told me her ex called CPS on her I told her she had nothing to worry about. Well I could not have been any more wrong. One of the girls had a black eye, looked really bad. But my daughter told them that the girls were playing in the room so she was not sure what happened. She had questioned the girls and her daughter said, ” sissy did it” but they did not want to go with that.
    . So there ya go, kids are gone, it has been a horrible 3 months now the kids need counseling. Wow, well they did not need counseling before. My grand kids are broken now. We were also told me would not put their pictures on face book pages because they weren’t our family anymore they belong to the state.

  35. MaggieC says

    Dear jennifer,
    From your post, I gather that you believe only parents who abuse or neglect their children are drawn into state care through CPS.

    You are sadly mistaken. I could direct you to many attorneys and much case law and past and current law suits involving very fit parents who have been dragged into the mire known as CPS.

    If you are game, you could take a look. But I venture to say, you are probably not that interested in same.
    You would prefer to continue to live with your illusions.

    I pity you for your ignorance of what is truly happening within all CPS agencies and the damage these agencies and so-called social workers are doing to families across this nation.

    However, your arrogance and the arrogance of those of your ilk will be your downfall; it has already happened and will continue to happen.

  36. Jennifer says

    CPS caseworkers are real people with demanding jobs that are not looking to make more work for themselves. If you are taking reasonably appropriate care of your children they want out of your life as much as you want them out of your life. Don’t give them a reason for being there in the first place. Don’t lock your kid in your car while you shop, don’t drive your kids around while you’re stoned, don’t carry your baby thru the mall like a purse, don’t leave marks and bruises around their neck, on their buttocks or hand prints across their face and don’t make them sit against a wall for 4 hours without food or drink. Or, perhaps try having normal, healthy relationships with other adults, neighbors, friends and family members and maybe you’ll stop being such a “victim” of false reporting. Upwards of 70% of the cases reported in this state are unfounded. We’d all like it to be 100% but sadly, some people are going to do awful things to and with their kids and CPS is there to try to stop it, help the kids, help the parents and get the family back together.

    • Linda Martin says

      Jennifer, if it weren’t for all the cases based on trivial issues and false allegations, we would not be complaining. Nobody likes to be lied about in court, and when the lies come from a government employee, it calls for a response such as you’ll find on this website. Traumatizing children and parents is criminal, and CPS workers are too often guilty of doing it unnecessarily.

      We don’t need your laundry bag litany of what makes a parent bad. What we need is your promise that you will not destroy families and break hearts and traumatize children for life.

  37. Mom says

    I noticed that you mention not referring them to other contacts such as doctors, teachers, etc.
    Remember that government funded schools are the number one reporters. If you have an application for headstart, they tell you you must sign a waiver for medical records. If you read it carefully, it tells you it abides by the “Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act”. This is a trick. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act grants them the right to share your child’s records with child protective services. Headstart will ask you to sign this waiver which includes all of your child’s medical records since birth, dental records, iron levels, everything. You have a right to medical privacy through HIPAA, but they will try to get you to sign these rights away, often indirectly through schools.

    • Linda Martin says

      Actually, HIPAA prevents health care providers from sharing information with your family members, but contains a clause to allow county employees access to your private information. Another huge scam to help the government invade your privacy!

      Headstart is like an extension of CPS, and has been for years. It is a place for them to be able to keep an eye on your kids, and the employees are trained snitches. Many parents get their kids back with a condition that they must enroll them in Headstart.

  38. Sharon says

    Very good article. This needs to be published and given to every household in the U.S. Unfortunately, most people do not visit this site until after they are being investigated but most visitors find this site out of desperation going out of their minds because their children were ripped from their home. Additionally, if more people were aware of how corrupt and terroristic CPS agents and the judicial system is then we’d have a chance to fight. As is stands now, the general consensus is that CPS “saves children”. Until those people get a clue then the rest of us are vulnerable to their attacks.

    • Linda Martin says

      Sharon, great idea. I will work on turning this into a brochure people can share with others in the public who haven’t found the need for this site yet.

      I’ve tried to talk to young mothers about this site but each time I’ve gotten the look of shock and anger that I would even think they might need the information. None of them believe they will ever be confronted by CPS because they consider themselves “good moms” and still believe that CPS only attacks bad parents. So, my information is unwelcome by many, but I think a brochure might be a great idea. I’ve been planning a series of brochures. This could be one of them.

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